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Hinky Imports Tibetan 5 Inch Singing Bowl Review

singing bowl, wooden striker , and cushion

If you are involved in Tibetan Buddhism, Yoga or Meditation, you will likely find this Hinky Imports 5 Inch Singing Bowl extremely useful in your daily spiritual practice. The singing bowls of Tibet are wondrous musical instruments that can help you relax, invigorate your life energy and deepen your meditation.

This is a perfect bowl capable of producing beautiful sound and high pitched resonance. The bowl has a unique appearance, so in addition to the vibrational power, you will get a nice decorative objects for your meditation room. There are diverse Mantras engraved about the outside, while you will see a number of Tibetan symbols (or different but nice looking design is some cases) on the inside of the bowl. In contrast, the hand beaten singing bowls do not have these features, and can have a bit of odd appearance not suitable for every home.

There are two ways you can produce a sound with it

  • by hitting it with the supplied wooden striker
  • or by running the striker along the upper lip

The first method will give you a nice "bell-like" sound, while in the second case your Tibetan Bowl will start "singing". If you have problems making it sing, try reducing the speed of rotation of the wooden rod, or rubbing it around the upper portion of the bowl - not directly the rim. A good advice in this case can also be to punch your bowl a bit with the rod prior to rubbing it. That way you will produce a preliminary sound which can be transformed into a resonance more easily. Also, do not forget to hold it in your palm for an easier resonance. That said, we had no problem producing a fantastic sound, and it was quite easy to get it to sing, but then we are already experienced with playing various Tibetan singing bowls.

singing bowl, wooden striker , and cushion back side Once the technical issues have been mastered, exactly what benefits you will get? Every time we feel like overwhelmed with negative thoughts, feelings or any sort of energies, we just use the bowl for a brief moment of time. This seems to be enough to brighten our moods and dispel all the negativities. And this is just a beginning. The depths of the Tibetan singing bowls' usage can only be imagined. Do not forget that these marvelous instruments have been used for the most advanced initiations of Tibetan Buddhism imaginable!

So if you alone are interested in using powerful spiritual healing and meditation tools, this Tibetan bowl is a must have accessory. You can click here to buy this bowl from now. If you do not do these practices yourself, this can be a great gift for somebody you know who is involved in Yoga or meditation. We remember our first bowl and how excited we were when we learned about them. All in all, at a relatively reasonable and moderate price, you will get an excellent product along with an extra wooden striker and a satin cushion.

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