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Yoga Just My Size with Megan Garcia

Are you tired explaining your yoga instructors or teachers that certain yoga poses are not suitable for you body type?

Have you been to Yoga introductory classes that turned out to be suited for athletes and gymnasts rather than ordinary people?

If you constantly come in touch with yoga instructors that don't really understand what your body type needs, "Yoga Just My Size " is the right instructional DVD for you.

Megan Garcia, the author of this program, is a plus-size model and a yoga instructor, so she knows how to address your needs. Megan Garcia has joined forces with the popular clothing line "Just My Size" offering you a great product - the best alternative yoga DVD. She is very confident in her knowledge of yoga, presenting the poses and postures best suited for a plus figure, and helping you decide which ones are the best for you.

The DVD Content

The DVD is divided into three parts: warm-up, followed by workout and at the end deep relaxation.

Poses and Workout

The first part of this DVD begins with seated postures. As you go along, the focus shifts to standing postures, but throughout the DVD you are given clear instructions which are easy to follow. From time to time you might be forced to pause the DVD, if you want to complete the current exercise, as Megan rushes forward to the next pose much too quickly for our taste.

If you are looking for an intense workout, this program is probably not for you. But, on the other hand, Yoga is the type of exercise never intended to be performed in an intense manner. Nor is it suited for deep stretching or intense sweating.

DVD with Megan Garcia

Therefore, plus-sized individuals will find this DVD great if they are looking for moderately intense physical activity, or if they just want to get a nice introduction into yoga. If you want to come out of a period of inactivity, or you have some health problems or chronic pain that may limit the intensity of your workout, you will find this program just great.

Deep Relaxation

As it is convenient in many yoga sessions, the end is devoted to relaxation. Here you will find out how to focus your attention on the different parts of you body, while at the same time inhaling and exhaling. After watching this DVD for several times, you will be able to memorize the exercises and practice them in your own free time for better relaxation and greater effects.

Even though this DVD doesn't contain intense exercises, some of the postures may still be challenging for certain people. Being aware of that, Ms Garcia has devoted a chapter on her DVD explaining how you can modify the postures according to your needs. She shows you how you can use chairs, pillows and other accessories to make it easy on yourself and still get the full benefit.

Megan's style of presentation is straightforward, friendly and simple. She is very confident both as a plus-size model and yoga instructor. She looks to be around size 18 herself, which we find very refreshing and inspiring amongst the today's trends in fashion models which try to make us believe that we all should conform to a specific size if we want to be happy.


  • Thanks for this friendly introduction into Yoga. After the positive experience with Megan I felt more confident to broaden my repertoire with other yoga courses and more difficult poses.
  • It was my first experience with yoga. I like it a lot because the postures are easy, regardless of body-type. Megan's instructions are great and easy to follow, and I can even follow them exactly without watching the TV screen.
  • I love it. I have always wanted to do yoga, but all the beginner dvds I had tried have been too hard. This one is perfect. It is neither too easy, nor too hard.
  • I'm overweight, but the poses are easy to get into, and quite comfortable to maintain.
  • Very nice DVD for those who are overweight, older or otherwise not so much comfortable with yoga.
  • Each time after doing it, I felt great.

Video Preview

Here is a video preview of the actual DVD. The sound quality is questionable, but other than that, you can get a pretty nice overview of the content and decide whether or now you want this DVD in your yoga collection. Enjoy!

Where to Buy the DVD

Even though it is currently out of stock, you can check out the following amazon link Yoga: Just My Size With Megan Garcia where you might still find some new or used DVDs.


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