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Zen Meditation Bench for an Effortless Spiritual Practice

Meditation is great for balancing the mind, but as we age, it becomes harder to sit on the floor for long lengths of time.

Acquiring a zen meditation bench is the best solution for maintaining a straight spine, and keeping comfortable. The mind will stay focussed, requiring fewer interruptions...

...and we all know how important it is to calm the physical body during meditation.

Here we present a great adjustable ultra-light bench by "Joy is Within You".

Basic features

great flexible ultra light zen meditation bench produced by joy is within you

This meditation bench has adjustable dual heights.

It’s comfortably padded, and very light, so it can be moved around the house or office quite easily.

It does not fold at all, so you can be assured that it will never fall apart, or open up while you’re mediating.

It provides a firm and comfortable surface where you can simply meditate, and not have to worry about being interrupted.

It comes in over seventeen color and pattern combinations, so you’re sure to find a pattern or color that will match the rest of the furniture in your room.

An Ideal Meditation Bench

The meditation bench is height adjustable. There is a rotate adjustment so you can adjust up or down one half inch.

the legs of this bench are curved so that the bench is rockable

The base of the bench has curved and rounded legs. This bench is rockable, so you can get comfortable at the best angle for your pelvis or spine.

It makes adjustments easy during your meditation, so you can simply move forward and back, without having to interrupt the flow of your meditation or chanting.

The bench will enable you to meditate for longer periods of time, eliminating fatigue and muscle tiredness.

You’ll be able to focus for a longer length of time than sitting on a regular bench, or on the floor.

It’s also particularly comfortable for people who are recovering from back or neck injuries, and need a bit more support than simply sitting on a mat on the floor.

The meditation bench comes in three different sizes, to fit all body types. You can choose from small, medium, or large.

  • Small is good for flexible people who are 5’6” and under,
  • medium fits most people up to 6’1”,
  • and large is made for people who are taller, or who are not as flexible, and may have longer legs.

The best way to determine if you’re choosing the right size is to place some phone books or heavy text books on the floor to build up optimum height.

  • Seven inches is the small bench height,
  • 7.25 inches is good for medium, and
  • 7.75 inches is perfect for the large height.
the bench turned upside down

If you’re using the higher position of the bench, you’ll sit half an inch higher, so keep that in mind as well.

Who is it for

This bench is especially suitable if you do zazen, or zen meditation. In particular it is great for seiza-style (kneeling) meditation. You can use it even if you are used to meditating in a lotus position. Meditators with restricted flexibility will also appreciate this bench. And if you are used to sitting on a meditation cushion, you may also find this bench practical, if nothing else then to change your position during long retreats. It is also very suitable for Christians that often go down on their knees in prayer.

The Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of using this zen meditation bench:

What the Customers are Saying

a person sitting on the bench in meditation down on their knees

Here is what some of the customers who use this bench are saying:

The moment I made the purchase, I knew this was the right bench to help me in my meditation sessions.
One of the best investments I have ever made toward meditation and yoga.
If you are into meditation, but you are unable to sit cross legged for many hours, this is one of the best benches on the market!

Where to Buy

As far as we know, this zen meditation bench is available only on

The meditation bench comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, in case there are any defects, or you have chosen the wrong size. Simply exchange for what you want. Click HERE to see this product on Amazon.

The Bottom Line

The ultra light meditation bench provides great support for long-term or new practitioners of meditation. It’ll provide comfort and enable you to meditate for longer periods of time. The bench is available in many colors and will suit many decors. It’s transportable, but you’ll find it attractive enough to keep in your living room if you wish.

Simply put, we love it. Hope you will love it too. Namaste!

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I'm practising meditation and I have problems to do seated types of meditation because I can't find a good position. The idea of using a meditation bench has come to my mind, but I wouldn't rush into ordering one via the internet, at least not without trying it first. Any idea where I can do that in Charlotte?

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I was looking for a meditation stool on amazon. This review was very helpful.Thanks.

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