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Seven Light Rays Meditation

May the Angel of Happiness Always Be With You

Meditation - The Wondrous World of Enlightenment

This site is devoted to the self-realization method "Sunny Ray", based on the ancient knowledge of Shambhala and the rich experience of Olga Rezo, the author of the book "I am who I am". The book "I am who I am" is a spiritual guide, written in such a way as to help people expand their consciousness and light the flame in their hearts as they enter the wondrous inner world of enlightenment.

The Seven Light Rays Meditation is a fantastic invocation that considerably accelerates the spiritual growth of individuals and can be regarded as one of the leading New Age techniques. Olga Rezo introduced the Seven Light Rays Meditation on 15. 03. 1987, when the first seven-day summer workshop was successfully held in Belgrade. Since then, 21-day workshops have been organized each year, so that this summer the twenty-first consecutive workshop has been completed to the great pleasure of the students.

These internet pages also contain excerpts from the book "I Am who I Am", spiritual instructions, lectures, and an overview of the Multimedia CD - Meditation and Relaxation.

Olga Rezo is a mystic, writer, and painter from Belgrade. From her earliest childhood she has shown curiosity and affinity toward the spiritual world. The richness of diverse spiritual experiences has helped her create the right picture about spiritual development. In her seeking she has discovered the spiritual path of Shambhala as the one that can meet all her spiritual needs and aspirations.

Devoting her life to helping people find their inner peacefulness and love, she spontaneously, in a natural and efficient way, flares the Divine flame in one's heart.

To quote her words: "It is nice being alive, young, healthy, resourceful, and strong. It is nice having children, enjoying ourselves, being untroubled, happy, loved in the warmth of our homes. For some, this can be Heaven on Earth.

Love, children, career, amusement, and life after life would follow, repeating themselves like pearls in a necklace. Can that be somebody's goal in life? What is the true purpose anyway? I say this could be a purpose. Life itself is a purpose. Everything is life. You are life. God is life. He lives through You. That is the way God walks the Earth.

But often the actual situation on our planet is not as nice. About the difficulties of living and the other negative aspects of life no words need be wasted. These unfavorable aspects are very well known, and contemplated more often than love and enlightenment, joy and happiness, calm and abundance, honesty and integrity, righteousness and truthfulness, wisdom and mercifulness, awareness and watchfulness, true faith, consistency and endurance on one's life path.

Why is this so? Probably because some people favor it. Let us look at what we favor, because what we would like to achieve - we indeed can. The right question is what the course of our actions should be. We should take some time to get to know ourselves in the light of Truth. Furthermore, we need to forgive others and forgive ourselves, improve, accept, and love ourselves. By reconciling all the pairs of opposites, the Middle Way of rightfulness, the narrow path toward the "Bridge to Freedom", will open.

Healthy physical body, purified character, positive emotions, noble thoughts - all that will start attracting what we really need in our lives. It is the abundance of everything most beneficial that belongs to us. The developed intuition is going to bring us clairvoyance. We shall be aware of the link that exists among all life forms in all of the worlds of our endless Universe.

Our personality will undergo the process of transfiguration, purification, and spiritual alchemy – thereby transforming darkness into Light, imperfection into perfection. To attain Divine qualities – that is the aim of the entire humanity and in the same time the end of the game of spiritual improvement on planet Earth.

“Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit” Zechariah 4.6

What we are going to do with our lives depends entirely on ourselves.

And I say that life is indeed darkness save when there is urge,
And all urge is blind save when there is knowledge,
And all knowledge is vain save when there is work,
And all work is empty save when there is love;
And when you work with love you bind yourself to yourself,
and to one another, and to God. * meditation *Kahlil Gibran

The presentation is aimed at all advanced self-conscious individuals of good will, who, in some of its parts or altogether, might find inspiration, guidance, or confirmation of their own experiences and insights.

If you are ready for the new age meditation and the wondrous world of enlightenment, the door for you is wide open.

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