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The magical world of crystals book by Olga Rezo

Crystal Shapes and Structures

Different shapes of crystals, regardless of their type and color, can expand the usability of our crystals and stones and deepen our communication with them. They come in different forms, shapes, and sizes; they can be round or pointed; they can have natural facets where each facet may have its particular energy potential. All crystal forms are perfect, because they are reflections of the Divine, Sacred geometry. Learn how to use them and be at one with them. That's your key to success.

All transparent, clear crystals promote Cosmic harmony. They connect the mundane with the sacred.

amethyst geodeAmethyst Geode

Geodes look like caves. They accumulate, store and gradually release energy. The type of geode matters. For example, Citrine geode is great for accumulation of wealth.

Clusters give off energy in all directions. They can also absorb harmful energy. They are frequently used to charge other crystals, as well as cleanse large spaces. Cluster have a lot of points that extend in all directions and come out from the same matrix. Each point can be programmed differently, or even dedicated to different people, for example. Clusters are known for their ability to instil peace and harmony into the surrounding space. They are great for group work and help create meditative or healing atmosphere. Similar to clusters are Druzy crystals.

Rock crystal clusters are very powerful for cleansing of any type of negative energy from the environment. Just place it in a room and it will automatically perform its purifying action.

amethyst clusterAmethyst Cluster

Smoky quartz clusters are convenient for lifting the spirit, grounding, and balancing the energy centers of the body.

Single terminated crystal gives off energy in the direction of the point. If the point is directed from the body, the crystal point can be used to draw out unhealthy energy. If directed toward the body, it can be used for supplying energy to the affected area.

Rock crystal clusterRock Crystal Cluster

Double terminated crystal can simultaneously transfer and absorb energy. Such crystals can manipulate energy at both their terminations. They can be used as a bridge between two energy points. They are very effective in breaking the old and integrating new psychological patterns of behavior (for example, addictions).

Crystal points are used when one needs to accurately focus energy, for example, in order to stimulate certain points on the body. They can be used to pull negative energy out. They facilitate telepathy and promote making a closer contact with our True self.

laser wandsLaser Wands

Laser wand crystals are suitable for etheric surgery. They can cut off negativities of any type. They compress energy and can stimulate the acupuncture points. Laser wands can direct energy in the area of the pineal and pituitary glands. Laser wands can be used to remove negative thoughts, energy blockages, addictions and attachments.

crystal ballCrystal Ball

Crystals balls are usually made out of several types of minerals, for example, rock crystal or obsidian. In the depths of the crystal balls, seers can find answers to difficult questions and dilemmas. Such crystal spheres are tools for predicting future events, but also they can be used whenever there is a need to emit energy homogeneously in all directions. The symbol of the sphere is an expression of infinite symmetry.

Amber eggAmber egg

Crystal egg is used to correct imbalances in the flow of energy. It can be used in acupressure and reflexology, where it helps in soothing and directing energy, as well as in locating and removing blockages. Holding crystals eggs is a fantastic way for relieving stress. The egg is a symbol of protection. In Alchemy, it is related to the seed of spiritual life - the Cosmic Egg. It includes the heaven and the earth and all germs of god and evil.

Rose quartz rollsRose quartz rolls

Cylinder shaped crystals are excellent tools for crystal massage. Because of their shape, they are also suitable for cosmetic treatments. The gentle, circular motion takes out energy disproportions, pain, fatigue and diseases. They can help reduce wrinkles and other skin imperfections.

Crystal cubes are used for energy consolidation.

Crystals shaped in a form of disc discharge pain and weariness from the tissues, especially if made from Rose quartz.

Tabular crystals can be used whenever we need to connect two different planes. They promote the right understanding and interpretation of things. They encourage communication at all levels. Tabular crystals can also be the finest instruments for communication with the other planes of existence. They activate other crystals and enhance telepathy.

abundance crystalAbundance smoky quartz

Abundance is an elongated, single terminated crystal with a lot of smaller crystals at its base. As the name suggests, this shape is believed to attract wealth and abundance. The best spot to put this crystal is the leftmost corner of the house as seen from the entrance, the so called "corner of wealth" in the Feng Shui terminology.

Occlusions in Rock crystal are basically deposits of other minerals inside the crystal. Occlusions emit the energy of their type of mineral and are usually in a form of patch or small point, either within the body of the quartz or on its surface. They can be used to remove accumulated stress or help us go through a painful period of life.

Window in a crystal is usually a natural facet. They are usually four sided. If the window is facing left, it could lead into the past, whereas the right facing windows are looking into the future.

Manifestation occurs when one or several smaller crystals are totally enclosed with one larger Quartz crystal. They can be used to manifest a well defined wish, and therefore create a new reality in our lives. They also stimulate original thoughts and creativity.

chevron amethystChevron Amethyst

Chevron crystal, usually Amethyst, has a characteristic V-striped or lined pattern. It is believed to contain the wisdom of the ages. With its help, one can access the universal knowledge.

Crystal record keeper is a chronicler of the past. It is recognized by a couple of elevated small triangles, usually located at one of its facets. These are rare shapes and it takes careful examination to notice them. Sometimes they appear and disappear as a function of the incident light direction. Each of these crystals possesses wisdom and specific lesions that can be retrieved from them. After the lessons have been taught, these crystals often have the tendency to slip out of your hands.

Some crystals have more than one special characteristic at the same time. For example, a crystal can be a Cerridwen crystal and a record keeper. That means that there is a special lesion that you has to learn concerning your feminine side.

Elestials are formations similar in function to the record keepers. They are believed to originate from some ancient times and to be coded in some far-away galaxies or different dimensions from our own. Elestials are also known as Skeletal quartz crystals and often look like a carved work of art. They have numerous natural terminations and build multilayered crystals. Their energy flows naturally and smoothly, removing blockages and fears and bringing comfort into our emotional world. Elestials instill knowledge and power from the higher source, as well as light that shines and purges our sub-conscious urges. Their lessons can be connected either to our past or to our future lives. They can help us answer the most fundamental questions of our purpose and Divine mission that we have to realize here, on this planet.

Ghost shape inside a crystal wand disperses stagnant energies. It is a symbol of universal consciousness. It helps advance our own meditation, uncover our repressed feelings, and open our consciousness toward the supersensible world.

ametrine pyramidAmetrine Pyramid

Pyramidal crystal enhances and radiates energy from its top. It is useful if we want to carry out a program of manifesting on the physical plane.

Prisms attract and enhance energy, which can then be directed more easily. Just like the pyramids, they can be used to manifest money, abundance, love, etc.

Layered crystals often look like complicated structures. They enable spiritual work on a several levels at the same time. Layered crystals may guide us to the very source of all things.

Cuneiform crystals contain hieroglyphic-like features engraved on their surface. In meditation, they help gather wisdom from our past lives as well as from the ancient civilizations. They do that by promoting intuitive understanding of the old teachings and initiations. Cuneiform crystals are considered personal crystals.

Crystals with black rings are suitable for gaining full awareness about the hidden aspects of your inner life.

Portals are crystals with a triangular hollow large enough to hold some water in it. You can fill it with water and calmly gaze at the portal for some time. It is believed that this practice may induce time travel in both directions. Portals can be used to charge water and prepare elixirs that bring insights and enhance our psychic abilities. The portals are programmed to lead your consciousness to certain, predetermined locations.

Portals and windows should be used wisely, and only after getting approval from the consciousness of the crystal. It is also important that your intentions are selfless and pure. There are no roadmaps in this work; if the crystals are activated, a change of consciousness may happen instantaneously.

Key crystals have natural, usually triangular indentations on their surface. As the name suggests, they are instruments for unlocking hidden parts of ourselves, or unlocking solutions to problems. We may get information about some aspects that the subconscious mind keeps hidden from the conscious mind. Such crystals enable the development of the soul by aiding our introspective process.

friends quartzFriends Quartz

Friends are two crystals growing together. This shape is great for getting support in difficult moments of life.

Twin crystals or soulmates are two similar crystal wands that grow from a common basis and are coupled along the entire length of one side. They help us find our soulmate, as well as establish balance in all relationships. True honest love is the only real goal that we all should strive to achieve. This crystal shape can help us do just that. If the wands are of different length, such twin crystals are suitable for improving parent-child relationships. If they show a rainbow, they can help us find the right partner.

Bridge crystal is a small crystal that partly penetrates the bulk of a larger crystal and partly goes out of its boundaries. It is believed to connect the worlds of the Higher self with the domain of the human ego. Whenever you need to make a link between two sides, this is a crystal to have by. For example, it can help in public speaking, teaching or communication between two persons.

Cross shaped crystal facilitates the assimilation of spiritual knowledge. It cleanses the chakras and removes energy blockages.

Generator crystal is a larger termination of six roughly equal facets. It is used to generate and enhance any type of energy, including healing energy. Apart from generating, amplifying and channeling energy, it helps the clarity of our intentions. In can be used in any metaphysical work with the seven energy center - chakras. There are six facets for the first six chakras, with the termination corresponding to the seventh chakra - Sahasrara.

generator amethystGenerator Amethyst

Generator "healer of the inner child" is represented by a generator crystal with miniature points within its body. This special form serves as a tool for healing our inner child.

Isis crystal has a large inclined facet with five edges. Isis was an Egyptian goddess, the ruler of the elements. She possesses the secret of dying, living and resurrection. She is the embodiment of the feminine principle. The mystical symbol of Isis is the ankh cross. The Isis crystal can be used to repair everything that is broken. It can help us get in touch with our feminine side and understand the process of dying.

Cathedral crystal is represented by a single prominent central point with many smaller parallel points growing from the same base. It is believed to contain the akashic wisdom of the millennia. It is a cosmic light library capable of transmitting information from the Divine mind.

scepter amethystScepter Amethyst

Scepter crystals are elongated points that have another crystal growing around one of their terminations. They can be used to generate and enhance energy of high frequency. They are strong healers that break up energy blockages and restructure the subtle energy on our four lower bodies: physical, etheric, astral and mental. Crystals of similar shapes are believed to be used in various ceremonies in the ancient continents of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Rainbow crystal is represented by a rainbow in the inner body of the crystal. Such crystals are especially good for meditation. They bring joy to all people who are depressed, distress or in pain. Just by holding the crystal and meditating on the rainbow within this crystal, we can control our mood swings. The rainbow crystals can help remove negativity from our lives, but after such sessions, our crystal should be cleansed and charged in the sunlight to restore its powers.

Vogel crystalsVogel wands

Vogel wands have two terminations: one is shorter and broader, while the other is longer and thinner. Vogel crystals are great for laser-like focusing of metaphysical energy. They can be used for removing negative entities from our aura and for alignment of the chakras. They may carry a very particular healing vibration.

Crystal wands can be created out of a number of materials. The type of mineral brings in additional features to their metaphysical effects.

Tourmalated quartz wand is in essence quartz interwoven with Tourmaline needles. It helps us release traumas and stress, and purifies the chakras. This wand can be used as a tool for easier penetration of healing energy into the body. It also prevents the released negative energy from finding its way back to the body.

Fluorite wand reduces inflammations, pain and stress. From a magical standpoint, it should be cleansed using the water and earth elements.

Obsidian wand removes negative energy, cleanses the aura and helps locate blockages within the aura. It is a good diagnostic tool.

Amethyst wand opens the brow chakra and activates the pineal gland. It stimulates all energy centers and improves the resistance of our aura.

Rose quartz wand calms down emotional stress. It heals a broken heart, relieves anxiety, normalizes high blood pressure and balances the energy flow through the chakras.

Smoky quartz wand brings grounding and protection.

Selenite wand eliminates various entities from the aura and protects the mental body from outside negative influences.

Ghost in a laser wand is a guiding force for performing a self healing operation.

From the book "The Magical World of Crystals" by Olga Rezo.


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