Epidote is a strong purificator of the astral body and auras. It is a stone that promotes perception, strengthens interaction and sharing with other people, and increases social awareness.

Epidote is a stone with chemical formula Ca2(Al,Fe)3(SiO4)3(OH) and also is a relatively hard stone (6.5-7 on the Mohs scale). Its color can vary depending on the iron concentration. It can be deeply green, brown, or almost black. It possesses a glassy appearance. Epidote often takes part in the composition of unakite, alongside pink orthoclase feldspar and other types of feldspar, and clear quartz.

Therefore, when we talk about Unakite, we talk about a granite rock that is composed of green epidote, pink orthoclase, and colorless (clear) rock crystal. The Epidote in Unakite is essentially a product of feldspar (from the plagioclase system) that has undergone a transformation called metasomatic alternation.

epidote Notable deposits can be found in Mexico, Brazil, USA, Australia, China and Mozambique.

Epidote is a stone of amplification, as it has the tendency to increase and expand everything it touches, be it energy or material object. It can strengthen emotional and spiritual growth. It releases and purifies suppressed emotions ones and for all. Therefore epidote opens the doors toward spirituality, and individuals attracted to this stone often feel strong desire for spiritual awakening.

epidote necklace Epidote is able to erase the barriers between us and the higher more spiritual worlds. It can help receiving knowledge from reliable sources and using it properly. It grounds and intensifies the vibratory strength of the microcosm.

Epidote is useful for cardiovascular problems, it strengthens the heart, and brings balance into the functioning of all organs. Epidote eases the breathing, helps the thyroid, stimulates digestion, and softens the skin.

Epidote should be discharged once a month under lukewarm running water. It should be charged in the sun, or alternatively, beside Hematite stones.

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