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Metaphysical Crystals » Topaz crystal

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General information about topaz

Topaz is a crystal of Truth and forgiving. It is a symbol of chastity, happiness, true friendship and hope. It helps us to find our true purpose and destiny. The topaz crystal is able to make us more aware of our thoughts, feelings and actions, and of their karmic effects. As such, it is able to activate our Cosmic awareness. By removing the stagnant energies, it directs the body energy to those places where it is most needed. The topaz healing abilities are connected to spiritual and physical rejuvenation. It releases tension and promotes feelings of joy and happiness.

The color of topaz

nice blue tumbled topaz stone

Topaz, as it comes in its purest form, is a transparent stone. But in Nature we can rarely find pure topaz without impurities. The impurities present within the crystal lattice are responsible for the various coloration of this stone. The typical topaz crystals are yellow or of vine color, but they can also be white, gray, golden, green, blue, pink, reddish, transparent, or semi-transparent. When irradiated, topaz can change its color to blue, starting from light blue shades up to dark, almost electric blue nuances. The deep golden-yellow topaz is known as imperial topaz. The transparent topaz is often called white or clear topaz.

Notable occurrences and crystal properties

One can find topaz on many locations around the world, such as the Ural mountains in Russia, in Afghanistan, Check Republic, Germany, Norway, Pakistan, Italy, Sweden, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, and, of course, in the USA. This stone is a silicate material made out of aluminum, silicon and fluorine. It crystallizes into the orthorhombic group of crystals, and is often terminated by pyramids. The name topaz is believed to originate from the Greek word for one of the ancient island in the Red Sea - Topazios, famous for the yellow stones excavated there, which is now believed to be chrysolite gemstone (a variation of yellow olivine), not topaz at all. Actually, up to the classical times, the name topaz was used to designate any for of yellow stone.

History, meaning and healing abilities of topaz stones

Topaz is one of the twelve stones in the breastplate of the ancient Hebrew High Priests, which is mentioned in the Book of Exodus. It is believed that the stones of the breastplate together with 12 powerful Angels protect the door to Heaven.

Topaz helps in establishing a practical point of view when it comes to life in general. It is thought to be able to point in the direction of the most practical solution to any problem or situation. It helps us to walk the distance between point A and point B in our everyday life without loosing time. Topaz can help us in our daily meditation and visualization. It can open us towards the universal energy and give us new courage, will and strength to make the necessary changes in our lives. Topaz crystal, especially of high purity and transparency, is a carrier of solar or male energy. With its help we can open and balance a number of energy centers - chakras.

Topaz is a powerful stone for strengthening the whole physical body. It balances, soothes and cleanses emotions and thoughts, releases stress, and brings joy. In spiritual sense this stone brings love and peace. As a healing stone it can help with blood disorders, promotes rejuvenation, and helps in curing endocrine problems, thrombosis and asthma.

Imperial Topaz

imperial topaz rough Topaz of deep golden-yellow color is called Imperial topaz. For the Hindu community, wearing Imperial topaz on the heart area is a token of long life, beauty and intelligence.

The ancient Egyptians believed that yellow Topaz can protect against all negativities. They related the yellow color of this Topaz variety to the Sun God Ra. Likewise, the Romans linked Imperial topaz with the Sun God Jupiter. The ancient Greeks used Imperial topaz when they needed to restore their strenght and to ensure protection. They believed that yellow Topaz can make a distinction between the surreal matter on one side and the deep, all encompassing eternity on the other side and bring us closer to God.

Imperial Topaz is very energizing and warm stone. It can be used to stimulate the intelct and abstract way of thinking. It promotes creativity all through the different levels of creation, from the mental plane down to the concrete physical forms.

It is a stone of trust and protection. It releases us from stale, negative energy, fatigue and tension. Some believe that Imperial topaz is a great home insurance against burglary and fire.

Golden topaz guards from depression and stage fright. It gives excellent results in case of insomnia. It brings positive attitude and optimistic worldview.

Golden, Imperial topaz strengthens the energy flow, protect the heart, improves the blood circulation, relieve rheumatoid arthritis pain, and protects the liver, kidneys and endocrine glands. It is belived that it cures many disfunctions of the endocrine glands, as well as helps the upper respiratory tract from colds and infections. Imperial topaz can enhance the immune system and help cure sexual dysfunction.


Alexandra says:

Thanks so much! This is just a wonderful source of information.

thanks for information says:

thanks for information,kindly tell how it effacts chakras

sunny says:

Regarding the topaz-chakras connection, Yellow Topaz is great for the Solar Plexus Chakra, while transparent Topaz would resonate more strongly with the crown chakra.

Shadow says:

Thanks, but do you know what the crystal shape of the yellow topaz is???

sunny says:

Yellow Topaz is no different than any other type of Topaz with respect to its crystal shape. All Topaz crystals have an Othorhombic (two pyramids stuck together) shape.

naruto shippuden says:

lolz i thought when u people said chakara you all meant from naruto lolz im slow but im still a kid .

Puneet Jani says:

Get me some information of BLUE TOPAZ regarding the effect on Metaphysical body meditation.

Best Regard

sunny says:

Puneet, what do you mean by metaphysical body meditation?

Patricia says:

I have Pink topaz necklace and earings. What special effects does pink topaz hold? Thank you for your page I enjoy reading all you write. I am very interested in all of this.

sunny says:

Thanks Patricia,
We really appreciate your kind words. As for the pink color in topaz stones, it is believed to promote the spiritual qualities of hope and faith, as well as encourage spiritual connection.

Marla says:

I am concerned about whether the irradiation process can affect the energy of the stone and its healing properties, I just picked out an engagement ring with blue topaz and became kind of worried and upset when I realized the gem had been irradiated, please kindly share your thoughts on this matter... Thank you!

sunnyray says:

Unfortunatelly, virtually all deep blue topaz stones you can find on the markets today are irradiated. In nature, blue topaz stones are not that attractive and are usually found in pale-blue nuances. You can read here about the two main irradiation procedures used today to produce deep blue color in topaz. As for the energy of the stone, even though we have no proof we tend to believe that all sorts of man-made interventions diminish the energy field of the natural crystals and stones, which should not concern you too much in this particular case (due to lack of choice).

Trisha says:

How can you be sure that you are purchasing a pure natural topaz ring? My husband just gave me a very light color gray, nearly white with a barely blue tone ring. Would a jeweler know? Thanks for hour help. I could use some balance.

sunnyray says:

Hi Trisha
Thanks for dropping by and yes, a jeweler will definitely know. That's the best way to make sure you have the real thing, in case you have any doubts.

Veness says:

Today I found a pure topaz laying I alone on the pavement after a rainfall.... It felt meant for me I have no idea where it came from?.... Any comments...

joyce says:

Hi i would like to purchase this topaz crystal and I would like to know if it would help me with my money issues and general life. I came across this because I've seen it on my Sagittarius notes.

Alex says:

I stay away from irradiated stones. I feel they've lost something. Keep your stones from power supplies and wifi equipment. Lights and radios are OK. Irradiated stones would be: blue topaz, ouro verde quartz, and probably bismuth. Natural radiation from smokey quartz is OK.

sunnyray says:

Thanks, Alex, for your input — it is greatly appreciated.

Ellie says:

Hi, could you tell me the healing properties of rutile clear topaz? No treatment. I am in the process of reinventing myself and trying to stop dispersing my energy, healing others, and kindness in an erratic matter, especially to those with no appreciation for what I offer. I have given up working for those whom I feel are jealous of my gifts and mean me harm. I want to begin my own business utilizing my gifts as a speech pathologist in order to support my daughter and myself, so I need to draw abundance on my own terms as well. I was drawn to the rutile topaz for a reason I do not understand. Thank you for your kind attention to my question. Ellie

sunnyray says:

Dear Ellie,
Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts with us. It may happen that we are drawn to some crystals for unexplainable reasons. That usually is an indication that those crystals are perfect for us at that particular time. Rutile topaz is indeed a fantastic stone. If you want to increase its scope and power, one of the best ways to do that is to program it. You can find out more about programming on the following web page.

Sally says:

Mystic Topaz:
Can you tell me anything about the benefits and legitimacy of Mystic Topaz which looks transparent or greyish and purplish around the edges. Is this a real Topaz or fake and if it is what benefits does it hold to the wearer/bearer healing or otherwise? Thanks, Interested reader

sunnyray says:

Hi, Sally
Thanks for the question. Mystic topaz is a natural topaz enhanced by some sort of man-made coating. So the stone itself is genuine, but its surface, and thereby its appearance is somewhat altered. Personally, I tend to use natural, untempered stones as much as possible.

bobbie says:

As mentioned, Topaz guides and aides in just the right place and moment necessary, it showed up in my life today and now I am flowing with the essence of its gift to me, I am grateful. Peace.

sunnyray says:

Peace to you, bobbie, and God bless. Thanks for the comment.

Maria says:

Hi Sunny,

What about green Topaz, anything stands out? Thank You!

sunnyray says:

Hi Maria,
Thanks for your comment. Green topaz has more or less the same properties as the rest of the topaz family, with special emphasis on healing and emotional wellbeing.

lakshmi ammu says:

Nice information about topaz.

Imtiaz kayani says:

Hi, my wife recently bought white topaz from Sri Lanka. After sometime it changed its colour to dull gold, now its again clear. My wife attributes the hue change to her luck. Is there any truth in it?

sunnyray says:

Hi Imtiaz kayani. Thanks for sharing with us your experiences with white topaz. It is hard to tell anything with absolute certainty or pinpoint the root cause of the observed color change. All I can say is that your story is not unique in this regard, and that many people attribute such changes to one or another physical or metaphysical cause. In any case, the phenomenon is interesting or even magical in it of itself, even without any explanation.

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