Petalite is a crystal for stress relief. It creates a calm, relaxing vibrational environment. The energy of this crystal is so soft and calming, so steady and balancing, that it can easily lift the mind during any meditation practice. To this crystal, we can associate the energy centers located in the upper part of the body. Those are the centers that surpass the ordinary levels of consciousness.

The color of Petalite is white, beige, brownish, pale to intense pink, gray, or bright green. This crystal can be opaque to translucent, and is rarely transparent. Judging by outer appearance, it looks remarkably like Quartz, but it is rarer and relatively expensive mineral.

Notable occurrences are in Brazil, Madagascar, Namibia, Australia, China, Sweden, and Finland.

Formula: Li/AlSi4O10

Hardness: 6–6.5


In composition, Petalite is a silicate mineral with some excess of aluminum and lithium. The name of this stone is derived from the Greek word, petalos, meaning “leaf”. Petalite has a long history of being used in shamanistic and healing rituals. Some people believe this stone has been used even since ancient Atlantis and Lemuria.

Petalite is a stone of spirituality, while, at the same time, being a protective tool. It protects your surroundings so that you can be free to experience deep spiritual connection, especially if you want to make contact with the higher spiritual intelligences. Petalite is one of the Angelic crystals. It can help you contact your guardian Angel as well as other Angels of protection. Angels are gentle and very subtle beings. That’s why you can contact them only if you manage to ensure total peace and calm in and around you. In that, Petalite can be of great help with its calming energies. The energies of Petalite bring protection and strength during astral travels and for tapping into the akashic records of the past.

In meditation, Petalite cleanses the atmosphere in and around you, helping you achieve a state without thoughts more easily. It is considered that intense, long term practice with Petalite can help develop auric sight. Owing to its ability to reflect negative energies, Petalite is useful as a shield against psychic and magical attacks. Petalite stimulates clairvoyance, clairaudience, and telepathy. Even a small piece of Petalite can be extremely powerful. One can use it for preparing potent elixirs as well.

In crystal therapy, the benefits and healing powers of Petalite find their full potential, especially when it comes to regulating the lymphatic system and production of hormones. Petalite helps harmonize the endocrine system and balance the system of meridians. In case of serious diseases, such as AIDS and cancer, Petalite is believed to initiate cellular regeneration. It cleanses the lungs and intestines and helps on the level of body’s musculoskeletal system. Petalite is also beneficial for treating eye diseases.

This crystal should be cleansed once a month by using lukewarm running water. It should be charged for two hours in the morning or afternoon sunlight.


Namibian Petalite is believed to be especially effective for preventing negative influences, cleansing unwanted auric entities, and dispersing negative karma at every level. This crystal brings balance and improves the relationship with your partner.


Pink Petalite can purify the heart meridian and release the body from emotional burden. With its refined vibration, Pink Petalite works beneficially on the heart rhythm and stabilizes blood pressure. Pink Petalite strengthens the astral body, freeing it from fears, and worries. This is a crystal of compassion that will provide inner flexibility and release stress. When performing self-healing, pink Petalite will be even more efficient if combined with Rose Quartz or other pink or red crystals, such as Ruby, Morganite, and pink Tourmaline.

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From the book "The Magical World of Crystals" by Olga Rezo.


Mina says:

Olga. Thank you very much for this fantastic resource about Petalite. I love your crystal encyclopedia as well. Light and blessings. Mina

Tiziana says:

Is the gem stone petalite good for allergies? I suffer from sinus, watery eyes and runny nose. Someone told me to put petalite in water and drink it. Is it true? Thanks Tiziana

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