Ulexite improves the eye sight. It calms the emotions and enables deep insight into their cause and origin. This stone energizes the third eye and enables inner insights about the remote and hidden aspects of our psyche. When the third eye is energized, we can reach deeper levels of consciousness and approach our True Self more easily. Ulexite is also thought to be a cleansing stone that purifies our aura and our emotional and mental worlds.

The color of Ulexite is white. It has a silky glow and can be transparent or semi-transparent. On its surface, there are visible parallel sheetlike fibers. It dissolves in hot water, so keep it away from water. One interesting feature of this stone is its ability to magnify any object placed directly underneath. The alternative name of Ulexite is “TV stone”.


Like the other members of the borates family, Ulexite has a complex structure. It contains endless chains of sodium, water, and hydroxide. These chains are mutually joined by calcium, water, hydroxide, oxygen, and massive negatively charged boron units. Ulexite is often accompanied with another mineral from this family called Borax. Ulexite was named for the German chemist, Ulex, who was first to discover it.

Formula: NaCaB5O98H2O

Hardness: 2

Ulexite reaches into the depth of the soul, but it also offers insight about the inside of other people’s souls. The keywords “insight”, “solution to problems”, and “overcoming hardships” can all be assigned to this stone. Ulexite promotes lucid dreams, awakens imagination, and fuels creativity. People who suffer from some kind of addiction should avoid working with this stone.


The specific crystal structure of Ulexite works like a bunch of optic fibers, transmitting light along its parallel lines. Therefore, Ulexite can be used to direct light, and help the human body to absorb much more light energy. The best areas to place Ulexite are the forehead, eyes, or under the pillow at night.

Ulexite should be discharged by exposing it to sunlight. It should be charged with Rock crystal or Amethyst.

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