By Olga Rezo

Formula: (Ca2Al3(SiO4)(Si2O7)O(OH)
Hardness: 6.5

Thulite is belived to improve the mental and physical abilities. The lighter nuances of Thulite promote tenderness, kindness and love, while the darker shades bring strength to one's love, swift action and manifestation.

The color of Thulite can range from pink to dark red. It can be polished to a high gloss.

Discovered in Norway in the 19th century, Thulite was named after the mythical island of Thule. Notable occurrences are in the Austrian Tyrol, Western Australia, Norway, Russia and in the USA.

The alternative name of Thulite is Rozalite. Thulite is in fact a pink variation of the mineral Zoisite, rich in manganese. Molten together with White calcite, Thulite is often found in the fractures of many rocks. In the mineralogical literature, Thilite is often called pink Zoisite. Its hardness is somewhat lower than the hardness of Quartz, but still pretty solid for jewelry production. It is a non-magnetic and non-fluorescent mineral.

thulite rock

Craftsmen and artists that use their hands to express themselves can use Thulite to enhance their skills and talents. Because of its color it is naturally related to the heart chakra - Anahata, while the darker nuances correspond to the root chakra — Muladhara. As a stone of the heart chakra — Anahata, Thulite carries an important message - that true strength can at the same time be vulnerable and exposed.

Thulite is a great healing stone. It cures the emotional and mental wounds from the past, in particular, abandonment, neglect and sexual harassment. Thulite is also thought to be able to help with low self-esteem, in cases of self hatred, self harm and neglect. The message of Thulite is that we should learn how to care for ourselves and for the people we love. It regulates eating disorders, both overeating and under eating.

tumbled thulite

Thulite improves the ability to focus. It brings better coordination and balance. This stone is also believed to diminish the feelings of apathy, aimlessness, vanity and extravagance.

On the physical plane, it brings back the life force, strengthens the heart and blood circulation, reduces the high blood pressure, relieves stress and improves the sexual stamina.

Thulite should be cleansed once a week with running lukewarm water. It should be charged with Rock crystals or using the sunlight. Thulite loves exposure to sunlight in short intervals.


tomot says:

Where can I buy thulite?

sunnyray says:

Best place to buy, as always, your local mineral and crystal store. I admit, Thulite is not so common a stone, but a better equipped shop should hold some.

Linda says:

I got a great ring and earrings from the Liquidatin Channel. You can most likely also find it on Etsy. The i termingling of the colors is great and a "happy ring" to wear!

Batto says:

Hi, this is great Thulite Gemstone Information Thanks for sharing.

Dave says:

Hi, My name is Dave and I support your website. I find the content useful for all crystal enthusiasts and mineral collectors. Keep up the great work.

Mark (Crystal Source) says:

Thulite is quite wonderful - "the" new power stone. There is only one significant mine in the world, and a good friend owns it, so we have a lot of raw and tumbled thulite available at great prices - both the regular (heart chakra) and the darker (adds root chakra). An amazing stone that increases vigor, and, like moldavite, a very powerful healing stone.

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the contribution Mark. Take care.

Ratan Sakpal says:

Nice things about Thulite Gemstone.Thanks for sharing.

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