Traditionally, we know of several stones that have been used for centuries to boost fertility and help you conceive. Among the others, in this group we can include rose quartz, jade, moonstone, fluorite, carnelian, aventurine, and zoisite.

Whether you are literary trying to bring new life to this world, or just want to be creative and give life to some new projects of ideas, you can use these stones just the same. Let's see some of the characteristic properties of each of them:

1. Rose Quartz

rose quartz

Rose quartz is a form of Quartz. Most commonly it is translucent, but the best quality stones can be fully transparent. It is believed to increase one's fertility. It is especially useful to heal emotional wounds and to instill unconditional love.

2. Jade

jade stone

Jade is another stone that nurtures the female energies in every living being. Highly revered in the ancient Chinese culture, it is believed to help the one who wears it from all types of negative energy. It also boosts fertility and helps in childbirth. Its most common color is green, but it can be found in brown, orange, red, white, and lavender color.

3. Moonstone


When trying to conceive, always combine Rose quartz with Moonstone. Moonstone is a perfect stone that resonates with one's feminine side. This stone of the Goddess can and should be used to regulate all kind of cyclic processes (the Moon property) including the menstrual cycles.

4. Flourite


This colorful stone improves the creative sexual energy needed for any kind of creative endeavor. It is therefore highly recommended when trying to conceive. There are different colors of Fluorite as well, including purple, pink, blue, green, yellow, and brown.

5. Carnelian

carnelian tumbled

Like Fluorite, and unlike Moonstone, Carnelian is great for both sexes. It is believed to help fight impotence and heal problems with the reproductive organs. It usually comes in red, pink, orange, or brown colors.

6. Aventurine

aventurine tumbled

Aventurine is a green stone that works on the heart chakra to calm ones emotions and bring soothing energy and joy so necessary during pregnancy.

7. Zoisite

zoisite with ruby

Zoisite is also one of the stones that boost fertility. It works on both sexes, providing energy and healing the reproductive organs.

Here are some other characteristic problems related to this area of life and some additional gemstones that may be of help:

Reproductive organs

aventurine, smoky quartz, dolomite, chrysoprase, carnelian, prasem, rhodochrosite, tiger’s eye, tiger’s iron, rubellite, variscite, zoisite



Facilitates childbirth

agate, amber, onyx


agate, boji stones, amber, chrysoprase, jasper, fluorite, jade, moonstone, golden obsidian, rose quartz, aventurine, indicolite, zoisite

Protection of mother and child

agate, red coral

Facilitates conception



carnelian, moonstone, indicolite

Frigidity, impotence

carnelian, turquoise, variscite


dolomite, chrysoprase

Female genital problems


Menstrual pain


Pain in the lower abdomen


Sexual problems

moonstone, rose quartz, thulite

Improves sexual power

chrysoprase, jasper, ruby, sunstone


ruby, emerald


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