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Metaphysical Crystals » Fluorite crystal: review of its properties and meaning

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Fluorite crystal information

The fluorite gemstone properties are mostly related to the area of protection and stabilization. Still these protective qualities are more subtle and not so direct as for example when we deal with hematite stones. It is a very useful crystal for grounding and harmonization of all spiritual energies in our microcosm. Fluorite is capable of enhancing intuition by making the link that exists between our human mind and the universal consciousness more transparent. And not only that, fluorite is able to help apply these intuitive insights to all sorts of situations in our physical reality. Thus, in essence, this beautiful gemstone helps in coordination between the physical and metaphysical worlds, accelerating spiritual awakening, and increasing self respect.

fluorite crystal The colors of fluorite are very pictorial and pleasant for the eye. The fluorite mineral can combine many shades of various colors, but mostly purple with white, or purple with green, or sometimes, green, yellow or gray. Most notable occurrences are in the United Kingdom , Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Canada, USA and China.

Fluorite is occasionally also called fluorspar. Its name is derived from the Latin word "fluo" which means to flow. The industrial use of fluorite is to decrease the viscosity of slags in the process of steel production and to help eliminate the impurities from the final product. It is also used for manufacturing some sorts of glasses and polymers.

Metaphysical properties of fluorite

Many fluorite crystal specimens are fluorescent under ultraviolet light. As you might have supposed, the very phenomenon of fluorescence has gotten its name according to the name of this mineral. The crystal structure of fluorite is cubic but it cleaves into an octahedral form, meaning that, in essence, we have two pyramidal shapes glued together and merged into one whole octahedron. This is a nice example of sacred geometry contained within this extraordinary mineral. The combination of the metaphysical properties of fluorite with its special shape makes this gemstone an excellent tool for meditation, crystal therapy, and chakra energy balancing. Fluorite gem placed between your eyebrows can help you connect with the higher levels of creative expression and balance your mind.

fluorite necklace This stone works on the mental level by amplifying our thought processes. It can be used to increase the ability to focus and concentrate, and some people have experienced increase in the intellectual development after regular use. From this we can conclude that fluorite properties are related to the spheres of the mind and spirit. Its accentuated mental influences help in our quick organization and processing of information. It brightens our mental capabilities, our stability and clarity. It absorbs negative energies from our environment, cleanses the aura and the chakras, at the same time protecting us from psychic manipulations.

Green fluorite

Green fluorite is able to awaken the heart chakra. It is connected to intuition, grounding, and absorbing the excess energy, including the energy from the environment. It brings information from the subconscious to the conscious mind. Green fluorite helps in dissolving the emotional traumas, it cleanses the mind, the chakras and the aura. It can be used very successfully in crystal healing and self healing, where it helps all egocentric problems on psychic level and with the stomach and intestines on physical level.

Blue fluorite

Blue fluorite placed between the eyebrows brings intuitive insights. If laid on the throat chakra, fluorite promotes clear communication. The calm and serene energy of blue fluorite brings inner peace, and establishes emotional balance. Its healing energies help when there are problems with the eyes, nose, ears, and throat.

Purple fluorite

Pink and purple fluorite stimulate the third eye, bringing wisdom and power of discrimination. Purple fluorite enhances the mystical states of consciousness, and can promote spiritual vision. It is useful for the bones, bone marrow, and the spine. In cases of healing with fluorite the pink variation should be laid immediately above the painful areas or alternatively at the basis of the spine for as long as 20 minutes.

Yellow fluorite

Yellow fluorite increases creativity. It is a stone of unity, harmonizing the group energy and creative thoughts. It can help with the liver, is is believed to regulate the cholesterol levels, and it has been used to improve the conditions of the kidneys and the spleen.

Transparent clear fluorite

The transparent variation, also known as white fluorite, is believed to be able to establish a link to the spiritual energies provided that it is placed on the seventh crown chakra. White fluorite balances all the chakras and increases the pace of spiritual evolution. It also brings peace, strengthens the consciousness, and helps in establishing full focus on here and now. It brings the spiritual and intellectual harmony.

Rainbow fluorite

Rainbow fluorite can have a full range of nuances starting from purple and blue up to red and golden yellow. This is the reason why this type of fluorite is so popular and comes in so many forms, such as wands, points, eggs and orbs. Rainbow fluorite is believed to help the nervous system on physical level, but on more spiritual grounds it readily shows its meditative and inspirational features, promoting positive events, joy and creativity.

Fluorite jewelry

In jewelry, fluorite comes in all sorts of shapes and forms: as loose fluorite gems, fluorite pendants and necklaces, fluorite beads and rings. Generally fluorite is rather inexpensive stone, so the price of the fluorite jewelry will depend on other parameters, such as the design, use of gold, white gold, or platinum, and the combination with other semi precious or precious gems. No matter how fancy the jewelry is, fluorite is an excellent choice for every day use and to heave it with you most of the day.

Healing with fluorite

fluorite tumbled Healing with fluorite is a rather complex issue since fluorite properties are so diverse. Fluorite protects the blood vessels from fat accumulation and cholesterol depositions. It also counteracts the problems caused by osteoporosis, arthrosis and arthritis. Fluorite helps with asthma, infections and influences. It is believed to be an excellent cure against senility. Fluorite balances the bodily energies and promotes inner harmony and equilibrium. It also removes stress and negative energy and can be used to reorganize and bring order the complete organism. It might also work with skin related issues. All colors of fluorite are able to successfully fight certain beginning phases of cellular disfunction. In combination with a green tourmaline crystal or with a rock crystal quartz stone in form of laser wand, you can use fluorite to heal the affected areas of the body. It is important to simultaneously maintain strong faith in God and strong desire to bring order in the cells where the problem has manifested itself.

How to clean fluorite

Fluorite should be cleansed often due to its remarkable ability to absorb negative energies. It should be cleaned at least once a week, and if used in healing or self-healing after each therapy session. It can be cleansed by using running water for several minutes. Afterward it should be exposed to sun light for crystal charging and energy accumulation.

Elixir made out of fluorite protects the blood vessels, and helps against dental problems. Elixir made with yellow fluorite can be used for problems with the spleen.

From the book "The Magical World of Crystals" by Olga Rezo.


April-Anna says:

In your last paragraph you have a word that says "spline" and I am not sure if you mean "spine" or "spleen" but I am assuming "spine".

sunnyray says:

It should be spleen. Corrected. Thanks for reading thoroughly.

Andy says:

Great info but two things concerned me. that flourite shouldnt really be exposed to water for long periods of time as it is soft. Also, much like rose quartz and Amythist , the colors in fluorite can also be faded by prolonged sun light exposer

elka says:

this has been of much use to me as my mam has bone cancer and she bort a house in rookhope and was verry drawn to the place then i found out why the place is full of this crystal mostly in purple and white thanksx

Luna says:

It also says spline in the yellow fluorite section. Thank you for all this wonderful information.

sunny says:

Corrected. Thanks.

Dariana says:

I agree with Andy: fluorite should not be exposed to sunlight because it's color fades in the strong light.

mumbakee says:

thanks for the it okay to immerse this crystal in a glass of water then drink the water? how long must it stay soaked in water? tnx

sunny says:

Hi Mumbakee,
What you are asking is, in fact, how to make a fluorite elixir. In principle, it should be ok to use fluorite, BUT make sure that your stone is indeed fluorite, well polished, smooth, without cracks or impurities, cleansed and programmed. As for the duration, it should stay soaked in water at least 8 hours.

canis voda says:

If a stone can't be soaked or put in the sun due to it either fading or dissolving, one can place it in a glass dish filled with sea salt, or can smudge it using white sage

nicole says:

Where can I buy pure flourite necklaces.

sunny says:

I am not sure what you mean by "pure" fluorite Nicole. In any case, the best way is to search for local crystal stores and select your fluorite necklace in person.

Candy says:

Another option for cleansing Flourite (and is the preferred method by the pieces living with me) is to bury them in a basket of rose petals. They love that!

sunny says:

That is a very nice tip, Candy. Thanks for sharing.

priya says:

Can yellow fluorspar used for the purpose of getting married? Is yellow fluorspar stone used to enhance positive effects of Jupiter?

sunny says:

Hi priya,
Yellow fluorite (or yellow fluorspar) can help in many ways, but I don’t think that we can (or should) force matters of the heart. Love never asks for mediators. We should always be aware that everything we think, feel and do comes at a price. As for the second question, yes, yellow fluorspar is connected with planet Jupiter.

lori says:

re: cleaning stones

I have a white counter top as well as a white bath tub, and I have been drawn many times to place many types of stones on one of these two places to clean the stones. Something I never hear anyone else doing.

sunny says:

Hi Lori
What do you do after putting your stones there? I suppose you rinse them with water. Or maybe you use other methods?

Zerita says:

We have had a chunk of flourite in direct sunlight for over 10 years and the color has not dimished at all. The purple is still as dark as it has always been. Beautiful stone.

sunny says:

Good to know first hand Zerita. Thanks for sharing.

Cassilda says:

Fluorite is used to make fluoride. Yes, it is soft and should not be left in water.

Cleaning fluorite (or any stone) can be done using selenite - which removes the risk of color fading from the sunlight or from water/chemical damage. I usually put the stone to be cleaned in contact with the selenite overnight.

sunny says:

Thanks for the great tip Cassilda. It makes sense to use selenite instead of the other "usual" methods.

Jimmy says:

I’ve had a flourite necklace for over 10 yrs, I enjoyed but never really knew its properties. I bought a braclet at glebe mkts, I really enjoyed that too, then I gave it to a beautiful Japanese lady, then I missed it so go back to mkts next week an buy another, I feel great, then I researched it properties, I’m blown away, I know where there is flourite sphere, it’s expsensive but I’m going to buy it, weighs 5 kgs.

sunny says:

5 kgs, that’s quite a fluorite sphere, Jimmy. Have a lot of fun with it!

Richard Lowell says:

Hi: Can you tell me of a way to polish Fluorite in a Tumbler if so will you please e-mail me back at above address . Thank You For Your Time . R.B.Lowell

Virginia says:

Sunny, your info about the crystal structure of fluorite being an octahedron is in error. The actual crystal is CUBIC, but it cleaves easily into an octahedron along natural lines of cleavage. That is the part that first fascinated me about fluorite as a child in a rock-hunting family.

sunny says:

Hi Richard,
We never polish our stones by ourselves, but maybe someone from our community of readers will be able to help you with that.

sunny says:

Thanks Virginia, you are right, of course. We have corrected the text accordingly.

julia says:

I purchased a hand polished fluorite stone 2 days ago. I immediately put it on and have been wearing it since. All yesterday afternoon, the skin it touched felt like the stone was on fire. There was no marks on my skin, just the burning feeling. What could cause this? Is this good or bad? Thank you.

Tea says:

I just got a fluorite mala from a random place. It was on a table of random stuff in an "art shop" in a small mall in a small town in up-state New York. We were there for the passing of a parent... and while I was away on bereavement leave, my job let me go... then they sent me an email about getting my job back. Our first outing out of the house... this Mala kind of found me and was an instant comfort. It Was Calling to me. I had to get it. It even fit in my budget. Now I know why. Thank You.

sunny says:

Hi Julia,
Thanks for dropping by. I must say that I have never had such experiences with fluorite. In any case, I would suggest is to cleanse the stone just to be sure that no negative energy has been stored within.

Hi Tea,
Yes, it often happens that the stones we are energetically attuned to or the ones we are "supposed" to have, find their way to us. Thanks for sharing.

Becol says:

I've recently inherited an incredible 135 lb river polished green flourite crystal from a world traveler friend. He claimed it was from Africa and that he searched for it for over 18 years. And Yes you read correctly 135 pounds! It rests upright over 24" in length on a hand carved wood base. I would be very interested and very gratefull for any professional opinions as to its rarity and value. Many thanks.

sunny says:

Hi Becol
That has to be an exceptional fluorite. As it is the case with all large specimens of minerals and (semi)precious stones, the value would depend on fluorite's visual features and on someone's (collectors, museums) willingness to pay for it. I suggest that you try some of the more specialized (gemology) forums for a more accurate answer. Thanks for sharing.

Amanda goldsmith says:

I had been using flourite but now am a little worried due to the recent links between fluoride and brain development, anyone got any infraction about this?

sunny says:

Hi Amanda
Fluorite is the mineral CaF2, whereas fluoride is the anion F-. We are talking here about two very different substances.

dr kumi says:

What is the best crystal to heal a long coughing sickness or the best way to deal with it.

Nilda Weiss says:

I heard that the Fluorite gemstone has healing properties for arthritis & cancer. How would one use Fluorite for healing these diseases. Do you use one or many? How large should it be. I want to heal arthritis bumps on my fingers.

Brenda says:

Thank-you for all of the information on Flouite. This appears to be a good site for gathering valuable education on the healing properties of gems/minerals and I appreciate it...

sunnyray says:

Thanks, Brenda, for your comment. We appreciate your support.

Hazel says:

I read about the properties for green fluorite and those for purple fluorite, however many of my fluorite pieces are both green AND purple! Do they share properties of the individual colours or does the combined colour have properties of its own? Well done for an excellent and informative site too.

sunnyray says:

Dear Hazel,
That's an excellent question. I don't think anybody can give you the exact answer, though. What I believe to be true is that, in addition to bringing in the individual properties of both types of Fluorite, there is an synergistic effect that makes the combined stone unique, and with slightly modified properties.

Lori says:

Hi sunny, You asked Long ago what I do after placing stones on my white countertop or tub. Sometimes I place them on selenite, or rinse with water and cleansing intention, other times it seems they want rose quartz or carnelian. Other times they have just finished doing whatever they were needing the whiteness for and just say "done" .It seems the white restores them back to their original being to be used again.

sunnyray says:

Hi Lori. Thanks for sharing your insigths, they can be very valuable to the others who work with those crystals.

Adri says:

I recently purchased 2 octahedron fluorite crystals, one green(dark and cloudy) and one pink(light and cloudy) in Mt Shasta, CA. I had them in a pouch in my pocket when I next went up the mountain to explore and when I came down they both had changed colors, the pink went crystal clear and the green went to very light green and again crystal clear. If it wasn't light exposure or gamma rays what happened? Help anyone

Megan O says:


I love your site and in depth descriptions of the crystals. Any plans to continue the series with more?

Lovely words, thank you much!


sunnyray says:

Dear Megan,

Glad you like the site. There will more content soon, in particular we are preparing a book about metaphysical crystals and stones. Thanks.

brigitte says:

Thanks for the great information! What properties does black fluorite have? It feels particularly protective.

sunnyray says:

Dear brigitte
Indeed, your intuition is on the right track. Black fluorite should bring some protective features in addition to the fluorite's general properties. Thanks for sharing.

priya says:

Hi, I have bought Yellow fluorite pendant for my 13 yrs daughter. Can u please guide me before using what care or steps should be taken care before and while using spiritually as well practically.

meamzi says:

I have been having fun, and enlightened on this stone ( did I read correctly up there on what Cassilda wrote... (THAT fluorite is used to make fluoride what the heck? Do you know that fluoride is one of the most toxic substances on this planet. It is the lie of the ages to help teeth! toxic lies.

sunnyray says:

Fluoride is a different substance from fluorite. It is true that fluorite is the mineral used to produce fluoride, but it takes chemical reaction to do that. As far as I know, fluorite is relatively safe, otherwise it wouldn't be used in lapidary. The only potential health related problem recorded is skin irritation, so if you intend to wear it, avoid skin contact to be 100% sure.

Feroza says:

I was told by someone that the green Fluorite is good when I'm studying. Is this true cos I went out end got for myself a huge piece of raw fluorite. Plz help.

sunnyray says:

Hi Feroza, and thanks for the comment. Why don't you give it a try? Just keep the stone close to you when you are studying. If you program it with your special intention of helping you study, it may extend its beneficial action even further. There is plenty to win, and nothing to lose. And, please share with us the results of your experiment. God bless.

Spyder says:

In regards to reports of fluorite irritating the skin, I just wanted to stress to everyone to clean fluorite often. I can report from first hand experience as well that it gets itchy and hot when it's not cleaned, and personally I have to clean it every day or it'll itch right through my pocket. I usually find it more beneficial to wrap it in a mojo bag with other stones, or a small piece of selenite.

sunnyray says:

Many thanks, Spyder, for your advice about wearing and dealing with fluorite. I am sure it will be appreciated by everyone who is planning to work with this beautiful crystal.

Heather says:

Hello, After 3 ops for bowel adhesions I have been taping a piece of purple/green fluorite to the stomach/intestine are as I read this stone can dissolve adhesions. This can sometimes inflame my skin and I wondered if there was another way of wearing this stone to protect the area. Thanks for all the info and help on this site.

sunnyray says:

Hi Heather
In theory, the metaphysical action of many crystals and stones should be there even without skin contact. Maybe you should try to wear your stones close to the stomach but without actual skin contact.

Lori says:

Hi Heather of 12-18-14. I see that sugulite and green tourmaline would be a good fit for this situation. Following with black tourmaline and jadeite on your back.

Rach says:

Hi there, I just purchased a rainbow fluorite crystal that's mainly green with some purple. I got home and I was holding it in my hand and it literally broke in half. Does anyone know if this is some kind of sign and what it could mean?! Thanks!

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