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Crystals » Onyx
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Onyx - grounding, healing, and balancing stone

Note: Crystals cannot be an alternative for medical attention nor can they be a substitute.

Onyx is a stone with chemical formula SiO2 which means that it belongs to the quartz (rock crystal) family. Its hardness is therefore around 7.

Onyx is an excellent stone for releasing negative emotions such as sorrow and grief, and therefore brings good fortune and helps in recognizing personal strength. This black colored stone helps in relaxation, and in facing various challenges in life, especially if one suffers from a lack of life energy and exhaustion.

The color of onyx, apart from mostly being black, can be white, blue, gray or yellow. It always possesses a characteristic glow. The black specimens can be extremely shiny, with a sateen reflection. Some onyx specimens can be partly colored pink, violet or brown. Onyx stones often have bands of different coloration. Sardonyx is a variation of onyx where the bands are red or white instead of black.Notable occurences are in Brazil, Mexico, USA, South Africa, Madagascar and India.

Onyx is a cryptocrystalline form of quartz. The etymological origin of the word onyx is thought to come from the Asyrian word for ring, indicating any material which can be used for ring producing.

Onyx is often recommended to athletes as it increases strength, endurance, persevierance, and explosivity, especially if placed on the Solar plexus.

Red onyx is connected to the first chakra - Muladhara. White onyx represents a link between the first chakra - Muladhara and the seventh chakra - Sahasrara, balancing the total energy along the seven energy centers - the seven chakras.

Onyx is good for opening the chakras: black and red onyx for Muladhara, green for Anahata, yellow onyx for the Solar plexus chakra, and blue onyx for the throat chakra - Visuddha.

Onyx has served as a bead making stone for centuries. It harmonizes the physical with the spiritual and helps alleviate fears and worries as well as during periods of strong overwhelming emotions. This mineral helps us in our efforts to be balanced and in maintaining positive outlook at our life and environment. Onyx increases concentration and devotion, relieves tension especially in marital life.

On the physical level in the crystal-healing, onyx helps in healing wounds, and during times of childbirth. It can be used in treating eye and ear problems, and in cellular regeneration. It strengthens the structural systems of the bones and teeth, hair, skin and nails. It boosts general endurance and self-control. This stone is very good in grounding, as well as in elimination and/or control of excess energy.

Onyx can be discharged under running water, twice a month. This stone can be charged together with rock crystal. Black onyx can be charged over night if left in a flower pot where it gains additional strength.


... says:

nice tells alot about onyx

ms says:

what is the difference between agate and onyx?

sunnyray says:

Both agate and onyx are types of microcrystalline quartz. Onyx, like agate, has bands or colored layers but its bands are very much parallel with respect to each other. This contrasts the more irregular and concentric, curved layers that are usually seen in agates. Other than that, onyx is most frequently seen as its black variety (often artificially enhanced), whereas sardonyx is a stone of alternating red and white bands.

JS says:

is it a bad idea to give onyx to a lover? I read the Egyptians thought it caused arguments and ended relationships..

sunny says:
If I were to give a stone to a lover, it would be a Rose Quartz. This stone is by far the most suitable crystal for that purpose. That said, Onyx as well can be a nice gift, provided that it is charged with the right intention and that all the other factors are right.

Pat says:

Great information! Is there any other way to charge onyx, I don't know rock crystal in Canada. What is the procedure to charge it? I have another question, does it also work for any piece of jewelry, ex. pendant, or any other.

sunnyray says:

Hi Pat,
There are different techniques for charging your onyx stone. Of course, if you haven't already done so, you would have to purify your stone first. Then, for example, you can put it in the morning sun for several hours. Alternatively, you can hold it in your hands and charge it with your own, personal energies. The next step would be to program your Onyx stone, in case you need it to perform a certain task for you. It does not really metter if it is a loose tumbled onyx or a piece of jewelry. They all can be cleansed, charged and programmed.

sharon mehalof says:

I'm really into gemstones lately and how they work.Thanks to Heavenly Hardware in Tremont for their Awesome gemstones and other items.

Luke Dickson says:

What are stones/crystals that enhance and diminish the effects of Onyx? Thanks very much :-)

sunnyray says:

Hi Luke

Rock crystal will enhance the effects of virtually any crystal and stone, Onyx included. On the other hand, I would use Rose Quartz or Kunzite to calm down the too intense energy of Onyx.

Tim says:

I was given some onyx to hang around my neck, and now my asthma seems to be getting better ?

gaze says:

Hi... Is it good to use "ONYX" as name of internet cafe business?

sunnyray says:

Onyx is such a nice name, so I don't see any reason why not to.

Raul says:

Hi there. I was given a beautiful golden yellow onix. I would like to know how to recharge it.

sunnyray says:

Dear Raul,
Golden Onyx is indeed a very beautiful stone. You can recharge it in a number of different ways. My favorite way is to bathe it in the warmth of the morning sun. Have a lof of fun with it.

yvonne says:

Is there such thing as clear onyx or agate? Looks like glass?

sunnyray says:

Dear Yvonne,
I don't think so. Being Quartz in composition, if clear, they would qualify as Rock crystal.

echidna says:

Hi everyone, I got my white onyx crystal yesterday morning, and I'm wearing it till now. As I took it off to go to bed I noticed it has turned cloudy grey. Does that mean something? Is it bad? I've heard they get cloudy when they are full, but is it possible to happen in a day? Any answer would be really appreaciated.

sunnyray says:

Dear echidna
If you get a feeling that your crystal has turned dull or cloudy, that's a good indication that it needs cleansing and recharging.

balen says:

I think, Onyx is only good if used according to zodiac sign or birth month. It is not suitable if worn by people who are not under the corresponding sign. This stone will affect the aura of the user which will result in energy imbalance in the body. Consequently, it will increase the emotional feelings that are difficult to control.

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the comment balen, but I will have to respectfully disagree.

cheryl says:

I just purchased a green onyx ring and necklace , both are about 14 carats each. Can you tell me PLEASE, IS THIS SEMI PRECIOUS STONE HEALING?

sunnyray says:

Yes, it has similar healing properties to the other onyx stones.

Anand Pai V says:

Hi, I purchased a black onyx bracelet today. wearing it since then. But it is not shiny black. Is that okay? I bought two black tourmaline and two citrine stones too. Can you help me on how to cleans and charge this? Is it okay I use all the three together??

sunnyray says:

Yes you can use them together if you like. In order to cleanse them, one of the method is rinsing them under running water for several minutes. You can charge them, for example, by using the early morning sun. Feel free to browse the website for even more methods of cleansing a charging crystals and stones.

anonymous says:

Is it bad if you drop your onyx worry stone?

sunnyray says:

I wouldn't worry too much about dropping a worry stone, unless it breaks.

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