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Despite its brilliant name, Herkimer diamond is in no way a genuine diamond. While its visual form could offer a remote possibility of misidentifying this crystal for genuine diamond, its crystal structure tells us that Herkimer's closest relatives are rock crystals - transparent quartz stones. As a matter of fact, there are some references stating that in the past this crystal used to be mistaken for diamond and for that reason Herkimer trading even banned for a certain period of time. Take your herkimer out on a sunny day and watch the glistering sparkles of reflected light over its many facets - you'll see that fire and brilliance are not really so dissimilar to those of diamonds, despite their very different optical properties. As for its metaphysical performance, much of the meanings of diamond can be reassigned to this stone, so if you are unable to purchase real diamond, go for this replacement gem.

beautiful herkimer diamonds The macroscopic structure of this extraordinary crystal is such that it is always double terminated. Formed half billion years ago in the hollow space within some dark-grayish dolomite rocks, herkimer measures from 0.2 to 1.5 inches, but there are also specimens of impressive size and strength which are more than 5 inches long. A small specimen can cost as much as $ 5, but their price is very much dependent on their size --- the larger ones can reach the price of several hundreds dollars. You can even mine your very own herkimer (which is especially beneficial if you want to use it in healing, spiritual practice, magic or meditation). This can be done in one of the several mines operating in the Herkimer County. Here is a video about one of them.

Clusters, twins and other shapes, although rare are also not unknown. Their shine, natural facets, and from time to time very regular 6 sided prismatic figure are so attractive and unique in the world of quartz minerals that they attract equally the mineral collectors and jewelry lovers, but also the crystal therapists due to their holistic health properties. Therefore this stone proudly bears the name: "diamond for everyone".

On one hand, herkimers are splendid, full of shine, and superior to rock crystal, but on the other hand they are of diminished hardness and brilliance when compared with diamonds. They are rather a class for itself, a class of object of outstanding geometric form and transparency close to clearness of water.

Restore your body and mind with the majestic herkimer crystal

Each of the herkimer diamonds is unique and carries its own personality. The two points at the opposite end (double termination) make this crystal a powerful tool for metaphysical purposes. Its properties and meanings are similar to those of quartz, only considerably enhanced and multiplied by at least an order of magnitude.

Speaking about its impact on the organism, it can be considered a potent balancing stone for getting our physical and emotional energies in proper order. It should be used with care, especially if you are not adapted to its high vibrations. Given that this is one of the most powerful gemstones for releasing and discharging the energy blockages within our auric energy field (more about the human auras here), it is no surprise that herkimer diamond is frequently used in crystal layouts and/or for placing on energy centers - chakras.

Just like rock crystal - quartz, when combined with other semi precious and precious gemstones, it can considerably increase their performance. When our organism is weak and when it needs restoring, and rejuvenating nothing works better than a crystal elixir made from this gem. Just let it stay over night in a glass of pure spring water, and drink it in the morning for optimal results.

Herkimer stones - promoters of our inner awakening

These wondrous specimens can be incredible inspirational tools, making the contact with our spiritual levels of consciousness more easy, boosting our creativity, helping us ease the inner tension, and establishing a feeling of all-embracing wellbeing and joy. If your personal relationships are disrupted, this stone can help you repair them, and fix all you other problems on every level of existence.

Working with them can enhance your dream recall. They can help you establish a healthy sense of self love and self acceptance, keeping your heart open also for other people close to you. Herkimer can teach you how to love unconditionally.

Oftentimes our everyday life is not clear and transparent. The perfect clarity, beauty and charm of herkimer diamonds can remind us of what we could become on provided that we implement the Divine qualities and attributes. Herkimers are easily available, relatively inexpensive, and thus we can say that they are more valuable for us than the genuine diamonds. Do not forget --- the diamonds need to be cut and polished in order to shine --- herkimers are shiny and perfectly clear even without any human intervention. They are natural objects of perfection we can and should by all means identify with.


Cris says:

I have a couple herkimer diamonds that I love to use. I even named a cairn terrier puppy Herkimer diamond (we call him Herki), and let me tell you, he has all the properties of a real herkimer diamond (except for color)! ;)

sunnyray says:

:) Great comment, Cris. Thanks for sharing.

Joyce says:

I've just discovered the herkimer. I own lots of jewelry, even diamonds - none beat the sparkle of herkimer. I love sparkle, but this stone has a deeper meaning, which I find intriging.

sunnyray says:

Indeed Joyce, herkimers are special and very unique gemstones. Thanks for sharing.

Amanda says:

I have a Herkimer diamond I purchased about one year ago, and I never really gave him much thought after a while.. But I was recently gone from my home for almost a month, then out of nowhere, my Herkimer communicated to me that he misses me!! I felt such a tug on my heart that I left him alone for so long! He appeared into my mind and made me feel his pain of me being gone. This was just so eye opening and brings our relationship to another special level.

sunnyray says:

That’s a fantastic story, Amanda. It goes to show that we are all connected at different levels with everything around us. Thanks for sharing.

Stitches says:

What are your recommendations on cleansing the crystal to become more attuned with an individual? I recently found one to purchase and I'd like to start by cleansing the crystal for purity so we can build a clear relationship.

sunnyray says:

Hi Stitches
I would recommend either using running water or keeping it close to previously cleansed rock crystals. After your herkimer has been cleansed, I recommend charging it, prior to actually building the relationship.

J Jones says:

Probably too late to get an answer but I'll give it a shot. I recently bought a herkimer diamond still in it's matrix (rock), although there were a bunch of other small ones, the main large crystal split in half into one large & one small piece. Clearly I'd imagine this must effect it's double terminated energy abilities (even though this particular one wasn't really double terminated, it was really single terminated with a smaller "barnacle" crystal on the other stubbier termination) but my main question is, are it's metaphysical properties completely ruined now that it is split like that? Any help from an experienced crystal healer/worker would be greatly appreciated. You can even shoot me an e-mail if by chance someone clicks on this page & sees my comment & can help.

Molly says:

Can Herkimer be magnetic? I've seen some stuck to a shovel for a very short time immediately after being dug up.

Charles says:

We go hunting for Herkimer Diamonds in upstate New York with hand tools. It's an amazing feeling they emit when you discover a big rainbow Herkimer Diamond. They feel good to watch being discovered, and they make people happy with their beauty.

banex says:

Hi there,

After reading your webpage,i realised that my natural findings are herkimers. I have proved it's metaphysical properties as well as astral travel moment.

Can you contact me through my email so i can share photos of the items for your confirmation and approval of my possession.

sunnyray says:

Hi banex
You can get all the info you need on the contact page here. Thanks for the comment.

Jennifer says:

I found a stone in my driveway that resembles quartz but has some transparent sections... throughout the stone, there are blacks dots and a few orange streaks... someone told me it could be a Herkimer diamond (quartz crystal), but then another rock collector told me its impossible. Do you have a place I could submit some photos of it for further inspection? Thank you!

sunnyray says:

Sure you can send them to

meena says:

i bought my herkimer diamond pendant a week ago. i love the look and feel of it. i have worn it near my chest and it gives me an inner peace. Glad that i have one and would surely recommend it to others.

sunnyray says:

Thanks for taking the time to comment, meena. Really appreciate your feedback on Herkimer diamond.

Taylor says:

Very interesting informations but there is not store in my erea selling gens. e business doesn't inspir????e confidence. I expect you could help me having my owns, please help.

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