Chalcedony enables the wearer to turn their focus more toward the inner spiritual world, without losing the objective and constructive look at the future. It will promote your ability to implement positive changes in your life. This stone brings your body, feelings, and mind into harmony with the Spirit. With Chalcedony by your side, your thoughts will assume a more positive note. This stone of calming and stabilizing energy increases the mental abilities, inner peace, and emotional honesty. It is a solid healing stone as well, protecting against infections and various health conditions.

Chalcedony comes in white-gray, gray-blue, yellow, yellow-brown, and pink color. This opaque to translucent stone often features thin brownish stripes and can be buffed to a high luster. Notable occurrences are in the USA, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, Morocco, England, New Zealand, India, Namibia, and Russia.

Chalcedony is traditionally defined as a fibrous cryptocrystalline variety of silica, but, recently, it was shown that pink Chalcedony is actually a mixture of Quartz and Morganite, the latter being another (beryllium) silicate mineral.

Formula: SiO2

Hardness: 6.5–7

tumbled chalcedony

various chalcedony stones

Pure Chalcedony is also called Carnelian or Sard. The green variation, which gets its color from traces of nickel oxide, is Chrysoprase. Prase is yet another variation of Chalcedony, which usually comes in pale green color. Onyx possesses straight black or white bands. Heliotrope contains red Jasper spots. Agate is a banded variety of Chalcedony.

All these minerals belong to the vast family of Chalcedony. It is common for the single color variations of this stone to be sold under the name of Chalcedony, while the remainder of this group is given special names, such as Agate, Carnelian, Heliotrope, Jasper, or Onyx.

Chalcedony derives its name by the ancient Byzantine port city of Chalcedon, today, Kadikoy in Turkey. People of the ancient past believed that the Cosmos is reflected in the crystals and precious stones. Chalcedony is associated with planet Neptune.

Chalcedony shields against negative outside influences that may lead to nightmare dreams. This stone opens a channel for better communication and helps verbalize our feelings the proper way. It increases life energy and promotes emotional balance, vitality, and fortitude. It makes us generous, kind, and friendly, always ready to perform good deeds.

Chalcedony is a healing stone that treats skin infections and quickly and effectively absorbs and dissolves negative vibrations.

The blue, yellow, and pink Chalcedony possess additional metaphysical qualities, depending on their color.

Blue chalcedony is a stone of gentle energy that balances the mind, body, and spirit. It brings joy and faith. This is a stone of peace that calms the outbursts of negative thinking and emotions, such as hatred and irritation. The blue color of Chalcedony encourages and facilitates communication and helps build oratory skills. Its protective qualities are expressed through the shielding against the effects of black magic spells. Blue Chalcedony prevents weakness, melancholic feelings, and dissatisfaction. In healing sessions, it alleviates edema, improves lymphatic circulation, prevents anemia, precludes inflammations, reduces high body temperature and blood pressure, and helps with throat problems.

Yellow and brown chalcedony encourage clear thinking and discrimination, bringing calm and relaxed communication. They foster living in the present moment.

Pink Chalcedony improves the already acquired personal skills. It revives our desire to gain knowledge and awakens our inspiration for creative writing. This Chalcedony type is excellent for strengthening the heart.

White-gray Chalcedony calms the psyche and provides peaceful sleep by combating and preventing nightmares.

Chalcedony, regardless of color, helps with sore throat and bronchitis, reduces hoarseness, and prevents loss of voice and dry cough. These properties make Chalcedony suitable for public speakers, orators, and singers, who should wear it as a pendant close to the throat area. Chalcedony is also believed to help in cases of dementia.

This stone should be cleansed with lukewarm water as often as once a month. The best method of charging is using already charged Amethyst.

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Jean says:

Is it uncommon for chalcedony to change color? I have some pink chalcedony changing color to blue or gray. What could be the reason?

sunnyray says:

It is really hard to say. Chalcedony itself shouldn't be susceptible to environmental conditions, unless it has been dyed, and unfortunately, most chalcedony sold commercially is.

Unannounced says:

What environmental element is it related too?

sunnyray says:

Chalcedony is considered to be related to the water element.

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