Rhodochrosite is a powerful love stone. It helps integrate the coarse physical with the more refined spiritual energies and stimulate love. Rhodochrosite opens the heart and helps ease depression; it encourages a positive life orientation. If you are single, Rhodochrosite is believed to be able to attract your soul mate. This stone is an excellent conduit of metaphysical energy.

The name of this stone literally means “red colored” (from Greek, rhodon, meaning “rose” and chroma, meaning “color”). It is a very attractive mineral with a unique, vivid pink color, which seems as if coming from the depths of the stone. Not so frequently, Rhodochrosite is found in white, yellow, or brown color.

There are numerous deposits of Rhodochrosite, but the best specimens are mined in Colorado. Moreover, Rhodochrosite is officially a state mineral of Colorado. In larger quantities, it can also be found in Argentina, Uruguay, Canada, Peru, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, and Romania.

Rhodochrosite is referred to as “Rosa Inca” (rose of the Incas), or, alternatively, manganese stone. In composition, Rhodochrosite is a carbonate of manganese. It can be used as an ore of manganese, but, at the same time, it is a very popular crystal and semi-precious stone. The quality specimens can be used as precious stones, but their softness and brittleness limit the applicability of Rhodochrosite in jewelry production. The identification of this crystal is relatively easy, despite the similarity to Rhodonite and to a couple of similarly colored minerals. For example, Rhodonite is harder and has different fissures.

Formula: MnCO3

Hardness: 4–4.5

rhodochrosite mineral

This mineral is also called a stone of love and balance, because it secures balance and love at all levels of our being and for all subtle bodies. The energy of Rhodochrosite is like the pulsating and electrifying energy of love — the most powerful force in the Universe. Rhodochrosite helps heal the Earth, while encouraging us to love and serve our Great Mother. That’s no obligation, it is actually a great joy to be able to support our terrestrial home.

rhodochrosite stones

If you want to be able to accept and integrate new ideas and information, and simultaneously maintain the purity and clarity of your intellect, this is the right stone for you. It helps in learning, because it makes the higher mind more accessible. It improves your memory and diminishes confusion and uncertainties.

If you keep a piece of tumbled Rhodochrosite close to your body, it will strengthen your personality and calm the potential emotional stress. Rhodochrosite stabilizes the emotions, bringing order into the inner world of feelings, so that your mind can be calm, creative, and work in a harmonious way.

With its lofty vibrations, this crystal is perfect to stimulate love and feelings of content. It is believed to fight depression, and heal the consequences of sexual abuse.

tumbled rhodochrosite

In crystal therapy and therapy of self-healing, Rhodochrosite can help treat problems with the respiratory system, digestive tract, intestines, and kidneys. It is beneficial for the skin and eyesight. It is believed to help regulate the blood sugar, and relieve asthma symptoms.

Rhodochrosite is especially good for the circulatory system. It soothes the heart and regulates blood pressure by stimulating warm feelings of love and compassion.

Rhodochrosite should be cleansed two times a month. It should be charged in the company of charged Rock crystal or Rose quartz.

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