Sugilite helps in deepening the connection between the mind and body. Sugilite reduces the levels of everyday stress because it is one of the strongest crystals for getting rid of the intrusive negative thoughts and other problems of the mental body. Enduring stress is one of the major causes for many contemporary diseases.

This is an opaque stone with satin luster. It comes in purple and violet color.

Discovered in 1944, Sugilite has larger deposits in Japan, India, and Canada. However, the major site is in the Kalahari desert in South Africa, discovered in 1975.

The bright purple, translucent specimens without impurities are naturally the most appreciated. Because they are rare, they can be quite pricey.

The fluidity and openness of our mind at young age and its ability to learn fast are great. As we grow older, this ability declines and we tend to forget about it. It is not as much the deterioration of the brain itself as it is the accumulation of mental barriers, wrong beliefs, prejudices, and bitterness.

Formula: (K, Na)2(Ti,Fe)2(Li,Al)3Si12O3

Hardness: 7


Sugilite is one of the crystals that can help us find and release the wrong beliefs and everything else that prevents absolute mental and physical expression. Sugilite will help you see the prejudices that create emotional limitations and physical imbalances. After seeing them in the bright light of the mind, Sugilite will help you eliminate them, so that there are no longer limiting messages to the body.

If you place a piece of Sugilite close to the third eye area, it can help you get illuminating discoveries about the functioning of your mind. Without a constant conscious intent on your part, Sugilite alone is not enough for a total cleaning of the mental body. This is also true of any other metaphysical stone or crystal, for that matter.


In crystal therapy and self-healing, Sugilite is believed to slow down age related problems, for example, problems with bone weakening in women. Some people use it for recuperation after heart attacks and strokes. It strengthens the blood circulation, regulates the functioning of the cells and tissues, and improves immunity, sight, hearing, and speech. In combination with Jet stone, it is good for cleansing the liver and kidneys.

Sugilite should be cleansed once a week beside Hematite stones. Once cleansed, it should be charged with Rock crystals.


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