When we talk about semi precious stones we should not forget to include one of the really nice examples as to how an ordinary looking stone can be valuable if it is of exceptional quality. This is indeed the case with sunstone gemstone. Two main characteristics of sunstone are the following: it is a leadership stone and gemstone of optimism and good will. These characteristics will become more clear when we get to know ourselves with its properties. In this sense, let us mention a couple of more of its features, that is, lifting up fears and stress; enhancing vitality; promoting independence and originality, and bringing good luck. As a stone of the leaders it teaches the skill of accepting responsibilities and enhances organizational skills. When a decision needs to be made, it offers clarity and ability to act in concord with the higher will and purpose, thus encouraging changes that are favourable for the entire environment, that is, family, or group of people.

Some colors can be relatively rare, but it usually comes in orange, red, or brownish tones. It can sometimes have sparkling tiny spots across its surface. It is usually non transparent, but some sunstones can be clear and transparent which then affects their price.

Sunstone is not so abundant. The most famous localities are in Norway, where a massive deposit was found embedded in quartz. There is quite a lot of this mineral in the region of lake Baikal in Siberia, and also at several locations in USA, Canada, Madagascar and India.

This gem belongs to the feldspar family from the class named plagioclase. This classification means that there are two types of feldspar within - albite, which is rich in sodium, Na, and anorite, which is rich in calcium, Ca. Some people call this stone Aventurine Feldspar, and other names can be Goldstone or Sun stone. Some specimens of this stone show a typical occurrence called aventurescence which is an optical effect which consists in reflectance of light over some inclusions or planes within the bulky matrix.

Metaphysical properties of sun stone

This vivid, refreshing stone is able to help purify the 7 energy centers chakras, it encourages sunny view on different aspects of life and supports optimistic and "sunny" thoughts. It promotes self-discipline, faith and desire to serve a greater good.

It is an inspirative stone, able to bestow freedom, independence and happiness. Sunstone reduces fear, alleviates stress and brings good luck in any games of luck.

Sun stone is a powerful crystal from overcoming all types of phobia. It can help to easily get over depression issues. It bring abundance in one's life, transforms negative into positive energy, helps in fighting psychic attacks and aura energy leaking.

This stone will give you personal strength, will, life energy and desire to fight all possible problems. In addition, it can help you establish a contact with your spiritual guide. To wear sunstone always with you means to be always in a good mood. This is a proven antidepresive tool, and it will encourage you to take a step farther, to celebrate your own achievements, what you are at the moment, and what you are about to become. It will help you relax and enjoy life, and once relaxed it will help you make additional steps toward your true nature, toward what you really are.

Sunstone is connected also to romance and abundance. This crystal is able to promote issues of vitality and it gives ability to face danger or pain without showing fear. It also can give strength and stability to the one who wears it. If you do not have enough personal integrity to say no to someone's desire or request, then you might consider wearing this stone, as it will give you the necessary encouragement to stop being abused by others.

On the physical level it can help in fighting digestive problems or problems with the throat, spine or rheumatism related issues. Sunstone gemstone is thus very beneficial: not only will it provide you with wondrous jewelry, it will help you increase your energy level, health and physical strength.

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