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Crystals that Help Relieve Fear

Fear is one of the most destructive emotions in the spectrum of human emotions. It can have a devastating effect of our psyche. The society we live in today doesn't help us relive our fears, and in many cases it only amplifies our sense of fear.

Are there any crystals that can help us deal with our feelings of fear with their positive calming energy? What we can say for certain is that, traditionally, people have used crystals and stones to drive out fear. And we can use them today, with or without programming, to lessen our fears as well.

Here is a list of stones that help in this respect:

  • Fire agate offers protection and calms our fears and emotions.
  • amethystAmethyst is known to reduce fear of all kind.
  • Citrine is also a good stone for calming our fears, especially the fear of responsibility.
  • Green Calcite can be used to overcome fear and the limitations and wrong beliefs based on fear.
  • garnetGarnet prevents fear and insecurity.
  • Charoite prevents dreams filled with fear.
  • Danburite helps in transcending our deepest fears.
  • Kunzite works on our painful past traumas, eliminating deeply buried fears.
  • moonstoneMoonstone helps lessening our fear of the future.
  • Onyx has the ability to alleviate fears and worries.
  • Rutilated Quartz can be programmed to reduce fears, phobias, anxiety, and other limitations.
tumbled rutilated quartz
  • Sodalite helps get rid of guilty feelings and irrational fears.
  • variscite smallVariscite is a calming stone. Sometimes, it is called “the true worry stone” as it takes away the fear, nervousness, worry, and impatience of the wearer.

In addition to the above list, there are some crystals that help awaken love in our hearts. These crystals are great to relive fear, because love is on the opposite end from fear. Love instantly drives away fear, so that if you can kindle love in your heart, there will be no room for fear any more. Such crystals are Rose quartz, Diamond, Rhodocrosite, Prehnite, Pearls, and Rhodonite.

Have you even had any experience with using crystals to fight fear? Please share it with us in the comments below.


Carole says:

Hi, would Herkimer diamond be useful?

sunny says:

Hi Carole
Thanks for the comment. Herkimer diamond wouldn't be the first crystal to come to my mind for that purpose. That said, Herkimer is a special type of Rock crystal, and we know that they are especially suitable to be programmed with various intentions. So if you want to use Herkimer diamond as a stone to relieve fear, you just have to program it and it will do that task very efficiently.

Sudarshan Poojary says:

I have more fear,pls say fear remove stone

Paul Kenneth says:

I have one (1) Phenacite crystal and ten (10) pieces of smoky quartz I would like to sell. I can send pictures via email to interested buyers.

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