Pyrite is a stone of intellect and protection. It enhances intelligence, mental stability, logic, analytical skills, creativity and memory, and promotes psychic development. It can release the psyche from blockages and fears. Pyrite may help discover and further develop hidden mental talents and abilities. Pyrite is a powerful protective and a mighty grounding stone.

The color of Pyrite is pale yellow. It has a strong characteristic metal luster.

Pyrite can be a composite part of some minerals, like Lapis Lazuli, Fluorite, and Quartz. Notable occurrences are in the USA (Illinois), Peru, Mexico, Australia, Spain, Norway, and Sweden.

Pyrite is a sulfide of iron. Its crystals are usually shaped as cubes, but they can occur also as octahedrons. Despite the relatively high hardness, Pyrite can be crushed down easily, and equally so, it can be pulverized.

The smell of pulverized Pyrite is very sulfuric. This is very much expected, as Pyrite contains sulfur and, in fact, it is the most common sulfide mineral.

Pyrite’s name derives from the Greek word pur meaning “fire”, probably referring to the sparks that occur when Pyrite comes in contact with metal. Commercially, Pyrite is used to produce sulfur dioxide for the paper industry, as well as for obtaining sulfuric acid.

The similarity of Pyrite with Gold has made this stone a symbol of abundance and good fortune. Pyrite’s almost golden color reminds people of the Sun, a connection that suggest its beneficial influences related to the mental plane.

Pyrite is an outstanding screen that blocks negative vibrations originating from different sources. It has been used to overcome lethargy and feelings of futility. Pyrite releases the mind from fears and mental hindrances.

Formula: FeS2

Hardness: 6–6.8

This stone can brighten and energize the space around it, for example, the desk where you work if you put it there. Pyrite helps in seeing all things that are hidden.

Pyrite promotes psychic growth, improves memory, helps develop practical skills, and boosts optimism and resoluteness. It opens the communication channels between the right and left brain hemisphere, thus encouraging the development of unique talents. Moreover, Pyrite is able to ground the Golden Light Ray into the physical form.

Pyrite is a great energy conduit; it can nurture and inspire the creative sparks that will help you on the path of fulfillment of your imagination. For energizing purposes, this stone shows best results when placed over the solar plexus center.

In crystal therapy, Pyrite can be used to overcome lethargy and fatigue. It improves the blood supply to the brain and regenerates the cardiovascular system. It regulates the functioning of the lungs and bile and harmonizes the internal organs and glands. Pyrite is also a good stone for treating bronchitis and asthma. It generally protects the brain, spine, and nerves from inflammation. It can help to dissolve fat deposits. Some believe Pyrite is the best stone for treating stutter and stammer.

Pyrite should not be exposed to water, moisture, or intense sun. It should be cleansed once a month in a closed container with tumbled Hematite.


Charging of Pyrite should be done in a bowl of previously charged Rock crystal. Additionally, Pyrite can be charged in an oven set to 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit) for about one hour. If exposed to moisture, Pyrite could get darker and lose some portion of its powers.

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Ann says:

Hello. I recently purchased a pyrite crystal and an amethyst stone together, and am wondering whether they enhance each other's energies. Also, there is conflicting information about how to clear and charge pyrite. Could you please give some guidance? Thanks so very much. Ann

sunnyray says:

Hi Ann, and thanks a lot for the comment. You can use both of them together, however, they have slightly different functions. Pyrite is more grounding, while Amethyst more uplifting. So keep this in mind when you combine them in your metaphysical work. Best way to cleanse and recharge Pyrite is to put it in contact with charged lose stones of the following types: black tourmaline, hematite or rock salt.

NSDC says:

Hi sunnyray!

1. How do I clean a Pyrite bracelet if I don't have any other stones? Could you please give a more economical way of cleansing and charging it?

2. Where do I wear a Pyrite bracelet, left or right? I'm a woman.

3. Lastly, is it really a good stone for money attraction?


sunnyray says:

Hi, NSDC. Thanks for coming by.
1. You can use incense smoke, or your own visualization skills for example.
2. It depends what side of your personality you would like to make stronger. Emotional, creative or intellectual, rational?
3. It is, but it won't do that automatically. It will support the right mindset for abundance and money attraction. No stone can help if one has the wrong attitude toward money.

NSDC says:

Thanks for answering my questions, sunnyray! Very helpful!

Follow up please:
1. When do we clean Pyrite? Every year, every month, or when you feel that it doesn't have enough energy anymore?

2. I'd like to enhance my intellectual personality, I'll be having a board exam soon and that's one of the reasons why I need the Pyrite stone.

3. You're right, thank you!

sunnyray says:

1. You can do both. Set a regular time interval, something like once a month. In addition, every time you feel it has lost its energy, and every time you use it extensively, e.g., for self-healing.

2. For enhancing your intellectual personality, it has to be worn on your right hand.

Good luck.

Goddess MsGraves says:

I've been using pyrite & I noticed right away its energy to keep me calm and grounded especially emotionally. In addition recently I got diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and pyrite has helped to reduce my flare's really amazing!

sunnyray says:

Thanks for sharing! God bless.

Femme Shakti says:

I put my pyrite crystal in salt water for an hour before realizing I should not have cleaned it this way. Has this damaged the crystal? Is there anything I can do to restore it back to it's full energy capabilities?

sunnyray says:

I doubt salt water can do any substantial damage for such a short period of time in terms of physical damage to the stone. You may want to bury it underground to restore its full energy.

Lina says:

Hi I'm recently into pyrite would you recommend wearing in my left or right pocket to accumulate wealth? Thanks for your time!

lee cheow yong says:

hi your site very informative. i like your site.
i got a question to ask, you mentioned that is best not to charge pyrite under the intense sunlight.. but also stated " Additionally, Pyrite can be charged in an oven set to 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit) for about one hour"...

i m confused with this. wont oven heating damage pyrite n how come the heat from the oven and the heat from the sun is different? hope you clear my doubt. thanks.

sunnyray says:

Probably the concern with intense sunlight is also not so big, because Pyrite is a pretty resilient stone. I guess, the point is that direct midday sun temperature can go well beyond 50 degrees, but in either case pyrite should be fine.

Kirti says:

I want to know in which hand i can wear pyrite braslate i m a woman and i also want to know how to charge it and how to use and change trumbles of pyrite for abbendance of money

Angelica says:

Hi Sunnyray,
I was hoping you can help clarifying an information some else told me about being careful with having Pyrite near by and specially if you are a woman because it can bring your iron and ferritin levels down! If this is true I am very concerned because I was thinking on buying one for my office and I used to suffered from anemia but thankfully I am not anymore.
Your response is much appreciated in advance.

sunnyray says:

I doubt there is such effect. If there is, I imagine, it would be hard to prove. The truth is, we don't know how these minerals actually affect our subtle physiology. Nobody has done studies to investigate the effect. Pyrite is not a stone for prolonged wearing anyway.

Crimson says:


I was wondering what are the differences between wearing Pyrite on my left wrist and right wrist.

I understand that left is about absorption while the right is about projection.

Could you please elaborate the differences specific to this stone.

I am seeking to obtain protection, luck, positivity, and creativity with the bracelet.

sunnyray says:

Hi, thanks for the time to leave a comment. Please check out this page. Scroll down to the section dealing with the difference between left and right hand.

Darrell L. says:

Hi Sunnyray,
I hope you could enlighten me about wearing crystal bracelet. I'm a Newby to all this. I've just purchased a pyrite bracelet n I understand that there is a meaning wearing it either on left or right hand. I wish to have more luck n prosperity, which hand should I wear it?
Thank you.

sunnyray says:

For that it should work on both hands more or less equally. But don't forget to program it with your intention.

happyjo says:

Hi sunnyray, I am a newbie still exploring this topic and found your website really helpful. I just bought some Pyrite and will appreciate if you can give me guidance on what I should do to get started with these stones? My intention with these stones is to further development my career and grow wealth. Thanks.

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