Note: Crystals cannot be an alternative for medical attention nor can they be a substitute.

Onyx is a stone with chemical formula SiO2 which means that it belongs to the quartz (rock crystal) family. Its hardness is therefore around 7.

Onyx is an excellent stone for releasing negative emotions such as sorrow and grief, and therefore brings good fortune and helps in recognizing personal strength. This black colored stone helps in relaxation, and in facing various challenges in life, especially if one suffers from a lack of life energy and exhaustion.

The color of onyx, apart from mostly being black, can be white, blue, gray or yellow. It always possesses a characteristic glow. The black specimens can be extremely shiny, with a sateen reflection. Some onyx specimens can be partly colored pink, violet or brown. Onyx stones often have bands of different coloration. Sardonyx is a variation of onyx where the bands are red or white instead of black. Notable occurences are in Brazil, Mexico, USA, South Africa, Madagascar and India.

Onyx is a cryptocrystalline form of quartz. The etymological origin of the word onyx is thought to come from the Asyrian word for ring, indicating any material which can be used for ring producing.

Onyx is often recommended to athletes as it increases strength, endurance, persevierance, and explosivity, especially if placed on the Solar plexus.

Red onyx is connected to the first chakra - Muladhara. White onyx represents a link between the first chakra - Muladhara and the seventh chakra - Sahasrara, balancing the total energy along the seven energy centers - the seven chakras.

Olga's encyclopedia of crystals: click here to get your free chapter!

Onyx is good for opening the chakras: black and red onyx for Muladhara, green for Anahata, yellow onyx for the Solar plexus chakra, and blue onyx for the throat chakra - Visuddha.

Onyx has served as a bead making stone for centuries. It harmonizes the physical with the spiritual and helps alleviate fears and worries as well as during periods of strong overwhelming emotions. This mineral helps us in our efforts to be balanced and in maintaining positive outlook at our life and environment. Onyx increases concentration and devotion, relieves tension especially in marital life.

On the physical level in the crystal-healing, onyx helps in healing wounds, and during times of childbirth. It can be used in treating eye and ear problems, and in cellular regeneration. It strengthens the structural systems of the bones and teeth, hair, skin and nails. It boosts general endurance and self-control. This stone is very good in grounding, as well as in elimination and/or control of excess energy.

Onyx can be discharged under running water, twice a month. This stone can be charged together with rock crystal. Black onyx can be charged over night if left in a flower pot where it gains additional strength.


... says:

nice tells alot about onyx

ms says:

what is the difference between agate and onyx?

sunnyray says:

Both agate and onyx are types of microcrystalline quartz. Onyx, like agate, has bands or colored layers but its bands are very much parallel with respect to each other. This contrasts the more irregular and concentric, curved layers that are usually seen in agates. Other than that, onyx is most frequently seen as its black variety (often artificially enhanced), whereas sardonyx is a stone of alternating red and white bands.

JS says:

is it a bad idea to give onyx to a lover? I read the Egyptians thought it caused arguments and ended relationships..

sunny says:
If I were to give a stone to a lover, it would be a Rose Quartz. This stone is by far the most suitable crystal for that purpose. That said, Onyx as well can be a nice gift, provided that it is charged with the right intention and that all the other factors are right.

Pat says:

Great information! Is there any other way to charge onyx, I don't know rock crystal in Canada. What is the procedure to charge it? I have another question, does it also work for any piece of jewelry, ex. pendant, or any other.

sunnyray says:

Hi Pat,
There are different techniques for charging your onyx stone. Of course, if you haven't already done so, you would have to purify your stone first. Then, for example, you can put it in the morning sun for several hours. Alternatively, you can hold it in your hands and charge it with your own, personal energies. The next step would be to program your Onyx stone, in case you need it to perform a certain task for you. It does not really metter if it is a loose tumbled onyx or a piece of jewelry. They all can be cleansed, charged and programmed.

sharon mehalof says:

I'm really into gemstones lately and how they work.Thanks to Heavenly Hardware in Tremont for their Awesome gemstones and other items.

Luke Dickson says:

What are stones/crystals that enhance and diminish the effects of Onyx? Thanks very much :-)

sunnyray says:

Hi Luke

Rock crystal will enhance the effects of virtually any crystal and stone, Onyx included. On the other hand, I would use Rose Quartz or Kunzite to calm down the too intense energy of Onyx.

Tim says:

I was given some onyx to hang around my neck, and now my asthma seems to be getting better ?

gaze says:

Hi... Is it good to use "ONYX" as name of internet cafe business?

sunnyray says:

Onyx is such a nice name, so I don't see any reason why not to.

Raul says:

Hi there. I was given a beautiful golden yellow onix. I would like to know how to recharge it.

sunnyray says:

Dear Raul,
Golden Onyx is indeed a very beautiful stone. You can recharge it in a number of different ways. My favorite way is to bathe it in the warmth of the morning sun. Have a lof of fun with it.

yvonne says:

Is there such thing as clear onyx or agate? Looks like glass?

sunnyray says:

Dear Yvonne,
I don't think so. Being Quartz in composition, if clear, they would qualify as Rock crystal.

echidna says:

Hi everyone, I got my white onyx crystal yesterday morning, and I'm wearing it till now. As I took it off to go to bed I noticed it has turned cloudy grey. Does that mean something? Is it bad? I've heard they get cloudy when they are full, but is it possible to happen in a day? Any answer would be really appreaciated.

sunnyray says:

Dear echidna
If you get a feeling that your crystal has turned dull or cloudy, that's a good indication that it needs cleansing and recharging.

balen says:

I think, Onyx is only good if used according to zodiac sign or birth month. It is not suitable if worn by people who are not under the corresponding sign. This stone will affect the aura of the user which will result in energy imbalance in the body. Consequently, it will increase the emotional feelings that are difficult to control.

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the comment balen, but I will have to respectfully disagree.

cheryl says:

I just purchased a green onyx ring and necklace , both are about 14 carats each. Can you tell me PLEASE, IS THIS SEMI PRECIOUS STONE HEALING?

sunnyray says:

Yes, it has similar healing properties to the other onyx stones.

Anand Pai V says:

Hi, I purchased a black onyx bracelet today. wearing it since then. But it is not shiny black. Is that okay? I bought two black tourmaline and two citrine stones too. Can you help me on how to cleans and charge this? Is it okay I use all the three together??

sunnyray says:

Yes you can use them together if you like. In order to cleanse them, one of the method is rinsing them under running water for several minutes. You can charge them, for example, by using the early morning sun. Feel free to browse the website for even more methods of cleansing a charging crystals and stones.

anonymous says:

Is it bad if you drop your onyx worry stone?

sunnyray says:

I wouldn't worry too much about dropping a worry stone, unless it breaks.

fathieh says:

Thank you , Sunnyray, this is very helpful! Any idea what stone is best for students? A stone that enhances focus maybe?

sunnyray says:

Hi fathieh,
Thanks for your comment. One of the stones that first come to mind with regard to concentration and focus is fluorite. It can also assist the intellectual development if used regularly.

Wulff says:

I picked up a sinister-looking specimen throned on a silver-ring today, and I find it oddly comforting. It is as if it speaks to me. Whether it is my own active imagination activating this imagery is of no concern to me as I definitely sense power from this ring. I do have a couple of questions:

How can I tell if it's real onyx? I tried scraping it with a knife and it didn't leave any marks or scratches. Looking at the stone through light reveals a greenish tint.

Is it good for me to name the crystal? It seems to have named itself, more or less, and I feel that it possesses vast knowledge of the void. As if it's an actual eye it sometimes stares and demands an audience, but is patient otherwise.

It seems to withhold some very chaotic knowledge, and seems wise. Could it be that it is so powerful that it actually works as a protection against sublime intelligent "evil" forces? And is this because it may have some "evil" qualities of its own?

I know I sound crazy, but I frankly could not care less about that. I also cleansed it by passing it through the fire of a white candle while burning soft incense.. Now it is laying on top of my speakers, waiting for the morning sun.. Waiting..

Any thoughts about this?


sunnyray says:

Hi Wulff

Judging from your experiment with the knife, I would say the stone's hardness is at least 6 or 7. That alone a good indication that the stone is real. If it feels cold to the touch, and if it is black, most likely you have a genuine onyx. I see no problem with your naming the stone, and neither do I think your feelings and intuition about it are odd. Everything around us is alive and possesses some degree of consciousness. Also, there are some special crystals and stones that have been purposely imbued with some types of consciousness. Onyx is thought to be a protective stone, and it could also be a grounding stone. Therefore it makes sense that it can guard the owner against outside "evil" forces. Thanks for sharing with us your experience.

Dhanashree says:

In which metal onyx stone will be more beneficial?

sunnyray says:

Silver or Gold. I haven't tested which of the two would be more beneficial, though.

Sigwynn says:

Hi, Sunnyray

I've been involved in crystals for about a year now, and still learning a lot.

My fave site for purchasing gems and beading supplies has what they call a "silkstone" and describe as an onyx marble. Its generally a grey to greyish pink background with webbing of black. Is this just banded onyx, and would be treated metaphysically as such? I've had no luck searching onyx marble specifically or the trade name silkstone.

Thanks so much

sunnyray says:

Hi Sigwynn

I haven't had the pleasure to work with silkstones. I guess the main metaphysical impact would come from onyx itself. The marble (rock) portion of the stone is a mixture of several minerals and its metaphysical action is not always clear. The best way to determine the energy of silkstone is to work with it for a while and at the same time monitor your inner states. Thanks for the comment.

8eight says:

I've just purchased a silver black onyx ring.. It fitted perfectly & wanted to keep it as soon as I tried it on.. I am a mid November "65 born Scorpio.. Is the ring suitable for me even though I am not a Leo?

sunnyray says:

Hi 8eight,

There is nothing that speaks against Scorpios wearing Onyx. There are many different interpretations of personal gemstones, so yes, you can wear it as long as it feels good and brings some positive energy.

Stephanie says:

Hi there,

I just purchased a ring with a purple onyx stone. It's such a beautiful specimen it gradually goes from a midnight purple to a more transparent purple. I've tried to look up what purple onyx specifically does in terms of healing and just general information about it., with no luck of finding much. Do you know much about it?



sunnyray says:

Hi Stephanie. Please check our forum.

aicela says:

Hi sunny.. I have been looking for a protective stone because I am feed up of spirits from departed loved ones and neighbors. They appear and speak to me in dreams. Others harm me while others befriend me. Pls find time to answer my query. What will be the right protective stone to buy.

sunnyray says:

Hi aicela. Please check our forum. Thanks.

Michelle says:

I was given a blueish green authentic onyx from a pastor who was at a disaster site I was working at. He sent it to me, via my boss. How do I cleanse it? How would I use it- as in do I put it in my hand and sleep with it? Put it in my pocket and keep it close to me? Its on my night stand now. I was also given by him a scarf of the same colors with 3 goose feathers. I barely new this man but he was a very nice older gentleman and a pastor at a church in his area. I'm a Catholic - does that matter? Will it still be of value to me? Please advise. Thank you.

Gina says:

I'm importing onyx hand carved animals, spheres and things. Should I sell them as totem animals or healing stone?

sunnyray says:


Please check our section on cleansing stones here: Cleaning-crystals.htm. Once you have cleansed the stone you can wear it with you at all times, or as long as you feel like it. The confession is not that important. What matters is that you have been given that stone with love and good intentions, which is exactly what brings value to our lives. Thanks for the comment, and God bless.


I don't see a reason why you shouldn't do both. The shape of the stone doesn't diminish its healing value.

jennifer davis says:

I recently started wearing a black onyx bracelet and I see the difference with making money and how people treats me now...they used to be jealous and hating! There is certainly a component in the onyx that eradicate negativity.

sunnyray says:

Hi jennifer
Thanks for your comment on wearing black onyx. I really appreciate it.

Janice Suria Quinn says:

I put my Black Onyx in the Tibetan bowl tonight, oh my gosh literally could feel the energy difference and I've placed many stones in that bowl and never felt any energy change.....WOW, try it and see if you also find the same.

I have my Onyx and Smoky tonight at the base outside of the 1 litre bottle to infuse the water with those energies and will add the water into a sprayer for a house mist to rid of negative energy and for my itchy skin.

sunnyray says:

Hi Janice. Thanks for sharing. Tibetan bowls are powerful metaphysical tools and they can be used to enhance the energy of our crystals, as you have experienced first hand. I wish you a lot of calming and energizing moments with your Onyx and Smoky quartz crystals.

Srenna says:

Hello, I'm looking for a crystal for my teenage daughter. She needs something to help her in test taking, in sports and health. Would you recommend the onyx? If so, is there something she can wear daily and what color?

sunnyray says:

Hi Srenna,
For enhancing the physical and mental abilities of your daughter, my first choice would be Herkimer diamond. Thanks for the comment and God bless.

Emilia says:

Hi! My partner has bought me a ring with a black, mat onyx in it. Believe me or not, we broke an hour later even though everthing was ok by than. We spent more than three years with no arguments... I am proper Scorpio woman... Is is the case?

sunnyray says:

Hi Emilia
I am sorry to hear that, but I have heard of similar stories. There are stones imbued with negative or discordant energies, for example, by their previous owners. That's why it is important to cleanse any and every new stone we get, regardless of how we have obtained it. In your case, I don't think it has anything to do with your horoscope sign. Thanks for sharing and God bless.

Emilia says:

Thanks, I put the ring into a dry salt to clean it and I am going to charge it as well. Would it mean that the crystal will be all right to wear after all this? I really like it, suits me perfectly, but I am afraid that it will have a negative influence on me. As much I like it as much I am scared of it... Thanks

sunnyray says:

Hi Emilia
I can add two things with regard to your comment. First, if you believe the ring will have a negative influence on you, most likely it will, because you program your subconscious mind that way. And second, some stones do show incompatibility with some people's auras. It might be only a temporary condition, or it may last for a longer periods of time. You will have to feel if that's the case and test this on your own. Thanks for the comment.

catinlondros says:

I bought a black onyx pendant but I don't know if the stone is onyx or something else because I have the feeling that it is not. I have read a lot and I can't find a clear answer to that.

Thank you in advance

sunnyray says:

Maybe this page can help you. Thanks for the comment.

ginadja says:

I have an onyx ring and necklace which I both wear. I am a Capricorn and I was drawn to this stone before I knew anything about it. Now I'd like to get a ring to put on the other hand. I like Emerald. Does this go well combined with Onyx?

Thank you and this is a great page!

sunnyray says:

Hi ginadja
If you are drawn toward an Emerald ring, you should definitely try that combination. I don't see why it should not work. Intuitively, you have already guessed that Onyx is the best spiritual birthstone of your sign (as explained in Olga's book Mystical brithstones). Best regards, and God bless!

alex says:

Hi, i have a blue onyx ring passed down and was wondering what would be appropriate to see if its cleansed and charged

sunnyray says:

Hi alex. You can use a pendulum, for example. Or just feel its energy if you are sensitive enough. Otherwise if passed down, I would say you have to cleanse and recharge it anyway. Best regards.

Miss ESB says:

Hello, I'm into Crystals about 2yrs now. I have all sort quite collections. I even make my own Customs jewelries. All my friends asked me couple of time if I would want to sale them. I said no.

Carynne says:

I have bought a Black crystal which is a faceted bracelet long time ago, probably more than 8 years and I have forgotten if it's Onyx or Black Tourmaline. Although both crystal may have similar purpose, however I would like to know how can I examine and determine if it's Onyx or Black Tourmaline ? Pls advise, thanks.

sunnyray says:

They are both very different stones, easily distinguishable in their natural form. If faceted, however, the task can be more difficult. Tourmaline when cut and polished has a very fine glitter and a silver sheen.

Carrie says:

I have 4 black onyx rocks that have found me again. Two bigger two smaller. They are very strong and hard. They can heal. How do I care for them? Am I powerful or are they?

sunnyray says:

The power is always within you, within your Divine self. The stones are just helpful tools, or if you like you can even think of them as symbols.

Elena says:

I received a white Onyx bracelet from a very dear friend, as a daughter would give to her Mother. While wearing I swung my arm, hitting a door sill, and it broke into 3 pieces. I am devastated, How is the best method of repairing it, and will repair mediate it's powers.

sunnyray says:

Hi Elena
I'm very sorry to hear about your Onyx bracelet. As it has sentimental value to you, maybe you should leave the repair to a skilled lapidary? Otherwise, I'm afraid the powers will be somewhat reduced. Sometimes, things just happen, and we have to go on living with them. God bless.

Herman says:

Some great information here, but I have a question.
I bought some oryx marble statues, but after one day, a part of one of the statues turned green. Could this have been from it being in the sun?
Thank you!

sunnyray says:

Hi Herman
Thanks for the comment. I have a couple of questions. Was it a mixture of onyx and marble and what was the original onyx color?

anonymous says:

Omg, I was taking a bath with it.

Alice says:

Hey, so I wanted to get a sardonyx for my friend. He is a Virgo born Aug. 25. The picture showed an orange sardonyx, but all I found was a Black one. I thought it would be all great, but I read an above comment on Black Sardonyx being bad for relationships when given to a lover. Even though the stone is said to improve marriage and partnerships. I guess what I'm wondering is, what is your opinion on gifting this crystal to a male friendly friend? Ha Thank you.

sunnyray says:

Well, sardonyx is one of the stones recommended for marital love and love in general. The color shouldn't matter too much. So I think you can give it to your partner or friend. If given from the heart, every gift is positive.

shweta says:

what is difference between emerald and onyx????? how we recognise them

sunnyray says:

You can easily tell them apart by color and/or transparency.

Tiffani says:

Hi Sunny,

I recently bought a black onyx stone charm necklace and didn't start wearing it until after laying it on a new moon altar for a couple hours. I was automatically drawn to it and felt wrong not buying it before I left the store. My life path number is 6 (Birth date adds up to 33 andcreduces to 6) and black onyx is said to vibrate to that number. I'm also a Capricorn sun sign. I was wondering if onyx could be completely cleansed with running tap water while it was being discharged at the same time. The sunlight doesn't exactly shine into my bedroom and I can't bury into the earth at my current location.

sunnyray says:

Hi Tiffani. Yes you can use running tap water for cleansing and discharging at the same time. It should work on onyx very well. Being a Capricorn, Onyx is a great choice for you. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Sol says:

Hello, I hope you are doing great. I very recently broke up with my boyfriend and have also been through many changes in my life, moved, finished my masters, etc. a short periodo ofrece time. I walked into a stones shop and the owner gave me a little blue onix I had liked as a present and also a few days ago I came across a lovely heart shaped pendant, also blue onix with a little brown in it, which I bought. I've been feeling a little sad with all these changes and I was wandering if these stones might help me or if maybe you could recommend others? I would really appreciate it. =D

Philippa says:

This is really interesting. I read a comment at the start of this comment section where someone asked if it's a good idea to give onyx to a lover, as they read egyptians thought it would cause arguments or end relationships, and you said that it's ok to give it as long as the intention is right and other conditions are correct...I'm wondering what those other conditions might be, you see, I recently ended a very short relationship with a guy that I got along fantastically with initially, until we started fighting over very stupid things in the first week and it was around the time he gave me an onyx earring he found. I had never heard that egyptians thought it bad to give this stone, but now I'm seriously wondering if it's true...can you comment about this please?

Lucy says:

I just received a ring as a gift from my boyfriend which he believes is black onyx! I agree except when light passes thru, it gives off a deep blue color, almost purple. Is this normal for black onyx, or is it a different stone??

Bella says:

Hello!im going to wear an onyx stone soon but I have a lot of stones I have my rose quartz,black tourmaline,snowflake obsidian and amethyst its it possible to wear them together with the onyx...thanks

Oscar E O says:

I named my company Onyxstone Associates, what is the advantage and disadvantage as per the power in onyx ?

Madeline says:

I've been wearing silver and onyx earrings depending on what I wear. Lately I have worn them quite regularly. Over the last week the left earring has literally jumped out from my ear whilst sitting. Two friends have witnessed this and were quite surprised. Why do you think this is happening?

Sundancer808 says:

Hello sunnyray ,first of all thank you for taking time to answer our personal questions. Very enlighting. Over the years I wear crystals for ornament, am also aware of healing benefits but o ly just recently did I took a serious concern when I bought my husband, 2 daughters onyx bracelets. To my experience I feel it gets warm while I am wearing my own bracelet, it gets unconfortable so I usually take it off and feel the warmness of the stone. I ask my girls if they too feel warm onyx, and yes positive. Is iur onyx authentic? If so what does it gets warm?

sunnyray says:

What you have experienced is not that unusual. People report having warm crystals, warmer than you would expect just from the body heat alone. If we exclude external sources, like sunlight, either you and your onyx are working together toward some programmed goal, so a lot of energy is being generated, or there is some kind of friction, and the crystal is working against your energy. You should be able to tell which scenario is the right one in your case.

Anna says:

I have a white onyx Buddha. Where is the best place to put it in my home .

sunnyray says:

A Buddha statue in your home can help you attract positive energy. The best place is facing the main door on a table thirty inches high. That way this statue will interact with the chi energy entering your home and neutralize any negative energy, or transform it to a positive energy. You may also want to put in in your living room, again facing the front door.

Colee says:

I was having such a hard time mentally this year with random love interests. (when it rains it certainly pours) it left me w so much confusion, bitterness. Anger sadness. You Name it. I get life happens but I'm a big lover and often push good things away to save them or me. But after this last "relationship" he made me feel out of sync out of wack . I figured my Chakra were out of control. I felt depressed but I felt just out of it not myself. I bought a black onyx and randomly picked the rose quartz. Within 12 hours all my worries seemed lifted and I even had a huge talk w my recent flame and we never talk about feelings. I'm a libra. So I'm very emotional yet balanced. Is there any other stones you highly recommend to help me on this journey. I slept w my rose under my pillow for safe dreams and it helped. I actually slept and didn't wake up crying. I am relieved these stones called to me.

sunnyray says:

Glad to hear that you can successfully use stones and crystals to relieve some of your problems. And, you are certainly right. There is a strong connection between the condition of of our chakras and our emotional and mental states. I believe the main point with your black onyx in your case is grounding. Maybe you can try also some other grounding stones to help you stay firmly grounded, while at the same time keeping your emotions flow, but in a controlled fashion.

Eileen says:

I just purchased a small yellow onyx tealight holder for burning beeswax tealight candles. What will this help with? Thanks!

Susan says:

I have a white onyx necklace - whenever I take it off it's always very hot - I love wearing it - it doesn't make me feel hot around the neck - I'm an October Scorpio.

sunnyray says:

Hi Susan. People describe similar phenomena like yours. One of the possible explanations is that there is some kind of exchange between the energy of the stones and your energy field. If you have a nice feeling about it, if it helps you when you wear it, there's nothing to worry about. In fact, it may be beneficial.

Morgan Huck says:

Hey guys! I was given a raw black onyx stone that is shaped like a sharks tooth... On side is all crystal while the other side is like a marble type smooth surface... I just started getting into stones and I wanted to learn more about my new stone I just got if anyone can help (:

sunnyray says:

Hi Morgan
I have no idea what it might be. Usually, Onyx is not crystal-like.

shehryar says:

hi everyone
can you please tell me that black onyx is suitable for Aquarius or not? as my friend gifted me ring he bought from istanbul.
your response will highly be appreciated

sunnyray says:

I don't see why it shouldn't be suitable. If you like it, if it feels good when you wear it, you should use it.

Laura says:

I bought matte white round beads from a bead dealer that told me they were natural onyx. After looking at pictures I'm not sure if they are onyx. If you think they could be do I charge them in the morning sun?

sunnyray says:

I have no idea about whether they are genuine or not, but it is certainly safe to charge them in the sun.

Willie Thompson says:

Ware can you by a black onyx stone I'm a logical thinking person and I can't believe I'm saying this I'm 56 years old from the time I was twelve years old I was in a martial arts school until I was 30 there was an instructor there name John Boston. After you make black belt he starts showing you crazy things like he thought you should be able to protect yourself not only physically but mentally being young and dumb he showed me a book called necromancer and East Indian occultism all kinds of books like that black magic bus stop to school because he was getting too weird he made it almost mandatory practices Arts and had he died of weird death but getting to the point I've had so much bad luck is crazy I've always been taught that nothing good or bad last forever but every time I make a turn it's almost like something's in my way and it one time I felt something pulling me down in the bed years ago so I believe in demons and I'm wondering if playing with all those books and me quitting the school could he of put a curse on me I need protection what's time would be good for me and where can I get it

Carrie says:

I've been wearing my black onyx ring give to me by my mother for years..I had to take off yesterday it had burned my skin underneath the stone. What does this mean?

Paul says:

I just spotted a White Onyx Obelisk in an auction and managed to win it , Its 20 Cm x 5.2 cm with a pyramid tip 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm OR 8 inches x 2 x2 inches with a 1 inch pyramid tip . It is a solid piece with beautiful ripple banding and only ????17 . It has the feeling that it is meant for ritual use . And has come at a time to encourage me to be true to myself & calling in life . Reminds me of Cleopatra`s needle . In it`s intensity . Cheers from Paul .

sunnyray says:

Hi Paul. Congrats on winning the White Onyx Obelisk, and thanks for sharing.

tina says:

What is the meaning of a purple onyx

sunnyray says:

Purple onyx is usually a name given to a dyed quartzite, a simulant of onyx. I would avoid using it as a metaphysical stone.

Devon says:

My black onyx is gradually developing gray patterning. Is this normal for this stone or does it carry a meaning?

sunnyray says:

Hi Devon. Not really sure why this should be happening. Can you eliminate physical reasons, like environmental contacts, heat exposure, etc?

Liv says:

Hi sunnyray! I'm hoping for some direction. I recently came across an onyx and diamond ring that spoke to me from the moment I saw. I continued to look at other items and eventually came back to this ring. Once I tried it on I had to have it, it feels like I need this ring rather than want. Now to my question, I'm worried about purchasing as its quite pricey. From what I've researched on onyx, other than protection it can stabilize or even withdraw sexual power. I am an extremely sexual person and I want it to stay that way. I'm worried it could have an affect there? Now the ring is something my husband had me go pick as a gift as I can be very picky and I like to find things that speak to me. Coming from my lover this makes me wonder at the sexual repressor I have read about. Other than that I really adore this ring, and would wear it pretty much everyday. So I want to be sure the power gathered from wearing so often will not have ill affects????

sunnyray says:

I don't think you will have problems in that direction. The number one thing for me is always how strongly I am attracted to the crystal, stone, or jewelry item.

emily says:

i got a black stone from a friend could it be onyx?

sunnyray says:

Yes, of course it could. Is it banded or totally black?

Cynthia says:

Can I combine my black onynest & amthumst together.can I let my son hold it to carry for court Day

Archana says:

Hi Sunny,
Thank you for making time to answer all our queries. The other day my husband made me pick onyx and sterling silver hoop earrings. I am a cancerian. My husband and I are married for 4yrs and we are trying to have baby. Is the stone safe to use or should I use any other stone as a supplement?

sunnyray says:

Hi Archana. Yes, the stone is quite safe to be worn in jewelry. As additional supplementary stones for your situation, I would suggest Moonstone and Rose quartz. Both are believed to help conception. I also strongly believe that proper nutrition should not to be neglected either. I wish you a lot of success in your attempts to have a baby.

indira says:

Hii sunny
I am pisces and bought a black onynx,which finger should i ware the onyx?

Ian says:

hi there! do you think it has the same benefits with the dyed "onyx".well most of the black onyx in the market i believed are treated. Thanks for your response..

sunnyray says:

Hi Ian
Here's what I think. I think any human intervention leaves a sort of "energy trace" on the crystals and stones. If, for example, someone dyes a stone with the intention of making money by selling it, in addition to affecting the physical properties it also alters the metaphysical properties. Hope this helps.

Ian says:

HI again. thank you for your quick response. Sorry to ask again and really grateful for ur response. How about a black agate/black banded agate? is it onyx? same qualities?..thank you sunnyray.

sunnyray says:

Hi Ian, thanks for your comment. I hope you don't mind my posting your question and answer on our forum, so we can open a separate thread for it.

UV says:

I purchased an Onyx Pyramid.
It is whitish with a streak of brown... was too drawn to it to resist it. please guide me how to cleanse it and what would it be useful to me for, as in what can it do for me.

Owen says:

Hi sunnyray, I am planning to get a black onyx bracelet for myself..I'd like to ask what would you recommend, the matte black onyx type or the smooth glossy type? Another is, will a black onyx bracelet be okay to pair with an amethyst bracelet? thanks in advance for your reply.

sunnyray says:

It's a fine combination. As for the type of onyx, go for the one that appeals to you the most. Thanks, and enjoy your bracelet.

Sati says:

Hi Sunny

Can you please tell me where the best place to place the following Crystals in the home?
Black onyx chip tree
Citrine Druze
Amethyst Druze

Thank you


Nancy says:

I have an onyx ring and a rutilated quartz ring that I wear regularly. How do these stones aid each other in my personal, psychic development and healing? II wear the rutilated quartz on my left ring finger and the onyx ring on my middle right finger.

Shannon says:

Hi I find a onyx and agate crystal rather than it find me what do I do next someone said cleanse it so it outside than I read I can hold it in my hand help beginner

Jatin Pandya says:

Onyx is an excellent stone for releasing negative emotions such as sorrow and grief, and therefore brings good fortune. Onyx is associated with the root chakra, Onyx brings spiritual inspiration and control over emotions.

ehboob says:

I have this stone but feeling a lot warmness after wearing it

CarloManila says:

Hello, i have this black colored bracelet i bought from an old chinese lady in china 10 or 15 years ago...and i dont know if it is Onyx or just black there another way to know? I just wish i can post the picture of my bracelet. Thank you.
- CarloManila

sunnyray says:

I'm afraid it is very hard to tell just by looking at pictures. Better to find someone in your area to check it in person.

Jhon says:

Dont buy black onyx it's bad luck

Robert Howe says:

Earlier this past summer I found a true black onyx in the rough smooth partially buried. Less than 100 yd from the ocean in Marblehead Massachusetts I understand this to be incredibly rare as I will prove this having it authenticated through the gia in New York City beginning next month which will be January of 2022. I welcome any comments or questions about this incredible find that has nothing to do with dyes or heat treatments through labs. Thank you, sincerely Robert howe. PS why it was smooth I would suspect it was tumbled through the ocean a long long time ago.

sunnyray says:

Great find, indeed. Thanks for sharing.

Raul says:

I just obtained a cluster of pink dolomite and can feel its strong energies! In terms of charging this mineral, what do you mean by "rock crystal"?

sunnyray says:

Rock crystal means pure transparent quartz. Regards.

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