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Muladhara chakra - very fundamental facts

Muladhara is the lowest chakra. It is a seat of the kundalini energy, a center of memory, time and space. Muladhara is also the basis of all human knowledge and a center of our basic impulses and instincts - like for instance those for survival and reproduction (sexual urge). Muladhara is red in color, its vehicle is elephant, it has four petals, its element is earth, the organ of movement is anus, its planet is Mercury, its sense organ is smell, and Muladhara's formula is LAM.

Muladhara is located in the base of the spine, in the sacral plexus. It is a focus of desires and passion in the spiritually unawake individuals. This is Muladhara's negative aspect.

For the enlightened individuals it is a positive center of Purity. The Light ray in charge of this energy center is the Fourth Light Ray of Purity. The first chakra is our bond to the physical existence, to the physical reality. When it is balanced, Muladhara helps in linking the spiritual to the physical or vice versa. We are blessed and enjoy our physical existence. When it is not balanced, we are scared of the life itself, we feel as if we were victims of some kind, we withdraw in ourselves and act only in terms of satisfying our egocentricity.

Muladhara is the basis of the chakra system. In Sanskrit mula means basis - and this is the origin of its name. It is connected to the adrenaline glands. It is situated between the anus and the testicles in males, whereas in females it is on the inner side of the lowest vertebra. Muladhara is often a dormant center and functions only in terms of sexual stimulation. It is being activated with sexual engaging. When the kundalini energy is provoked it strives to climb up to the head.

Crystals and muladhara

Crystals connected to this chakra are black and red: black tourmaline as a stone of protection, hematite as an aid in identifying the limits of our privacy, black obsidian which helps in finding the things that restrict our growth on all levels, smoky quartz as the most elevated of the darker crystals and a link that connects the energies of the first and the seventh chakra, dragon eye, which brings security and reliability in the physical reality, garnet which encourages patience, red jasper as a link toward the energy currents of the earth, ruby as an amplifier of the sensual consciousness. The nature of the red color is reflected in the slowest vibrations of the earthly fire, and from the tarot we know that red color enables materialization. Red is a symbol of the power, vitality and physical nature. Red is a warm color that brings heat - this is why these crystals are so much efficient in dealing with circulatory issues (blood).

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