My astrologer has suggested me to wear blue sapphire on the index finger.. I'm confused bcz everywhere I see blue sapphire is for the middle finger.. what's ur opinion on this ?



The questions about the type of gemstone and what finger to wear it on is a complex question. It seems that, at the present level of our understanding, it cannot be answered in full. What is your experience?



This is a question from Nikki:

" Hi there I'm born 29.10.1975 and yesterday was drawn to an amazonite bracelet and also a tigers eye bracelet can I wear the 2 on different days or times or do you think maybe I was drawn to both of them as now I have read up on things my husband is an Aries March 25th born and I think maybe the tigers eye bracelet could be good for him or maybe both of us what are your thoughts please."


Dear Nikki,

I would say that your intuition is the best guide for you in this matter. So, wear your Amazonite and Tiger's eye bracelets as you see fit.


A question from Salmah:

"Can cabochon emerald be worn for astrological purpose or only the clear one?"


Dear Salmah,

We believe they can. It is Vedic astrology that insists on wearing as clear a crystal for astrological purposes as possible. Maybe Vedic astrology is correct in this, but we have had good results with other stones as well. As an aside, you are probably aware that acquiring a perfectly clear emerald would be very very expensive.


This is a question from Abu Fadel:

"Hello Sunny. As everybody I would like to thank you so much for this article but I have a couple maybe silly questions. The first question is, I have looked and looked and looked at diamonds and tried to figure out which diamond is better than the other. How do I tell the difference between good and even better? I read a lot of the Internet and everything is always conflicting. Secondly, unfortunately I am a smoker so how do I use the diamond again to quit smoking and cut down on eating please help. Thanks again "


Dear Abu Fadel,

Thanks for the question. How to distinguish between good and even better diamonds? - that's a question for an expert gemologist. Precisely because buying a great diamond is a very expensive investment.

As for the second part of your question, programming is one of the best ways to use crystals and stones for achieving personal goals. Take a look here:



This is a question/comment from Michelle:

"Hi Sunnyray. I bought my citrine bracelet 3days ago. I do not know if it is 100% natural citrine. The color is pale yellow. Should i wear it everyday. I'm in a business line and wishing to get my goals. How can meditate with it? Thanks a lot. "


Hi Michelle and thanks for the question. It is really hard to tell if a citrine is 100% natural. Some of the citrine stones available on the market are in fact heat treated amethysts. You may wear your citrine every day, if you feel like it. There is nothing that speaks against it. If you want to use it as a tool for achieving certain goals, you should learn how to program it. You can certainly meditate with it. Here is an excerpt of a simple crystal meditation from Olga Rezo's book "The magical world of crystals":

"Take the selected crystal with your both hands and gently focus your attention on it without thinking about anything else. Notice its color, shape, weight, and other properties. Feel the vibration that passes through your hands into your body. Enter the inside of the crystal with your awareness and merge yourself with it. Explore its inner structure and crystal lattice. Finally, you can gaze steadily at a fixed point of the crystal, a technique called Trataka. This Trataka meditation will enable a deeper insight into the nature of your crystal. Let it “talk” to you and reveal its secrets..."


Stephanie posted the following comment on the Onyx web page:

"I just purchased a ring with a purple onyx stone. It's such a beautiful specimen it gradually goes from a midnight purple to a more transparent purple. I've tried to look up what purple onyx specifically does in terms of healing and just general information about it., with no luck of finding much. Do you know much about it? "


Well, first of all, thanks Stephanie for the interesting question. Purple Onyx should have the same general properties of Onyx with the added benefit that its purple shade brings: attracting universal knowledge, spirituality and wisdom; helping cure eye problems and insomnia; stabilizing the mental perception and balancing the Brow Chakra.


A question from MahaDevi:

"I like to drink "Crystal water"every morning. Placing a stone in water with intention over night so it changes the molecular structure of the water to heal the body. I have been sick and not feeling grounded so I thought of seeing hematite and pyrite. But did have some hesitations about if it was safe to drink. How does the water change the hematite?"


Dear MahaDevi,

I am sorry to hear about your being sick. The idea to use crystal water is good, but I have doubts about putting Hematite in water. It is an iron based stone, so it may react with the water molecules. This is not something you would like to have. The alternative is to use some "safe" grounding stones, like for example smokey quartz. Or if you want to use hematite, put it close to the water container on the outside, not inside. I wish you good and blessed healing energies.


A question from huma syed:

"Can I wear green agate, moonstone, and amethyst together. Also it has little topaz... Plz reply.... Also which stone is good to improve complexion and peaceful sleep."


Thanks for the question. The three stones you have mentioned are all "quartz based". Therefore, you can safely wear them together. In addition, Amethyst is one of the best stones that brings a peaceful sleep.


This is a beautiful comment from Marquella about the effects of garnet's energy:

"I have just started to use crystals for about a month and I've noticed that I have had lots of great things happening to me. One of my favourite stones are garnets.

The intense red really captivates me, and I find that when I wear them, it brings out a very proud feminine aura in me, even though they are very passive.

The first day I wore it I noticed a change in my love life where my partner was very much more affectionate with me. I find that my body is very crystalline and reacts quite quickly to crystals. I am definitely buying more red garnets in future."


This is a question from aicela:

"Hi .. I have been looking for a protective stone because I am feed up of spirits from departed loved ones and neighbors. They appear and speak to me in dreams. Others harm me while others befriend me.

Pls find time to answer my query. What will be the right protective stone to buy."


Dear aicela,

Some of the best protection stones include black obsidian, hematite, black onyx, black kyanite, elestial crystals, jet, black tourmaline and smoky quartz. I would suggest to charge and program your protective stones with the intention of protection and calm sleep. With love and light,


This is a question from Ian: "How about a black agate/black banded agate? is it onyx? same qualities?..thank you"


Here is the deal.

Agate and onyx are similar because they are both quartz stones, and they are both from the chalcedony family.

Both agate and onyx can have bands. Agate is considered the banded variety of chalcedony. It has circular bands, whereas the bands found on onyx are more or less straight and parallel.

Now, black onyx usually is not uniform in color. It has white areas which are treated to make it black. Black agate is also dyed and often sold as black onyx.


This is a question from Rhonda:

Hi, I am new to this, but I am fascinated. I am having a problem with my research as different website say different stones/crystals for my situation. I did order a red Garnet ring. I have kidney disease, anxiety, HBP, needs protection on negative energies. Do I also buy more stones, if so what would go together with my Amber? Hope this isn't too long. Oh, I'm a Gemini too. Thank you


Dear Rhonda, I'm sorry to hear about your health issues and I hope you'll manage to solve them soon. Usually different people have different opinions about stones and how they work. That's fine, because we are all different individuals attracted to different stones at different times. Listen to your heart when it comes to choosing and using them, that's the best advice I can give you. If you need protection, usually the darker ones will do a better job, like black tourmaline. Thanks and best wishes.


This is a question from anon:

Is Dragon's Eye another name for the Bull's Eye stone, or are they two different stones?


Yes, they both seem to be the same stone.

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