Amethyst is a very well known semiprecious stone, and one of the most beautiful stones out there. With its deep violet color, Amethyst is easily distinguishable from all the other stones. It is very hard to mistake it for any other stone or gemstone.

However, you might start to ask yourself about the other colors similar to Amethyst's purple color. For example, what about Pink Amethyst? Let's see...

By definition, Amethyst is a stone of purple color, a variation of Quartz. It's virtually the same structure as Quartz, but the crystal is purple, not colorless.

And therefore, as per definition, we shouldn't even talk about colors other than purple when we talk about Amethyst.

However, in real life, we often do. For example, maybe you've heard about Prasiolite, also called Green Amethyst. Even though Prasiolite is a well established name for this Greened Quartz, people use the alternative expression: Green Amethyst.

pink amethyst tumbled

It's far less complicated and easy to remember.

There is natural Prasiolite (pretty rare), but the majority of Prasiolite on the market (regrettably) is lab synthesized Amethyst crystals whose color has been turned green artificially. Hence, greened Amethyst.

Finally, some Amethyst specimens have a touch of (natural) lavender or lilac color. Those are then what we usually refer to as Pink Amethysts.

Amethyst of Pale Color

The pale tones of Amethyst have recently gained increased popularity. For example, pale green and pale pink. Delicate colors seem to be in. The nuances of Prasiolite can be very delicate, and even some celebrities have been drawn to them.

Now, Pink Amethyst cannot match the popularity of its cousin Green Amethyst. Nonetheless, there are people who prefer having a pink colored gem over green or any other color of the spectrum. So, pale pink is also very fashionable.

The color of pink amethyst should not be confused with the pink color of rose quartz, for example. They are entirely different animals, and easily distinguishable too.

Metaphysical Properties

We know about the metaphysical properties of ordinary Amethyst. The question is what metaphysical connotations the pink color bring about?

Amethyst is great if you want to get rid of some addictions, or if you need to work on your spiritual development. Meditation, balance, transformation of consciousness, harmony, and peace are the keywords of Amethyst.

Deep purple Amethyst stones are my favorite. They simply shine with spirituality and I use them when I want to adopt new metaphysical and spiritual models. They help me increase my intuition and install peace, understanding and crystal clear thoughts.

pink amethyst ring

Now the pink color it the color of the heart. Everything that has to do with love, soothing feelings, and kindness. Pink together with green are the colors of the heart chakra.

So the pink color brings some enhanced energy of love to Amethyst. Or when you need to add some comfort and soothing to the attributes of Amethyst. Also when you want to use Amethyst in crystal healing for addictions - adding pink Amethyst can help in breaking the old habits in a not so radical way.

I love to sleep with my favorite Amethyst under the pillow. But sometimes I switch it for Rose Quartz. Amethyst helps me improve the chances of lucid dreaming. I've also noticed that it helps me to recall the dream after waking up in the morning. Rose quartz is great when I want to achieve emotional balance. It supports the universal energy of love.

But what if I wanted to have both? I can use Amethyst and Rose quartz together, which is a great combination. The alternative seems to be Pink Amethyst. It keeps the original energy of Amethyst that influences the spirit and the mind and combines it with the energy of love.

If you are drawn to pink amethyst there has to be something within you energy field that resonates with its unique vibration. Try to find a natural stone that hasn't been created or modified in laboratory. Properly cleanse the stone to make sure its original vibrational pattern is restored.


Pink Amethyst has a unique combination of color, transparency, and beauty. Its lavender nuances bring peace, harmony and emotional balance. They extend the usability of ordinary Amethyst, in that Amethyst touches on the qualities of Rose Quartz. Sure, you can wear Purple Amethyst and Rose Quartz together, but Pink Amethyst has it all sublimed in just one piece of beautiful crystal.


Ahiko says:

I have amethyst jewelry but have not been as fond of them as pink amethyst. I want to buy a pink amethyst but I will feel bad to not use the purple amethyst if I get a pink amethyst. Is there something we can do for gemstones we are not connecting with?

sunnyray says:

Feel free to use pink amethyst if you are attracted to it. You don't have to discard your purple amethyst just because you feel no connection with it at a present time. Things may change, you may change, your energy field may change, and it could happen that your pink crystal will be useful in the future.

Tonya says:

How does amethyst get its pink color?

sunnyray says:

Hi Tonya. Hard to tell. I don't think anyone knows that for sure.

Stacey says:

Tonya, Traditional amethyst crystals are purple in color due to trace amounts of aluminum and iron, whereas pink amethyst gets it's color from trace amounts of hematite.

Jodi C says:

“Now you may be thinking, isn’t this Rose Quartz? According to the mine owner and founder of Pink Amethyst, a chemical analysis was performed on this crystal and they have found that, “The crystals are purplish pink amethystine quartz, additionally colored by microscopic hematite particles. They are not rose quartz as classically defined. Numerous micro-inclusions of calcium sulphate also occur in the interior of the quartz crystals.” “

I couldn’t tell when this was written, but maybe should be updated? I had read this article and after using pink amethyst for a short time (I could feel a completely different energy than just amethyst plus love almost immediately) it was obvious to me that I needed to do more research. The combination with hematite made so much sense with what I was feeling with Pink Amethyst, which is truly an amazing stone.

sunnyray says:

Thanks, Jodi.

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