Note: Crystals cannot be an alternative for medical attention nor can they be a substitute.

Fuchsite provokes the joy of the inner child in us, reminding us that the youthful vitality originates in the correct and faultless attitude of our heart and mind. Helping during the times of recovery of our organism, fuchsite focuses its action on the immune system. It is a stone of protection, and leads our health into improvement and our material situation into abundance.

Its color is emerald greed. With small crystal pieces a beautiful color variation of dark green color and exquisite shine can be found. This unique green color is considered to be due to small amounts of chromium within the structure. In fact, it comes from the presence of trivalent chromium. Chromium substitutes for aluminum. When the concentration of chromium is small we get the light green variety. With the increase of chromium content, the green shades become stronger and deeper. More often fuchsite is found opaque and exhibiting waxy glow.

Fuchsite can be found in notable deposits in Brazil, India, Zimbabwe, Ural - Russia and in the Alps.

fuchsite stone of the gardener Fuchsite is a variety of muscovite in whose structure there is calcium Ca, aluminum Al, silicon Si, chromium Cr, and fluorine F.

This stone has a relatively low hardness, around 3 on the Mohs scale. This fact, along with the scarcity of specimens of good purity make its use as a gem material questionable. Still, it can be used as cabochon material when ruby is embedded in its matrix.

As part of the muscovite family, fuchsite possesses the attributes of creativity, inspiration, intuition, the ability to assist in solving problems, and the art of taking the right attitude in all situations. As a crystal of the heart chakra, it connects the intellect of the mind to the love of the heart. Fuchsite is capable of accessing knowledge with great practical importance. It helps in understanding as to what our interaction with others looks like, and how the basic existential needs can be solved. It makes us aware of our environment and stress resistant.

Fuchsite is a stone to be used in our garden as it is closely related to the kingdoms of the Devas and the Spirits of nature. As such, it is a kind of elixir that helps the growth of the plants and also it directs us to be able to better understand the needs of the plant kingdom. In view of the above it is no surprise that fuchsite has been used to channel information about herbal medicine and preparing holistic remedies.

If one uses it for self-healing, fuchsite can work in combination with other crystals and increase their energy, thus speeding up the healing process. Fuchsite brings resolution to the problem of insomnia, soothes emotional shock, develops sense of humor, expands self-respect and strengthens the resistivity of the organism. It can also help if there is an excess of energy in the body.

Fuchsite soothes inflammation, and helps remove harmful and poisonous substances from our body. It is quite efficient with sun burns and in cases of extended Sun exposure, or exposure to harmful radiation. Fuchsite helps with skin problems, such as allergy, rash, and itching. It aligns the spinal cord, enabling greater flexibility of the body.

In self-healing, it helps if applied directly to the skin, but it can also be carried along in a bag.

Fuchsite can be discharged over night together with hematite. Once a month it can be charged alongside rock crystal.

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