Rock crystal information

Note: Crystals cannot be an alternative for medical attention nor can they be a substitute.

Rock crystal is one of the most powerful healing stones which can be applied to a broad scope of metaphysical problems. It is very suitable for healing wounds that originate in the past, like for example those impressed in a troublesome childhood. Rock crystal helps with improving self-respect. It increases energy in general, and in particular the energy of all the other crystals. This wonderful crystal also possesses the ability of accommodating and incorporating the other crystals’ energy. Therefore, at least in principle, it can replace any other stone. Rock crystal is quite like a diamond in every respect, except maybe in its pure material value.

Rock crystals are transparent and have glassy appearance. Their color can vary from milky white to colorless.

rock crystal point

This article is about the meanings and properties of Rock crystal quartz, which is the clean Quartz variety. For the meanings associated with the other colored varieties of Quartz (amethyst, rose quartz, smoky quartz, citrine, and others), please check the appropriate web page on this website.

Notable occurrences are all around the world, especially in Madagascar, Brazil, Morocco, the Alps, India, Australia, Russia, Czech Republic, and Hungary.

Rock crystal is one of the most abundant mineral in the lithosphere of our planet. It is often referred as quartz, rocky quartz, or quartz crystal. You can read more about the physical properties of quartz here.

Rock crystal shapes

Rock crystal can have many different shapes; it can be short or lengthy, terminated on one or on both sides, it can be a member of an extended cluster formation. It can have different inclusions throughout its bulky structure, like bubbles, wedges, phantoms, keys, eyes, bridges, etc. It can be faceted very differently in all crystal shapes and forms. Sometimes, Rock crystal can be found as Druzy Quartz.

This universal crystal is a power stone, capable of cleansing, balancing, and energizing many other types of stones. Rock crystal has been used for astral travel, channeling, inducing lucid dreaming and dream recall.

Rock crystal spirituality

There is no crystal whose features can be more closely connected to the spiritual worlds than quartz. This is due to its readiness and ease of programming for energy manipulations and energy mastering, communication and protection. Quartz is an excellent energy manager, capable of giving and receiving energy in different form and on different levels. Moreover, it can accept, store and transform energy. Not only can the stored energy be preserved for latter use, but also it can be additionally transmuted into any suitable form. Quartz can remove the unwanted vibrations and center one’s own energy.

Quartz purifies the aura and symbolizes a special kind of wellbeing for the whole microcosm. It can also be used for charging drinking and gardening water. It enables communication with the higher planes and dimensions of existence that are beyond the visible world. Quartz amplifies the frequencies of thoughts and feelings and can elevate the human awareness significantly. There is hardly anything you cannot do with rock crystals.

To recapitulate, quartz can amplify, focus, store, transform and energize. It is a perfect crystal for focusing affirmations and prayers. It can stimulate psychic perception. It is capable of adapting to the level and speed of each individual. Rock crystal is excellent for all chakras, for working with all symbols and all astrological signs. If we had to choose one particular energy center for this crystal, it would be the crown chakra, Sahasrara.

Rock crystal healing

This stone brings back lost memories, solves problems, dispels negativities and rediscovers our abilities that have been unjustifiable considered lost. It intensifies prayers, and positive visualization. It keeps us in close contact to the spiritual side of our personality and reminds us that our true nature is purely Spiritual One, although incorporated in human form of existence. Each and every spiritual quest can be stimulated and amplified by using the energy of rock crystal.

One of the most prominent stones for information storage is quartz. This powerful transparent crystal opens the seventh – crown charka and thus it is very good for meditation and guidance.

It stimulates the natural crystal formation in the body tissue and in the corporal fluids and makes them resonate on new healing frequencies. It is compatible with all chakras and main glands in the human microcosm. Quartz encourages emotional clarity and purity of the heart, spiritual insights, enlightenment, peace and calm.

Rock crystal is exquisite healer. On the level of physical healing, rock crystal can provide increased energy, and reduce fever. It can be used to stimulate the immune system and prevent serious diseases. Quartz excellently cleans the blood vessels, eases heart functioning, prevents infarct, brings oxygen into the brain, stabilizes blood pressure. We should mention that this healing crystal, as any other metaphysical healing crystal for that matter, is just an auxiliary means of help and not a substitute for qualified medical assistance. In meditation, it strengthens the energy field if used together with hematite for grounding purposes.

rock crystal pendant

How to program rock crystals

In order for the rock crystal to be perfect at work, it should be programmed thoroughly and precisely.

  • Define everything in advance and write it down.
  • Love your quartz crystal; put it on your heart, then on the area of the third eye. Prior to programming, relax yourself, breath consciously, rhythmically and in a balanced way.
  • There will come a moment when you will feel that you are ready. During the exhaling, imagine how your desire enters the crystal. See the crystal surrounded by Divine light.
  • Stay deeply moved for a moment. The crystal has received the program that you have intended for it – the very program it is supposed to send back to you.

Rock crystal can be cleaned under the stream of water for 2-5 minutes. If the rock crystal possesses a termination on one of its sides, point this tip downwards. It you have just purchased your crystal, firstly put it in sea water for 24 hours and only afterwards use lukewarm streaming water as described above. Rock crystal is charged if exposed to Sun light for one or two hours.

For deep body cleansing, you should use the most transparent piece of rock crystal you can find, previously charged in the early morning or late evening Sun.

Placed on the sixth ajna chakra it brings insight as to how your blockages have been created and how to safely bring them to the surface.

Elixirs serve for quick restoring of vitality and body strength.


joe says:

how to determine which could have healing powers. find this all the time in one certain place thank you excellent site

sunny says:

Hi joe,
Indeed, all natural crystals have healing powers. It is not always easy to assign certain crystals to specific health conditions, but if the crystal is not man-made we can say with certainty that it possesses healing powers.

heather earp says:

I have just got a quartz heart pendent and have felt uplifted

sunny says:

That's really great, Heather. Rock crystal - Quartz is a magnificent stone indeed.

Kristina says:

Thanks, great to read such an informative article, only I thought it should be charged in the moon light...

sunny says:

Hi Kristina,
You can use moonlight as well. The type of energy you want to put inside your crystal should be chosen according to the intended (later) use of the crystal.

billie harris says:

How many stone are there?

sunny says:

Hi Billie,
There are more than 4000 distinct mineral species, but scientists constantly discover new minerals. Of course, when we talk about stones, the number is even larger, as many stones are composite materials made up of several different minerals.

beej says:

Where can I find zeolite crystal rock?

sunny says:

Hi beej,
There are many different types of Zeolite, as they form a huge family of minerals. If possible, the best way to purchase them is to go to a specialized crystals and minerals store and choose them in person.

Mary says:


I have always been drawn to Amethyst and Rose Quartz and in fact my favorite colours are purple and pink...these combined with a butterfly I find very calming and soothing. I did not understand why until now.

What I am confused about is what is exactly is Rock Crystal. Is it an actual stone/crystal or is it a name?

sunnyray says:

Hi Mary,

Rock crystal is an actual crystal. In fact, it is the main representative of the class of crystals that includes Amethyst, Citrine, Smokey Quartz and Rose Quartz. The main difference between Rock crystal and the other members of this class is in the color - Rock crystal is colorless whereas all the others have a distinctive color which originates from impurity atoms of various type embedded into the crystal matrix of Rock Crystal. So, in a sense, Amethyst and Rose Quartz are colored Rock Crystals.

James says:

I Have over 300 rock crystal for sale contact me ...

sunnyray says:

Hi James,
It could help if you sent us the photos of some of your Rock crystals and your contact info you would like to make public. In that case we could put the photos on the sunnyray website, so that people who are interested may contact you.

Kathryn says:

Hi, I just got my first Clear Quartz, is this the same as rock crystal?

sunnyray says:

Hi Kathryn
Yes it is. Both are the same type of stone.

Dominic Ngobi says:

Well I found some & I want to send you the photos, so that they can buy them.

sunnyray says:

Hi Dominic

You are welcome to do so.

ola moufid says:

If a stone is broken is it ok to glue it. Thank you.

sunnyray says:

Thank you Ola, for your question. You may want to take a look at this post where a similar question has been answered.

Bernardine Johnson says:

Hi, I have a question about three gems ( crystals ). I was wearing an amethyst, ruby, and blood onyx. All of them were rings worn on my right hand. I became very upset with what someone said and the stones changed colors. The amethyst turned black, the blood onyx turn red and the ruby turned fire blue as if a gas fire would look. Have you ever heard of this happening ?

sunnyray says:

Hi Bernardine

Yes I have. I have heard of similar experiences of gems changing color as a result of their interaction with humans. When you eliminate the possible physical reasons, what remains as an explanation is the metaphysical interaction. Thanks for sharing. P.S. Did the stones changed back to their original color afterwards?

preity says:

Hi Sunny

Long time back, I went to a feng-shui shop, and felt strongly attracted to a stone, it was a Rock crystal - pyramid shape.. The morning I bought it while going to work, and then while coming back home, I put it near to the place I sleep. At that night, I saw a weird but kinda beautiful dream in which I met someone, an old friend….he promised me to take new places given that I cared him with tenderness.. well, since I am a deeply spiritual person, so, that was enough to get me acquainted with my crystal. Next day, first thing I did, I put it direct under sunlight. I literally felt it take deep breaths of pure sun rays.It even gave me a name to call it "Philos" since that moment, me and my Philos have been fast friends ¦ I knew that crystals are beings that speak, but I have experienced it. It sometimes even demands to be kept at specific places Isn't it wonderful? Preity

sunnyray says:

Indeed, your experience is truly wonderful. Thanks for sharing, Preity.

Bec says:

Will your stone not work if you don't put it in sea water for 24hrs after purchase?

sunnyray says:

Of course it will work. You just have to cleanse it somehow. Instead of sea water, you might want to use running water, or incense smudging for a couple of minutes. Always cleanse your stones after purchase. That step is very important.

Eloise says:

Hello, I own a very old rock crystal which is cut in a long crystal shape, I'm not sure what the fastening is called but it's a small band of silver wrapped around the top with a loop you put the chain through. I wear it constantly but if I wear it for too long I get a bumpy rash on my chest, I don't have any known allergies and can't think of the cause, is it the silver? Or could it be because I don't do anything to my crystal? Thank you in advance.

sunnyray says:

Hi Eloise. My first guess is that the metal is the problem. In some rare cases, however, it could be the stone. Is there a way to separate the two, so you can test it for yourself?

Angad says:

Sunny, I have rough rock crystals and I want to sell, how can I do that?

sunnyray says:

Hi Angad
Maybe you can try on ebay? We don't sell crystals, so I wouldn't know for sure.

Are we rockin.? says:

OK so I have this friend who I thought was loosing his mind over a rock. But over time he has showed me things that I would never believe otherwise if I didn't see it with my own eyes.the rock will fit in the palm of your hand and I have seen him balance a half glass of water at a 90 degree angle on this rock among many other challeges ive maDE hIm pUT it through. I've seen this rock release smoke or steam, he even sat it on my big toe and it turned the same shade as my polish. I can't even deny the fact that this rock is alive anymore. It's crazy many of you won't believe I wouldnt.

tsegaye berhie says:

I have Quarth.

Busi says:

Hi Sunny
How would I know if it's a real rock crystal or which specific shops we must visit?

nathan says:

I have a rock crystal too. It was the first rock I ever had

sunnyray says:

Hi nathan, thanks for your comment. Yes, rock crystal is usually among the first stones people work with. It is the most universal crystal of all.

Nelson says:

plz is an informative article I have this stone please were can I sell it am in Nigeria and my phone now is +2348065616479 thanks expecting a call from you

suresh kumar says:

I have a rock crystal quartz mines

Semhando says:

Me born 6/April /1970 time 14.27pm place manyoni Tanzania so we can wear Rock crystal says:

Lovely photos and post as usual! I typically use corresponding candle colors and whatever crystals I have that I feel are in alignment with my current spellwork.

anon says:

jaw " bone " shaped like 5" piece of jaw , constructed of 1000's of " matchstick " size crystals fused together .( tooth ) is the same material .tooth looks like it was ( mounted )in the jaw. All material is small matchstick pieces. Tooth has small ( tiny ) rocks used for grinding food

Dia says:

Hi, I’ve just started this new hobby of creating bracelets out of gemstones and so I also started to inform myself of all the healing powers these stones have. I have amethyst beads and was wondering, since amethyst is also a quartz, should I still get the clear quartz rock for its metaphysical powers, or the amethyst would do it? Or maybe they, being different colors, have different properties?

sunnyray says:

Hi Dia. Yes, it is generally accepted that they have different properties due to their different colors and other subtle differences.

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