Crystals and semi-precious stones have always been around us. Long before our appearance on planet Earth they have been present there, helping its development. For eons have the crystals been absorbing the omnipresent Cosmic love, amplifying it, and spreading their steady energy vibrations all around them. They have been outpouring their love and spirituality into the world. Crystals have helped Immaculata - the Great Mother of planet Earth - to maintain in Her heart the exquisite and pure image of the future Earth. We people have always had a place in Her heart too. The crystals have been gleaming, transmitting the Sun's light, love, and warmth, and along with it, their structural stability. Everything has been diligently prepared and when the time had come we people have also happened.

In the glow of dawn of the human civilization, crystals have been warming up our hearts, unmistakably transferring the message of love from Our Father - the Creator of the heaven and earth. God created crystals to be of assistance to the world and to remind people of the original ineradicable design impressed in the hearth of the Great Mother.

To the first man, as well as to the present one, it could not have been difficult to spot the gorgeous bright crystal gleam - the color blazes of precious and semi-precious stones. Today people trade crystals, and measure their value with money and gold. But crystals are our friends that can help us live. They are our teachers and healers. Crystals can be a decoration and they can be a token of power, passion or mania, all depending on the hand that holds them. Time and again crystals send us love - pure and constant - and at the same leisurely pace crystals exhilarate our heart. What is left is just to become aware and introduce in our reality this magical, shining, healing world of crystals.

Minerals, precious and semi-precious stones have always been fascinating man, primarily due to the visual attraction, exquisite purity, dance of colors and transparency. As seen from the point of view of the spiritual science, the mineral kingdom belongs to the basic level of evolution of consciousness, in spite of the fact that by the parameters of nowadays science crystal are not classified as living entities, the latter category being only reserved for the plant, animal and human kingdoms.

The fact that minerals are capable of interacting with light is a consequence of their specific composition. Crystals (minerals) have atoms of various kinds as part of their structure. They are most commonly characterized by their chemical composition that gives us information about the number of certain type of atoms versus the number of other types of atoms in the structure. For example, rock crystal, one of the prevailing minerals on Earth, belongs to the silica family. Its chemical formula is SiO2, meaning that there are twice as many atoms of oxygen than atoms of silicon.

Apart from the chemical formula, we can obtain additional information by inspecting the mutual spatial distribution of atoms. In our example, oxygen and silicon are distributed as to form a network of tetrahedra. In order for the mineral structure to be stable each of these atoms has to donate a certain number of electrons to the newly formed community - the electrons serving as glue to keep the crystal together.

The electrons, on the other hand, are the most important structural entities in the crystal or mineral because they are able to build intimate relationship with light. This relationship is seen in the process of absorbing light of certain energy whereby the electrons increase their energy, and emitting the absorbed light lowering their energy. Also, light can be reflected, diffused, or refracted by the crystal as a whole, or by the crystal planes.

Crystals possess various vibrations. They are capable of accumulating energy in accordance with their inherent nature, of increasing it and casting it back to us and our environment through resonance and vibration. Their help can be invaluable provided that we are their friends, if we love them and anticipate their energy. Once we have learnt to communicate with crystals they are going to reveal to us much more - their hidden virtues and qualities.

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