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Crystals » Citrine
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Citrine - Its Meaning and Properties

Note: Crystals cannot be an alternative for medical attention nor can they be a substitute.

Citrine is a crystal so beneficial and full of positive features and vibrations that every person even slightly interested in minerals and stones should have in their collection. Not only will you be satisfied with its gentle look and tender color, but it will assist you in reaching your goals, and achieving abundance in your life. It is said that citrine brings happiness and optimistic feelings. No need to go into details explaining this --- just take one of these shining crystals and see it for yourself what the impact of its ennobled color is.

Citrine will help you establish a link with the Spiritual spheres of your life. It is a symbol of hope, youth, health, and faithfulness.

The Color of Citrine

The color of this stone is transparent to opaque yellow and golden brown; it is a shining glass-like stone. In its physical characteristics, citrine is nothing more than a variation of rock crystal wherein we find are some iron impurities that are responsible for the unique coloration. There are gem quality citrine crystals, with superior characteristics in terms of transparency and intense perfect color. In such cases, citrine gemstone is practically impossible to distinguish from topaz of the same color, unless one checks the hardness, of course. Earth mined citrines are of very light colored yellow to golden. If the stone possesses a reddish shade, most likely it will be a thermally treated amethyst.

tumbled citrine stones The yellow color of citrine is sometimes connected with the ability to perform logical thinking and intellectual work. Often this mineral is considered to be among the few crystals that need no special cleansing or purification, owing to its inability of accumulating negative energies. Moreover, citrine is thought to be able to transform all the negativities into positive vibrations and environmental irradiation.

Origin and Occurrences

The name citrine is believed to originate from the French word for lemon - obviously due to the similarity in their color. The most abundant source of natural citrines is Brazil, but also USA, Madagascar, and Russia have some supplies. Generally, it is a rare stone.

The Metaphysics of Citrine Crystals

In the metaphysical literature, the meaning and spiritual significance of this crystal is connected to the third, Solar Plexus Chakra. Obviously, this pairing has been done on account of the optical properties, as yellow and golden stones (such as, for instance, amber, yellow (imperial) topaz, yellow calcite, tigers eye, yellow jasper) are attributed to the Manipura chakra. When talking about this energy center, the effect of citrine will be seen in your increased self respect, proper expression of personal powers, and in your ability to attract abundance. These concepts are interlinked. Your improved self-respect will make you capable of using your powers in a reasonable and correct way. On the other hand, your ability to use your powers properly, will bring you to prosperity and abundance, and this not only in the material spheres. Your creativity will rise.

citrine necklace If your third energy center is thrown out of balance, various missuses on the level of the will are possible, such as greed and manipulation. Citrine can help in the balancing of this chakra, as well as in establishing a relation between the seventh and third energy centers, which in turn promotes a feeling of unity with the whole creation. Due to the fact that the golden color is related to the Sun, citrine stones are excellent in this process of harmonization.

If you are a wealthy person, you are in danger of becoming greedy and overly attached to material things. To prevent this, wear citrine in form of citrine jewelry. This stone will help you energize yourself; it will promote heat, comfort and energy. It will help in ordinary things of everyday life. It will open your mind to new thoughts, and increase your self esteem.

If you are not so wealthy, this stone will help you in getting wealth, prosperity and business success. It will teach you how to get rich and it will offer support and wisdom to make the right moves in your career enterprises.

Healing Properties of Citrine

Citrine is thought to balance digestion and some other eating disorders, as well as help with allergies and diabetes. It purifies the spleen, liver, and pancreas. It is believed that along with carnelian it might help with kidney and urinary problems, blood circulation and detoxification. It is a powerful stone for strengthening the immune system and generally the whole metabolism.

On the emotional level, it heals emotional wounds, promotes good will and nice moods. It prevents nightmares and sleep disturbances. On the spiritual level, citrine will teach us that the best way to insure success is to do things for other people as well. The Universe will recognize your responsibility in dealing with financial matters and resources and, naturally, more and more energy in form of money will flow towards you.

Where to Display Citrine?

In Feng Shui, it is recommended to keep most of the citrine stones in the wealth corner of your house. It is usually the far left corner from the main entrance door of your house. They will make a nice decoration to your home, as they will blend nicely and will be a center of constant soothing energies directed toward the other objects of your interior. Larger crystals always make the best impression, however, the smaller ones also look nice if tastefully displayed.

In conclusion, citrine is a powerful cleansing tool. It carries within the power of the Sun, and as such, it is very creative. It will disperse and ground all negative energies and cleanse all your chakras. It purifies your astral and mental body. If you have problems turning your thoughts into words and emotional expression put on a piece of nice citrine jewelry. This stone will reduce your anger and diminish your fear of responsibility.


Deborah Stein says:

I bought some celestine at Mt. Ida Arkansas. I also did some crystal digging near Hot Springs, Arkansas at te Coleman mines, brought home quite a few milky opaque crystals, two points, some baby clears ones. They recommended I used oxalic acid water to clean them, which I did. I think it may have harmed the celestine though, not sure. The base of it was porous, so think that's why some tiny pieces broke off. If so, anything I can do?

sunnyray says:

Hi Deborah,
Oxalic acid is usually used to clean hard and durable minerals like quartz, beryl or spinel. Even when used on them, one should be careful when cleansing clusters, twin crystals of intergrown crystals, as they might separate from each other (due to the dissolving of the matrix). The hardness of celestine is very low (3-3.5 on Mohs scale), so I guess oxalic acid and similar strong cleaning liquids should be kept away from this mineral. I really cannot think of an elegant way to repair the damage, though.

Mary says:

Very good and informative information! I am new to all these gemstones and this website has helped me alot. Thank- you!

sunnyray says:

Hi Mary,
Thanks for the kind words, and I wish you a lot of pleasant moments exploring the exciting world of crystals and gemstones.

Isis says:

If I carry the citrine in my pocket will it help me to improve my finances? How can I meditate to the citrine that I need help in my finances?

sunnyray says:

The key is in your increased emotional desire to improve your finances. While meditating with your citrine stone, try visualizing yourself as a financially independent and truly fulfilled and happy person.

Major Pratap Singh says:

Hi !

I am lucky to have a citrine geode in my home. How to work with it so that I increase my wealth please. Kindly advise.



sunnyray says:

Obviously having a citrine at our homes will not be enough if we just passively wait for something to happen. However, the energy of citrine will provide a sort of background support for our daily actions in this direction. According to the art of Feng shui, the citrine stone should be placed in the wealth corner of your home (see the text above).

Jeff says:

I want to know that in order to determine the left side of one's house, one has to take the direction while entering the house or otherwise , please make it clear. However, the information for a new gemstone collectors like me is very useful and educating.

sunnyray says:

Hi Jeff,
Your first guess is correct, you will determine the left side while entering the house. And, welcome to the exciting world of gemstones and crystals!

Haroon says:

Hi there,

Should I wear citrine ring in gold or silver? Or wear it aroud necklace?

Selina says:

Hi, how do you know if you have a natural citrine vs one that is heat treated? I heard the ones that are a cognac color are.. I want an all natural citrine so maybe go with the paler yellow colors just to be safe? Thank you!

sunnyray says:

@Haroon: It depends on your priorities. Otherwise, you could use either metal.

@Selina: Yes, you are right. The deep orange or reddish colors could indicate a heat treated citrine. However, I don't think you can be 100% sure just by taking the citrine's color into account. In any case, the natural citrines should be of less intense yellow color.

Katie says:

The farthest left or far left, which one? The farthest left would be my washroom. The far left would be in the living room just as you open the door to step inside my house. What can I place the crystal in? Also how can I cleanse black tourmaline, and where should I place it, and does it need to be in anything?

sunnyray says:

Dear Katie,
Skip the washroom. The living room would be the right choice, just go to the far left corner there. I would display the crystal in the open. In general, crystals need not be covered or be in anything, unless, of course, they belong to the rare few that require special attention.

judy says:

I bought citrine in a shop for all sorts of gemstones... the next day a bought scratch crosswords from Lotto.. I won 2x small price but I was surprised. The staff in this shop gave a small piece of citrine as a gift.... But I have my own citrine necklace...and Black tourmaline gemstone...

Muhammad Asif Arain says:

Citrine stone pure natural 100% pale yellow, while checking the stone at shop I noticed clouds in citrine as I place the stone on my palms?. Does it need cleansing of negativity? CAN I wear rhodolite garnet with citrine my gemologist says they both are minerals and can be wore together?

sunnyray says:

Dear Muhammad
You can wear them both. As for the clouds in citrine, almost all natural crystals have various imprerfections, including clouds. So, nothing to worry about them. That is not to say that you shouldn't cleanse your stones and crystals on a regular basis.

John says:

Which citrine is more powerful the rough/raw or the shine tumbled one. I have both kind of citrine, my citrine raw is clear.

sunnyray says:

Whenever I can choose, I always prefer the raw crystals and stones over the tubled ones. Provided, of course, that both are of similar quality.

Jen says:

I bought a citrine crystal. When I got home I put it on my lap, it was in a bag, and forgot it was there. I stood up and it shattered. I found pieces all over my room. I have been fighting with my boyfriend everyday since. Is it irony or did I cause some communication problems between us??

sunnyray says:

Dear Jen,

It might have caused an immediate indisposition. However, the event is long gone now and it should have nothing to do with your communication problems. I hope you will resolve any problem that you might still have and find a way for the crystals to work in your favor.

Michael Goh says:

Hi Sunny,

just wondering if you know why citrine changes colour to clear colour after wearing it for two days ? Can I still wear it ? It was golden yellow when I bought it...

sunnyray says:

Hi Michael,

The only thing I can think of is its sensitivity to heat. It is known that citrine's color might fade into a lighter nuance if heated. I don't know, however, if the body heat can trigger that. In any case, yes, you can still wear it. If it was turned into a totally transparent crystal, then you would have a clear Rock crystal instead.

Mimi says:

I just purchases the citrine stone and bracelet, should I place the beads in my wallet or handbag? I need advice on the best way to use the citrine stone in these two situations. I want to attract more money to myself. First one, I am looking to negotiate a settlement I need to know how best use the stones to get what I want.

Second, I am working on transitioning to a career in insurance and financial services, watch is more sales related. I will be helping people plan for uncertain times, prepare for retirement, college savings, and a lot other areas in financial planning. I want to attract my ideal clients, events, meeting my sales goal every month, and monthly forecast. I want to attract money, good health, success, positive people, things, and events that will allow me to open my own office within 18 to 24 months. Most of all I want to help people learn about their finances to help them prepare for better financial future. I need to finish passing my exams, I have finish two And have three left.

sunnyray says:

Hi Mimi
Thanks for your comment. It is best to place your citrine stones in a separate handbag. In order to make the crystals work for you, you should do crystal charging and proper crystal programing. That involves visualization and meditation with your crystals as well as consious projecting of your intended goals into the crystals. More details you can find here, on the sunnyray website. I wish you all the best.

Queen of Vees says:

Wow, this is a wonderful website, I got a lot of good information and questions answered. I am new to the power of stones and is also learning, thanks so much for this site.

sunnyray says:

Thanks for dropping by, Queen. I whish you a lot of fun in exploring the world of crystals and stones.

Cestmoi says:

Hi, I hv been told that my wealth corner is in my common toilet. Would you advise that I leave a yellow calcite ball in the toilet?

sunnyray says:

No I wouldn't. You should find the wealth corner of your living room or bedroom and put your citrine ball there.

Aya says:

I was born earth rooster so the fungshui says it's my lucky gemstone. I'm wearing citrine necklace and jade ring. It s not bad to used both of this crystals?

sunnyray says:

It should be fine, Aya. Thanks for the comment.

Karan says:

Hi, I wear yellow sapphire. I believe it is natural as the jeweller gave me a original certificate. But it has inclusion in it, like white feathers, which denotes it is natural. But on the some site they say that milky yellow sapphire is not good for health. Does they mean milky caused by dirt, or the white feather inside?? Thank you.

sunnyray says:

Hi Karan
It is difficult to say anything without first seeing the stone. I wouldn't worry too much about the inclusions though. All natural stones have inclusions. I know that Vedic astrology insists on having as pure a crystal as one can get, but I believe that it will be beneficial even with its inclusions.

Dilu says:

Hi sunnyray
I don't like to wear rings, bracelets etc. Can I just keep the cut and polished citrine in my pocket?? I have always experience some sort of blockage, or my work doesn't go well. Can citrine stone help me with all these problems???

sunnyray says:

Hi Dilu,
Yes, it may help, but please remember that you, that is, your Divine self, is the real power that can remove your blockages. The stones and crystals are just helpful tools, nothing more. As for wearing jewlery versus lose stones, in fact, the latter are more powerful, as more often than not, they are closer to their original, natural form.

Liena Kido says:

Recently bought tiny citrine crystals and rose quartz which I place separately in a small glass. I place both of them side by side far left once I enter my living room which I place them on the standing lamp shade base (hidden cant be seen by any one) one in my sons room - only citrine and both in my room, both in our dinning room which has a sliding door to exit to the back of the house and both in my study room. All of them were placed as you stand in front of the entrance of the room except for the dinning area, as it connect from the long hallway from the living room (means if you face from the exit sliding door outside it is on the right but from inside the house it is facing far left of the room. Did I place them correct as I really need financial aspect. For my son can he carried it with him in his wallet or school bad (both are small crystals in one ziplock back. As for my husbands wallet and so as mine too. Please advise whether what I did was right. You are so amazing. Thank you.

sunnyray says:

Hi Liena
Thanks for the comment. As far as I can see, you correctly determined the far left corner of your rooms, which is the place for attraction of wealth and prosperity. As for carrying the stones, it is better to have a separate pouch dedicated for stones only, no matter how small they might be. But, that's my personal preference because I don't like them mixed with other stuff in my wallet. God bless!

Ken says:


I was wondering if it's OK to mix crystals? I carry about 5-10 in a pouch at any given time. Thanks.

sunnyray says:

Hi Ken
Yes, in general, it is OK to mix different stones. It is hard to say for sure without more about the stones, though.

JAY says:

I have been wearing citrine bracelet in my right hand for the past few years but I don't see any financial improvement. Can I change it to left hand and can I wear amethyst too since I am Sagittarius lady.

sunnyray says:

The answer is Yes to both of your questions. With love and light, sunny!

leonedes says:

I am financially worried. I have citrine tower, jade ring and necklace jade wu-luo. How could they help my financial problem? Please help me sunny...thanks

Surya says:

Hi Sunnyray

I found this website really helpful. I would like to ask, is it OK that I am wearing citrine and black rainbow obsidian ring altogether?
Thank you

sunnyray says:

Hi Surya, Sure you can wear them both. I don't see why not.

SURBHI says:

Can I wear Hessonite and Citrine together. Will it create any harm to me?

sunnyray says:

Hi Surbhi
Hessonite is a type of Garnet, and yes, you can wear Citrine and Garnet together without any problem.

whattagirl says:

Hi can I wear cornelian, smoke quartz and citrine together.

sunnyray says:

Yes, they all are silica based stones and should be Okay together.

Kikia says:

Hi, sunny ray,

I was wondering if it is okay to put the stones in several layers of plastic bags to prevent damage? Or will that block their energies from freely flowing and reaching outside the plastic?

Thank you.

sunnyray says:

Hi Kikia, and thanks for the comment. I would avoid plastic bags, unless I absolutely had to use them. A better alternative would be using bags made out of natural materials like cotton, silk, hemp...

Dina says:

Is it ok if I place my citrine in a red pouch bag? And is it ok if I made a citrine chime for my home?

sunnyray says:

I don't see why a red pouch bag shouldn't be OK. And, having a citrine chime is a great idea. Thanks for the comment.

Hussain says:

Does citrine have to be worn in jewelry or can they be carried around in pocket?

sunnyray says:

Hi Hussain
No, you can carry it around in your pocket as a loose stone, preferably in a suitable pouch. It will work just as well, maybe even better than when embedded in jewelry. Thanks for the comment. God bless.

Kikia says:

Hi sunnyray,

Last time I spoke with you, you answered that it would be preferable to put the stones in bags made of natural material? So, I was curious on whether it would be okay to put them in paper bags, and whether paper bags are considered natural. Also, I have bags made of velvet at home, and I was wondering if these would be better than plastic for the rocks.

Thank you.

sunnyray says:

Hi Kikia

Yes, paper bags are considered natural, but I would rather use the velvet bags if I had to choose. Thanks for the question, and God bless.

Jay says:

Hi sunny ray. I love your website and I find it very informative. We just had an 800g citrine and we also have a small one. Do you think the size has different effect? Bigger has more powerful effect?

sunnyray says:

Hi Jay

Thanks for the question. It may very well be that the larger citrine can bring in more energy. However, when properly prepared, the smaller stones can also be quite powerful. So, in general the answer is yes, but one should not discard the smaller stones up front.

michelle says:

Hi Sunnyray. I bought my citrine bracelet 3days ago. I do not know if it is 100% natural citrine. The color is pale yellow. Should i wear it everyday. I'm in a business line and wishing to get my goals. How can meditate with it? Thanks a lot

sunnyray says:

Hi michelle
Please check this page. Thanks.

Abid Asghar says:

My shopkeeper told me that Citrine and Yellow Topaz are the same. Secondly, can I wear yellow topaz and tigers eye together?

sunnyray says:

Hi Abid Asghar. Thanks for the comment. The shopkeeper is mistaken. There is a huge difference between Citrine and Yellow Topaz, both in terms of price and quality. And, yes, you can combine Topaz and Tiger's eye.

Mollie says:

I bought a 3 lemon colour citrine pendant waiting for it to arrive but I carry a citrine stone on my body . Love and light 😇

Sree says:

I am not getting job even after attending lot of interviews.I ordered citrine stone ring. Will this be helpful.Does anyone have a good feeling after buying the stone?

jessica oneill says:

I just bought a citrine and I was wondering does it need to go off entering the front door and looking into the house? Because if so, it would be my washing room, then there's my kitchen, which both I feel are not suitable.

sunnyray says:

Hi Jessica, You need not consider the entire house, if that's the case. You can locate the far left corner in each individual room where you want to put your citrine stones.

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