Orthoclase is a mineral that belongs to the family of silicate minerals called feldspar. The deference between the feldspars and the other silicates is that the former contain a mixture of the following chemical elements: Potassium K, Calcium Ca and Sodium Na, in addition to the usual constituents of the quartz based minerals, such as Aluminum, Al, silicon Si and oxygen O.

The other related crystals from this family are the attractive labradorite, moonstone, sunstone, and amazonite. Orthoclase crystal, as its name already indicates, is a member of the orthoclase feldspars, The most important feature of this class is that they contain K and Na, in contrast to Ca and Na contained in the plagioclase.

A typical orthoclase is a solid solution of KAlSi3O8 and albite NaAlSi3O8. The origin of its name is probably from the Greek name for e or transparent. The golden variation can be found on Madagascar and in Mexico. The other colors are more frequent. If of gemstone quality orthoclase resembles golden or yellow beryl, also known as heliodor.

Orthoclase an important mineral for industrial applications. Amongst the other uses, it is a source material for porcelain production. Porcelain (the vitrified ceramic of white color) is produced from a mixture of orthoclase, quartz and kaolin.

transparent tumbled orthoclase

Metaphysical characteristics

In the new age community, the pleasant and refined energies of this metaphysical semi precious crystal are associated with hope, new beginnings, better perception, and discernment. It can be useful for releaving emotional tensions. It can be used for chakra balancing and meridian activation. This stone of cooperation and group work, encourages finding novel and unconventional paths toward achieving our goals.

Besides being useful in joint ventures, this gemstone encourages inner growth and conducting constructiven actions and carefully planned agendas. Primarily associated with the solar plexus chakra, it can enhance our will and knowledge as to how to improve our relationship to the Universe and Its powers.

Healing Properties

Orthoclase is a highly beneficial crystal for reversing the declining processes in our body. Not only that, it will help you prevent the fear of getting old and make you understand that the Spirit is always staying young no matter in what condition your physical body is.

This crystal protects the internal organs, strengthens the bones, boosts our energy, and restores our will, therefore effectively buying us some time for a quality and happy old-age life.

Rejuvenation exercise using golden orthoclase

Golden orthoclase and rhythmic pranic breathing can greatly slow down the aging processes and regenerate our organism. Here is a step by step guide into using this stone for reverting the process of growing old:

  • Select a piece of transparent golden orthoclase, a rock crystal to be placed in you right pocket and smoky quartz in your left pocket.
  • Previously relaxed, sit down in the center of your room.
  • Gaze at the stone without too much effort for 5 minutes and awaken your desire to regenerate your body.
  • Close your eyes and visualize the room filled with pink air. Become aware of the four corners on the ceiling. Keep this image while doing the following pranayama (pranic breathing).
  • Breathe in through your nose while counting from 1 to 7. Keep your breath while counting to 7 and feel your body with pink air from head to toe.
  • While you breathe out, visualize how your wrinkles, weakness, illness, and other problems leave your body. Clearly see these problems leaving you together with the pink air.
  • Repeat the process 10 times. Perform this exercise on a regular basis, that is, daily, or if necessary two times a day, in the morning and before going to bed.
  • After finishing this breathing technique, make a couple of spins around your vertical axis with your right arm up and your left arm down.
transparent golden orthoclase

If you are unable to find orthoclase, use some of the replacement crystals, such as lapis lazuli stone, rutilated quartz sagenite , peridot, petalite, selenite, sugilite or even prehnite. All of them are good for regeneration, as well as healing and fixing the damage in our body. Surround yourself with crystals and semi precious stones, get to know them, carry them along, sleep with them. Establish a direct contact with them, be as much tolerant as you can, and learn how to grow love in your heart. Orthoclase can be of great help to you in your self growth process.


lloyd sing says:

good work,,,

Heron Saline says:

Very helpful info on orthoclase, thanks. I have known this mineral since I was a kid, since it is so common, and actually had a ~ 1" complete crystal of golden orthoclase years ago. Recently found a fragment (the size of a grapefruit!) of a chip of what must have been quite a large crystal of beautifully pure creamy pink feldspar, showing at least four of the planes of a crystal where it broke off at some point! I had never learned its metaphysical associations and your info, including the chemical aspects, really helped me understand the rejuvenatory qualities, with such chemical additions as Potassium, Sodium, and of course Calcium to the other silicate aspects. Again, thanks!

sunnyray says:

Hi Heron
Thanks for the nice comment. I really appreciate it. And I wish you a lot of fun with your, really respectable, Orthoclase specimens.

bm. says:

Where do you find such clear orthoclase. i have found only solid stones?

sunnyray says:

Every well equipped mineral store should have them. And they are not really clear, they are more like semi-transparent.

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