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Lapis Lazuli Stone Properties and Metaphysical Meanings

The chemical formula of Lapis lazuli -- Na8S(AlSiO4)6 - indicates that this stone is mainly composed of sodium - Na, sulfur S, aluminum Al, silicon Si and oxygen O. Its hardness is between 5 and 6 on the Mohs scale.

Lapis lazuli is a stone of dark blue color with tiny golden-like sparkling flecks. It is non-transparent, but nevertheless its beauty is wondrous. Its warm appearance can be compared to the beauty of a calm and soft summer night. Since this stone in actually not a single mineral, but a mixture of several minerals (for example, hauynite, sodalite, calcite, pyrite, and noselite), the color of lapis lazuli can be slightly different as a result of the different composition. The beautiful blue color is believed to originate from the presence of sulfur atoms in its very complicated crystal lattice. It has been known since ancient times, and sometimes lapis lazuli was referred to as Sapphire, meaning blue. In Latin lapis means stone. The ultramarine color, so widely used in painting and art, is made out of selected deep-blue samples of lapis lazuli.

Lapis is a stone of friendship and truth. It is also considered to be a symbol of chastity. Lapis lazuli can block the negative energies that sometimes tend to enter our universe and can bring help from higher planes of existence. It soothes, promotes mental clarity and emotional healing, increases the power of judgment, and brings wisdom and protection in every respect.

Some specimens of lapis lazuli are almost black. But what makes it unique is the extraordinary pattern of tiny golden spots made out of pyrite. Lapis may also contain calcite which manifests itself in a form of white flecks. It diminishes the visual appeal of this stone, in contrast to the already mentioned pyrite flecks which accentuate the deep blue color of Lapis lazuli, and serve as indication of its authenticity.

Lapis lazuli is a symbol of truth and wisdom. It's one of the most desired gemstones in human history. The main reason for that is without a doubt its deep royal blue color. The low quality Lapis Lazuli stones (often called denim Lapis) are of lighter blue color. They have white rather than golden flecks.

In the Buddhist tradition Lapis is a stone revered for its ability to deflect negative energy and bring peace of mind.

From the spiritual point of view, lapis possesses the ability to open the third eye - ajna chakra; it affects the pineal gland, and stimulates the thymus. For meditation purposes it can be placed against the third eye - the space between your eyebrows- and it is often combined with the soothing effect of rose quartz, aventurine or amethyst. Placed on the palms, chest or around the neck, it enables contact with the spiritual guardians. Lapis can lead the student into enlightenment, self-realization and unity with the True self. It increases the level of consciousness, and thus opens the door to higher knowledge. It resonates especially strong with the energy of Archangel Michael, the Archangel of the First blue ray. Lapis lazuli is a unique combination of darkness and light. Ancient Egyptians considered lapis to be a royal stone. They often made powder out of it, and used Lapis in specials balms for their scalps. They believed that as the balm slowly dries out, it would remove all the impurities from the soul.

Who should wear this stone?

Anyone who would like to establish contact with angels and spirit guides. The other area where this stone should help would be developing intuition or higher psychic powers. For that, you can use loose stones or lapis embedded in jewelry.

Lapis Lazuli is on of the stones on the birthstone charts. According to one interpretation of the traditional chart, if you are born in the month of September (meaning Virgo or Libra signs), Lapis is considered one of your birthstones. According to another interpretation of the same chart, it is a traditional December birthstone (meaning Capricorn or Sagittarius).

Either way, it is good to know that different people react differently to this beautiful stone. If you have no idea how you would react when wearing your newly purchased lapis lazuli jewelry item, give it a little time, so that your energy field may adapt to it.

It is especially beneficial to wear a necklace near the throat chakra, or earrings close to the brow chakra.

In the metaphysical sense, the most frequent use of lapis today is in the releasing of those elements of our past that are no longer needed. But lapis should be used with caution, since the emotional wounds of the past can bring to the surface a lot of suppressed pain. This stone possesses the strength to lift the illusion that we have wrongly accepted as reality. The reward for daring to look into our own darkness is symbolized by the golden light that shines from the deep blue sky.

Lapis lazuli teaches us of the power of the spoken word. It harmonizes all the subtle bodies. In self healing it has a broad spectrum of activities. Lapis protects the skin, soothes migraines, and lifts insomnia. It is a good stone for the cardiovascular system, for the throat, lungs and thyroid. It can increase our immunity and help release stress. It can be discharged once a month together with hematite. Charging of this stone should be done together with hematite and rock crystal.

Is Synthetic Lapis Lazuli Beneficial

The synthetic version of lapis lazuli is not as beneficial as the genuine stone. The other name for this imitation stone is Gilson Lapis. It is a man made stone that has similar appearance to that of the natural stone. It is often used in making jewelry. Lapis can also be simulated by dying jasper or howlite. For example, Swiss lapis is another name for dyed jasper. If you want the full impact of the genuine lapis, you should avoid these simulants.

Are There Lapis Crystals?

Lazurite rarely makes visible crystals. The only exception is the lapis that originates in Afghanistan. This variety is highly regarded for its rich blue color and almost transparent appearance. These lapis crystals are embedded in a marble matrix. These beautiful specimens deserve a prominent place in anyone's mineral collection.


gita says:

Hi, can I wear my lapis lazuli together with amethyst?

sunnyray says:

Hi gita,

Yes, you can. There is nothing that I know that speaks otherwise. Thanks for the comment.

LifelLight says:

Hi Sunnyray,
In order to accomplish the above mentioned uses,
Could you please share with us how to use/activate the lapis lazuli?

sunnyray says:

The first step is cleansing. Click here to get a free report about the ways of cleansing your stones. Next, you should charge it. The last step is programming.

Manouel says:

HI, i was wondering how the lapis lazuli necklace I have will react to the copper that surrounds it.

sunnyray says:

Hi Manouel
Thanks for the comment. I don't think your lapis lazuli has anything against copper. In fact, some variations of lapis contain copper in their composition.

Miriam says:

Hello, thank you for your useful and informative website.
I am new to stones and was wondering if I can wear lapis lazuli and amber on the same pendant. If that isn't ideal what would be a good stone to to wear on one pendant with lapis (or should I wear the lapis on it's own).

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Thank you, Miriam

sunnyray says:

Hi Miriam and thank you for the kind words. According to certain compatibility charts, you won't get any adverse effects if you combine lapis and amber. However, personally, I have never paid too much attention to these charts. If I am drawn to certain combination, I will try it and decide for myself based on the combined energy of the stones that I feel.

Tripti says:

Hi !!!

Can I wear lapis lazuli along with opal, pearl or moonstone.

nikhil raj says:

can I wear lapis lazuli with ruby

sunnyray says:

@Tripti and @nikhil raj

For sure you can!

Darlene says:

We are trying to decide between a lappis and rose quartz for an engagement ring. Any insight? Third and final marriage for both of us.

sunnyray says:

Hi Darlene,
My suggestion would be Rose Quartz. And, whichever stone you choose, I wish you a long, happy, and prosperous marriage.

Heidi says:

Is it okay to wear lapis lazuli with onyx and hematite?

sunnyray says:

Yes, I don't see why not.

josh says:

I had lapis lazuli pendant. Is i need to clean and charge before wearing it. Is it good to wear all the time.. What if suppose wearing while bathing also (wearing along with gold chain).

sunnyray says:

Hi josh,
Probably it is wise to clean it and charge it after cleaning. You can clean it while bathing, too.

aida says:

I found your book very informative. Great job! Thank you.

sunnyray says:

Thanks aida. We really appreciate your feedback!

Venus Korde says:

My name is Venus Ankur Korde
born in mumbai on 05th August 1985 at 07:15am, Monday
i am Currently wearing a White Coral (safed Moonga) 8 and half carats

my husband's name is Ankur Uday Korde
born in Jalandhar, Punjab on 02nd February 1985 at 09:00pm
he is currently wearing a panna (emerald) 5 carats in right hand last finger in silver.

Someone advised both of us to wear Lajward Stone blue colour in silver right hand middle finger on

Saturday evenibg. Please confirm if we both can wear this

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the question Venus, but I'm afraid you would have to ask someone who is expert in Vedic astrology for that.

Venus Korde says:

Thanks for replying. However can I wear Lajward Stone (Lapis Lazuli) with my white coral ring. I mean can i wear i in middle finger on right hand in silver. I really liked this one. May be i can use this as a piece of jewellery

sunnyray says:

Yes, of course you can, and even more if you are drawn to this combination of stones, regardless of the metal setting.

Jiin says:

Can I wear my lapiz lazuli pendulum together with my rose quartz pendulum?

sunnyray says:

I've never heard of any problems with combining lapis and rose quartz. So, yes, you can.

Ian says:

can i wear my lapiz lazuli chip neclace constant? even while sleeping? is denim lapiz has the same metaphysical properties as compared to lazuli? by the way, thanks for the great information !

sunnyray says:

Sure you can wear it all the time. Denim Lapis is not quite the same as Dark blue Lapis, although pretty close. Demin lapis is saturated with calcite which makes its color less intense, but also affects the metaphysical properties to a certain extent. Best regards, and thanks for the comment.

max says:

how much it take to open third eye

sunnyray says:

Please read this post.

Justin says:

Hi, can I wear my lapis lazuli together with gold obsidian or rainbow obsidian?

Liz says:

Hi, I have just purchased a lapis lazuli stone set in a ring... I read here that a necklace or earrings is best so will having a ring lessen its affect?

sunnyray says:

No it wont. Feel free to wear a lapis ring, it will work equally fine.

jas says:

can wear together with blue lace and amber?

sunnyray says:

Sure you can. Have you tried already?

Moonchild says:

How should I cleanse and charge my Lapis? I've had it for a week and did not cleanse or charge it before wearing it. It had turned full, which I know is a sign of collecting negative energy around me, but I would like it to be polished and bright again! I am just unsure of how to do that. I do know that I will be charging it under the full moon next month, however is there a certain length of time, or with other stones? A certain way? Thanks

sunnyray says:

You don't have to wait for fool moon. There are many other ways of charging.

Liz says:

Hi.. Is there a specific hand/finger I should wear my lapis lazuli ring on?

sunnyray says:

Hi Liz. I don't know of any specific finger for lapis lazuli. As for a specific hand, you can read the discussion on this page.

Simmie says:

There are so many duplicates of lapis lazuli in to get it know which one is real and original

sunnyray says:

Hi Simmie
You are right. There are both synthetic lapis stones and simulants (e.g., sodalite). It may be really difficult to spot the real thing, and it takes practice. The stone should be cool to the touch, the coloring should not fade, and the stone should be able to scratch glass. Synthetic lapis is often more opaque and greyish, unlike genuine lapis with its ultramarine color. Real lapis should have gold-like spots and/or white streaks. All in all, the best way to be sure is to purchase lapis from a reputable source. Or if the price is too low, that's a sign that something is fishy.

Bouncybunny says:

I'm wondering if it's a good or well I think of it as balanced wearing my lapis lazuli bracelet with my tigers eye bracelet, side I love my black spinel and onyx earrings ??????????????????

Anthea says:

Hi can one ware onyx, peridot, sardonyx and lava together on a bracelet. Thanks

Ovey says:

I recently bought a Lapis bracelet. every time I wear, I feel severe pain in my arm that I have to take it off. the pain goes after 15 - 20 minutes from removing the bracelet. first,I thought that I need to clear the bracelet again but it doesn't matter how many times I clear it, I still feel the pain. I wear it in the left arm. Shall I stop wearing it? can I put it next to my bed or in my purse? or do I need to get rid of it?

sunnyray says:

Sure, you have to stop wearing it. Put it away for a couple of weeks (months), and try again after that time to see if anything has changed.

Reggie says:

I really appreciate your input. Can I add marcasite to amethyst and lapis strands of bracelets.

sunnyray says:

It is not the most common combination, but why not. By all means you can.

Santosh Kumar says:

Hello, can I wear lapis lazuli & blue sapphire together.

sunnyray says:

Yes, you can wear them both.

Jayne says:

Hi, i want to combine different stones on one bracelet...such as laps lazuli and rhodochrosite please?

Also, i have started wearing anethyst peridot, clear quartz, rhodochrosite and lapis lazuli on one wrist and it aches??!...should i try different combinations? Lol

sunnyray says:

Hi Jayne,
There's no general rule. For some people, some combinations work, for others they don't. I guess, you have to find your own winning combo! Don't be afraid to experiment! Greetings.

puvin cm says:

Currently i'm wearing lapis with a tiger eye on my right hand wrist.

the lapis is the 10mm and its on the outside and tiger eye is 12mm is after it.

is this okay?

Sherry says:

Can a laps lazily and a emerald. Be carried together. I just have stones.

Tripti Singh says:

Can I wear lapis , ruby zoisite, amethyst and chakras together? Actually I have huge collection of crystals and all attracts me.
Plz help me how many crystals I can wear together?
I am looking for higher promotion as well as good communication, financial, health and family relations.


sunnyray says:

As many as you like. I see no problem with that.

Prue says:

Can I wear lapis Lazuli with amethyst and jade?

sunnyray says:

Yes, you can. I don't see why not.

Steven says:

If im trying to harness the stone energy to the fullest, should i be looking for a higher carat stone? Does the stone carats affect the frequency energy of the stone itself???

sunnyray says:

Some say it does, some say it doesn't. I believe it doesn't make a huge difference, but it is always better to have a bulkier stone.

Smit says:

I'm using black onyx, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, tiger eye, pyrite,Citrine and amythist together is this good for me or need some changes? Pls guide

Carol says:

Just wanted to say that I'm filled with love for your website. I'm recently drawn to crystal and have been buying some, and now I intend to learn about them. What stone would help me with communication to have the confidence to speak?

Lenardo says:

I have been wearing Lapis from a long time it has amazing energies.

SK says:

Hi! Since sodalite is one of the components of lapis lazuli, what do you think would be the main difference between wearing the two types of stones?

sunnyray says:

You could say that Lapis contains some of the energies of sodalite, but in my experience, it is never the simple superposition of energies when two or more minerals are contained in one stone. It is more like new things are happening when they join together.

vito says:

can Lapis Lazuli and Aquamarine and amethyst and garnet be worn together

sunnyray says:

In principle they can, but you should try them on and decide for yourself.

Ben says:

Hi! I just bought a lapis pendant, i'm thinking of chaining some sodalite beads and clear quartz in the necklace to boost creativity and wisdom, is it okay with the combination?

sunnyray says:

Sure, why not?

Kiki says:

Is moonstone-red carnelian-lapis lazuli-unakite a good combination for pregnancy protection and childbirth? Or do they counter each other? Should lapis be worn separately? And is a pyrite tumble safe to keep in the same wallet where we have green jade zibu switch coin for prosperity?

padmapriya says:

Can we wear a ring of lapis lazuli with a ring of hessonite?

Thanks for your comments

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