Women can find a great deal of support in this stone. Moonstone awakens sensitivity, intuition, and clairvoyance, as well as a number of other psychic abilities. It brings happiness and emotional balance and promotes youthful appearance. Moonstone is one of the stones that may help with conception. Travelers should wear this gentle stone for protection, especially if traveling across the sea.

Blue is the most desirable color of Moonstone. On the other hand, very common are the white, cream, gray, yellow, green, pink, peach, and brown varieties. Moonstone has a milky appearance with a porcelain-like surface and is very attractive because of its soft luster.

The largest deposits of Moonstone can be found in the USA, Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, Australia, and Brazil.

Moonstone is a well-known mixture of two types of feldspar, one with structural formula KAlSi3O8 and the other with formula NaAlSi3O8 (Albite). The visual appeal of this stone comes from the specific properties of its crystal structure. Very much like Sunstone, Moonstone contains alternating Orthoclase (matrix) and Albite lamellar structures, which cause light interference and lead to opalescence. If the Albite layers are too close to each other, the resulting opalescence is less pronounced.

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In many instances, the physical appearance of a certain mineral suggests its spiritual qualities. In the case of Moonstone, we can immediately discern its ability to calm and soothe the emotions. When the state of utmost calm and tranquility is attained, we can use this stone to open our mind toward the intuitive understanding of the spiritual principles.

According to a Hindu legend, Moonstone is conceived by the light of the Moon. It is believed that keeping a piece of Moonstone under the tongue on the day of full Moon enables predicting the future.

This stone brings the emotions under the control of the will, instead of suppressing them or expressing them too intensely. The yellow or peach colored Moonstone, when placed on the third chakra, Manipura, will help extract the old ways of emotional response. It will bring understanding of the past emotional reactions and dissolve the stale emotions.

Formula: KAlSi3O8

Hardness: 6–6.5

Moonstone teaches us to distinguish between “I want” and “I need”. Here, we are talking about two totally different desires. Moonstone helps in our discrimination of the things that we really need in our life, from those that are only a result of our artificial desires.

This stone is filled with passive, female energy and that’s why it can calm aggression or hasty reactions. Moonstone can focus our attention on the more irrational side of our nature, increasing our emotional intelligence and lessening our fear of the future.

As every human being possesses male and female energies within, Moonstone will help strengthen the qualities of nurturing, care, selflessness, and empathy, equally in men and women. It is an extraordinary stone for physicians and medical staff who need to develop a way to control their feelings, so that their work can be efficient, regardless of what they feel inside.

Moonstone balances the heart and the mind, keeping the gentle feelings one might have developed intact. In the eastern cultures, Moonstone is revered as a stone that brings love into a person’s life. For example, an exchange of Moonstone rings is believed to renew the marital harmony of the couple.

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Moonstone induces lucid dreaming, especially during the full moon phase. It also influences the supersensible abilities and clairvoyance.

Moonstone can be used in divination to enhance the intuition and supersensible perception, for example, while performing tarot readings or in crystal ball divination sessions.

Moonstone is believed to help conception and facilitate childbirth. It brings abundance and ancient wisdom. Moonstone resonates with the energy of Archangel Gabriel, the Angel of the Forth Ray. Archangel Gabriel bestows the precious gift of hope upon all people.

Moonstone in crystal therapy harmonizes the endocrine system and regulates the metabolism. It has a calming effect on hyperactive children. Moonstone regulates the levels of blood sugar and purifies the blood. It soothes some degenerative skin conditions, and helps the eyes, liver, and pancreas function. Moonstone also relieves menstrual cramps and helps overcome menopause and andropause problems.

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Every time Moonstone is used in healing or purification sessions, it should be cleansed with a lot of running water. Moonstone jewelry should be cleansed once a month, overnight in a bowl of Hematite stones. Moonstone is best charged during the night by exposing it to the gentle light of the Moon.

moonstone jewelry

Moonstone elixir, amongst other things, can serve as a tonic to soothe insomnia problems and to prevent sleepwalking.

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Moonstone adularescence

This video shows the moonstone property of adularescence, the characteristic ghostly sheen, like moonlight reflecting in water.


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You just made me fall in love with the Moonstone even more!

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Here is a collection I like a lot. Not mine unfortunately.

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This is great information presented here, many thanks ... i was wondering if you know about andulari moonstone it is sold here pretty expensive .

sunnyray says:

Hi sita and thanks for the comment. In fact, Adularia moostne is the most common form of Moonstone. It is a low temperature variety orthoclase. The name comes from the Swiss region Adula in the Alps. What we love in moonstone, the beautiful optical effect, is a result of adularescence, due to adularia. And you are right. The gemstone quality of Moonstone can really be expensive.

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Hi sunnyray! thank goodness found your article on moonstone. May I ask if is it okay to wear a rainbow moonstone ring with a visible inclusion. Mine has a black inclusion. although it is a feminine stone, i really love it. Can it awakens sensitivity, intuition, and clairvoyance, as well as a number of other psychic abilities for men as well? Really grateful and happy for your response

sunnyray says:

Hi Ian,
There is no perfect stone out there. Even the most perfect diamond has impurities in it, although they might not be visible. So, rest assured, as long as you like your moonstone ring, you can and should wear it.

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Can I charge my moonstone crystals in sunlight? Also can I soak them in water?

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I know nothing that speaks against using direct sunlight. They might lose their color in time, though. The time frame to notice some change in color is not that short, but it depends on the type of moonstone you have. In any case if you are going to keep them in sunlight for a couple of hours once a month or so, you should be fine. I wouldn't soak them in water, especially non if you want to prepare crustal elixirs from them.

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Sir which stone is used to increase the mind in studies and other working

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Check out this post: Stones to boost your mind and intuition.

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i have both moonstone and sunstone and super seven. my goal for super seven and sunstone is for career success,properity and good luck,while moonstone is for hormonal benefits n dispel negativity. which hand should i wear each bracelet?

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No fixed rule.
Check out this post: Which-finger-you-should-wear-your-gemstone-ring.htm.

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