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Metaphysical Meanings of Prehnite

Note: Crystals cannot be an alternative for medical attention nor can they be a substitute.

Formula: Ca2Al(OH)2AlSi3O10 Hardness: 6-6.5

Owing to the fact that this stone could take anyone on a journey into the subconscious depths of the psyche and through the astral worlds of reality, Prehnite is known as a stone of forecasting, highly esteemed among the psychics, mediums and clairvoyants. This stone deserves full attention, even if you are not interested in fortune telling. Prehnite is a basic stone for visualization of any kind and as such, it enables a smooth transition into deeper meditative states.

yellow prehnite tumbled stone

Physical Properties of Prehnite

The color of Prehnite is mostly green, yellow, or it can be transparent. Its unique shades are not likely to be seen in any other mineral.

The main locality of Prehnite is in South Africa. Some deposits are also found in Australia, India and the USA.

Prehnite is named after an 18th century Dutch colonel, Hendrik Von Prehn, who discovered it, and in fact is one of the first minerals to be named after a historical person.

Typically, Prehnite builds pretty tick crystals with coarse textures. However, Prehnite of exquisite gem quality has also been discovered. In composition, Prehnite is calcium aluminum silicate hydroxide.

green prehnite tumbled stone

Metaphysical Properties of Prehnite

Prehnite is also a crystal of memory and recollection. Capable of enhancing a person's protective field, it brings peace and calm. Even looking at the lovely color of Prehnite and touching its delicate surface may induce a feeling of peace and calm. In the past Prehnites have been used to increase the dream recall after awakening. In order to facilitate the process, before going to sleep you should take your Prehnite and ask it for help to induce and prolog your lucid dreams. Because of Phrenite's ability to vibrate very rapidly between the visible and invisible planes of existence, some Shamanistic traditions treat it as sacred stone.

Prehnite is one of the crystals that promote unconditional love. It is a stone especially tuned to the energies of Archangel Raphael who works on the Green Ray of light. This stone readily emphasizes the need of spiritual growth, personal evolution and alignment of our energies with the Divine.

Prehnite improves our intuition and brings the ability to recognize the truth in our everyday life. It helps us harmonize our will for action with our heart, so that our deeds are always coordinated with the highest and most noble goals of our true nature.

Prehnite in Crystal Therapy

Prehnite is used in crystal therapy to strengthen the immune system and to improve the metabolism. It helps in cases of anemia and normalizes the blood cell count. Prehnite reduces the high blood pressure, balances the meridians, cures the kidneys and thymus gland, and helps the area of the shoulders, chest and lungs. It helps in prevention of atherosclerosis and reduces fatty the deposits in the body. For self-healing this crystal should be worn in contact with the skin, or alternatively it could be placed over the liver and spleen areas two times a day for 15 minutes. Prehnite is considered one of the crystals that can be used in diagnostics, to find the cause of the health problem.

Prehnite should be cleansed once a month for ten minutes under luke-warm running water. This crystal should be charged alongside tumbled Rose Quartz or Rock Crystal stones.


Memory Kalis says:

How would I know if the pendant that I have is a Prehnite

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the question, Memory. First of all, I haven’t heard of somebody selling fake prehnites. That is not to say that there are none, however. Apart from the obvious tip — too perfect, clear specimen which would suggest simulant materials like glass— I should say that if you bought your pendant from a decent source, you should be fine.

Michelle says:

Does wearing a pendant give the wearer the same benefits as a whole gemstone? I have many pendants with a Sterling silver "bracket" (meaning the stone is exposed front and back)and was curious......Thank you

sunnyray says:

Thanks Michelle for your question. It is generally accepted that the benefits are somewhat reduced with the pendant, ring or bracelet as compared to the raw, natural stone. The difference being, as you said yourself, not enough exposure, the stone might be pierced or glued, etc., you get the picture.

ava says:

I found some beautiful Prehnite beads at Hardie's in Quartzite, AZ.

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the tip, ava. Here is the link to the yelp page of the store for anyone who wants to check their Prehnite beads.

Jenice29h says:

Please put me on your emails up dated. Thank You. I've enjoyed what I have learned from your information.

sunnyray says:

Hi Jenice. You are on the list! Thanks for joining and for your kind feedback. I really appreciate it.

ShariK11 says:

Have been trying to find out info on "rutilated" prehinite. I wondered what the rutiles are and if/how it enhances prehinite. Thanks.

sunnyray says:

Hi ShariK11
Rutile is a type of mineral on its own. Its composition is Titanium dioxide, TiO2. The metaphysical action of Rutile in Prehnite is similar to what it does in Rutilated Quartz.

Carol says:

Extremely informative site! Thanks.

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the words of support, Carol. We really appreciated it.

Peggy says:

Love your site and the information on the crystals.
I just bought a beautiful piece of prehnite yesterday. I wasn't looking for anything specific, but this piece drew me to it and I couldn't let it go. Now when I read its qualities and connection to Archangle Raphael and the Green Ray, I understand.
Please add me to your email list.

sunnyray says:

Thanks Peggy. We've added you to our mailing list.

Harvey says:

Prehnite doesn't typically grow with rutile. Prehnite is much more likely to contain epidote.

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the clarification Harvey.

Iona says:

I'm new to crystals and I am finding them fascinating and encouraging. There is a shop in Pickering Ont. that has boundless varieties plus scads of useful information about all of this. You have explained things the same way they do consequently you have raised my trust and faith in what they tell me. Thanx so much.
Best Regards

sunnyray says:

Hi Iona. Thanks for taking the time to post your comment. Many crystal blessings!

BreathingPrana says:

We have some nice Prehnite gemstones up for sale check out our web.

Summer says:

Can Prehnite be used to charge drinking water? Thank you

sunnyray says:

Prehnite contains aluminum. Although this aluminum is not in its free form, I would say that one should not put it in water. Just to be sure, don't use it for water charging by direct contact with water. Use the indirect method instead. Place the stone on the outside of your water container.

Victoriamedina says:

This information is so much help! I'm new to crystals and I just found out the pendant I have is prenhite with a few drops of epidote in it. So I'm trying to figure out how to cleanse it, charge it and how to use its power. How do I know or how I can feel when the prenhite vibrates? I got as a gift this past Christmas. I haven't worn it till now. I'm eager to learn so much more! Please help.

sunnyray says:

Hi Victoria
Welcome to the site. I encourage you to explore the world of crystals by following the resources on our site. The more you read about them, the more you'll understand how things work. The vibrations of your stones are not something you can feel with your physical senses. Instead, you can experience their metaphysical action if you are sensitive enough and if you can monitor your inner states of consciousness.

Rinakhan says:

Hi. Sunny. This is me Rina. Can I cleanse and charge my crystals directly using water. Plus please add me to your mail side. I enjoy reading information from you.

sunnyray says:

Hi Rina, yes you can use water for cleansing. And thanks for reading. We've added your mail address to our list.

Elaine says:

Will this stone help to protect me from enengy vampires if not which stone will. I am very new to this but am drawn to wear a protective stone. I have a rose quart stone your advice would be greatly appreciated

sunnyray says:

Hi Elaine,
Check this post to learn more about protection stones. Thanks for the comment.

Paul says:

Amazing,bless your heart,This in itself is a divine encounter,I love it,forever Greatfull,kindest regards Paul

sunnyray says:

Thank and best regards to you too Paul.

Tricia Schneider says:

Please add me to your email list. Thanks for all the information.

sunnyray says:

Hi Tricia. We just added you to the list. Thanks for subscribing, and God bless.

Joan says:

I stumbled onto your site, and am touched by your sincerity, caring knowledge, and approach.

Please add me to your newsletter list.


sunnyray says:

Thanks for the comment, Joan. We have added you to our newsletter list. Many blessings.

Alice says:

Please add me to your email list. I find the information posted on your website is informative, comprehensive, and easy to understand. Just what I was looking for.

sunnyray says:

Added. Thanks Alice. Glad you like the content on the site. God bless!

Sara says:

I have a new prehnite large bead necklace and I love it. I feel very good when wearing it. The color is quite turquoise, not green so much. I see on google images that sometimes prehnite is turquoise like that. In your opinion, would this change its metaphysical properties?

sunnyray says:

The most important thing is how it feels. The color is not that important, as long as it is natural prehnite we are talking about. Best regards.

Rebecca says:

So very happy today that I was led to your informative site on healing crystals. Please be so kind and add me to your email list. Peace...Light and Love to you

sunnyray says:

Thanks. Added. We appreciate the comment and your kind words. Many blessings to you too.

Kamal says:

Hi sunny,
Thanks a lot for this informative site....wish you all the best ...
God bless you .

Please add me to your newsletter list .

sunnyray says:

Thanks Kamal! We added your info to our mailing list.

Peggy says:

Have been interested in stones for some time. Visited Peggy's Rock Shop near Branson MO yesterday and bought a prehnite. Glad to have found your site to know how to use it. I have thyroid issues and hope it will help. Please add me to your email list. Thanks!

Klynnn says:

So just yesterday during a small break at work, I called up one of the metaphysical stores by me that I've been to before to have a reiki session done -- on a pure whim. Never had it done before on me. Still don't know too much about it either tbh - but it was AWESOME. When I was done - I perused to storefront, I wanted a candle but nothing felt right to me. Was looking at the crystals, which I still don't know too much about (total newbie here!) and asked which ones help prevent nightmares. I knew that amethyst is great as are some others, but I was taken aback how much I did NOT want an amethyst that day (I don't have anymore at home, so I do need some!) As I perused, the level III reiki person whom did my massage helped me out a bit. LOL, by looking in a book. This stone popped up. I literally cannot tell you how much I laughed when I realised it was a green in color. I'm never attracted to green stones. Not even jade. But I had realised every crystal I kept picking up was green!

Was drawn to a particular raw form of this. I think it has a little epidote(?) in it. On my way to the register, I for some reason picked up a gorgeous lapis pendulum.

After I get home, I read up a bit on prehnite. Find out for one, it's a frickin Libra stone (Oct 3rd baby here), 2nd, it can help you connect w/ spirit guides (which I've known I've needed to do, just hadn't had the balls to like... say, "hi" and everything.... then I looked up about pendulums... well come to find out they can help communicate w/ your spirit guides.

So... I'm guessing my spirit guides got sick of waiting on me finally and decided to give me a kick in the butt.

I'll update if I connect with any of them or the one, or however many I have. Like I said - total newbie here.

Cheryl Bryant says:

I just bought a prehnite ring yesterday. Can't wait to receive it, especially since reading all the info on your site. Please add me to your email list and keep me updated.

Thank you

sunnyray says:

Thanks Cheryl! Added.

Marge says:

At today's local swap meet, I was 'drawn' to Prehnite - 'had never heard of this stone -'bought two pieces - have been trying to cut down on stone purchases, was was 'unable' to resist - 'have no idea if price I paid was fair - I am happy to hear how to properly clear it - Could I take it to the ocean? I'll wait until it's closer to full moon to set these out - thought putting one under my pillow might be good. I'm a Oct. 3 baby too - as I read another person is - good for Libras.:-)

sunnyray says:

I know what you mean by "drawn" and "couldn't resist buying". :) Either method of cleansing is good. Go with your intuition. Thanks for sharing and good luck.

Chris G says:

Does wearing more prehnite eg:- bracelet, pendent, rings on one's body give a better effect ?

Robert Howe says:

A couple of years ago I found a p r e h n i t e in the rough as a ground find. There's something special when you can do it this way in instead of buying it in a shop. Thank you, sincerely Robert howe.

sunnyray says:

Thank you Robert.

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