Boji stones are useful for general healing and cellular regeneration. In addition, they promote a feeling of connectedness with other people, and a deep spiritual understanding of that unity. Boji stones help overcome the arrogance often present in the worldly and spiritual affairs, and reduce our tendency to discriminate people in any way and for any reason. Boji stone will reflect back any negative intention or fake friendship.

The color of Boji stones is a mixture of metallic gray, sandy, and earthy colors, often ranging from light brown to dark brown. They are opaque with a tar-like shine.

Boji stones are composite materials made out of several metals. The ancient name of these stones is Moqui marbles, or Moqui balls. They come in pairs, as male and female stones. The male stone is of uneven form with rough texture. The female stone is smooth and relatively round. It is believed that Boji stones develop their full strength only when paired.

Transferring energy from the etheric to the physical body is something that Boji stones easily do. Besides, they will cleanse and fill all the cracks and hollows in the human auric field with energy. With their swift and mobile energy field, Boji stones are useful to all energy centers, starting from the root chakra, up to the crown chakra.

boji stones

There is a simple exercise that you can perform to balance all seven energy centers. Pick one of the Boji stones, it does not matter if it is male or female. Lie down and put it above your head, slightly above the crown chakra. Make sure there is no contact with the top of the head. The other Boji stone should go slightly below the root chakra. Try to be still for several minutes, during which time the process of chakra alignment should take place. The energy of the Boji stones alone should be sufficient to start the energy flow between the root and the crown chakra.

In addition to aligning the chakras, you may use Boji stones to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain. All you need to do is hold the male Boji stone in your left hand and the female stone in your right hand for 5 minutes. This will enable accessing your artistic abilities more easily and balancing your male and female energies.

If you put one of the stones close to your left temple and the other stone close to the right temple, you may experience increased clarity and enhanced mental skills. At the same time, the surplus of superfluous information and discordant vibrations stored in the memory bank of your brain will be eliminated.

Formula: Fe,Mn,Ti,Pd

Hardness: 7.5

boji stones

The male Boji stone is of “positive” charge and is usually held in the stronger, right hand (for left-handed persons). The female Boji stone should, as a rule, be held in the left hand. Usually, after 10 minutes of holding them, you will notice how the bodily energy starts to flow more easily. It will go down to every nerve and cell of your body. Boji stones indeed help boost the internal energy streams, which, in turn, dissolve the potential energy barriers, bringing light and joy to all bodily systems. Boji stones bring a general mental and spiritual unity of the body and the mind. You may think of Boji stones as of living entities that promote clarity, logic, and harmony. A simple concentration on them will make your energy and bloodstream tune to their powerful healing vibrations.

In therapy sessions, the male Boji stone is placed directly over the affected area, while the female goes on the opposite side of the body. More than any other crystals or stones, Boji stones dislike isolation. Keep them alongside the other crystals and stones from your collection and never separate them in shelves or boxes. They adore to be touched by the morning or evening sun. They love fresh air and enjoy the light of the full moon.

To activate the friendship centers of these stones, gently rub down the surface. Caressing the stones for some time will give you a hint about the reinvigorating, healing energy field created around your body.

Boji stones are strong purifying minerals that will cleanse your body and soul and establish a sense of balance. If you carry them with you always, they will regenerate the cells, refresh your organs and tissues, and boost your energy levels and stamina. They are believed to protect against fire, flood, and lightning strikes, at the same time bestowing their owner with happiness, life energy, and fertility.

Boji stones are considered minerals of great strength and supreme vibration, which puts them in the same category as Meteorites, Tektite, and Moldavite. The latter are stones of extraterrestrial origin, which Boji stones are not, but Boji stones are compatible with them and possess similar powers. They are capable of reconciling and reuniting the opposites. They transport and amplify the energy of our Mother, our planet Earth.

Boji stones are also compatible with a number of crystals and gemstone, increasing their healing properties. However, they dislike the touch of pure iron, because it interferes with their specific field.

Boji stones can be animated by caressing and through skin contact in everyday use. How strong your Boji stones will be depends on your own love, affection, tenderness, and light.

boji stones

Boji stones do not require any charging or discharging.

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Charles Bell says:

Please add me to your mailing list

sunnyray says:

Thanks for asking. Added!

Erwin Gillissen says:

Weard, you write to balance female and male to put the male one in the left hand. Later you write that female as a rule should be held in the left hand. HUH? Hope you can reply to this and help me out. Kind regards, Erwin.

sunnyray says:

Hi Erwin,
One should normally hold the female stone in the left hand and the male in the stronger right hand. But occasionally, you may switch the position for a couple of minutes, so that you may achieve a better balance between the left rational and right creative brain hemisphere.

ginnymae says:

I think I may have two female Boji stones. Will they still work for me?

sunnyray says:

Hi ginnymae. I would say that one works with what one has until acquiring the more powerful combination.

Jacqueline LaFontaine says:

Where do you buy Boji stones ?

sunnyray says:

You can find them in many crystal and mineral stores.

Gigi says:

Check Etsy for crystals and stones where I found my Boji stones. They are also called Kansas pop rocks, so do a search and you'll find an abundance of choices.

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