Formula: LiAl(SiO3)2
Hardness: 6.5-7

Kunzite is a spiritual crystal. It releases us from the painful past traumas, eliminating fear and opening our heart for new types of love. The tender energy of this crystal helps free our hearts from all the accumulated and blocked energies, making us more receptive and sensitive. Kunzite also possesses protective qualities.

The colors of Kunzite are lilac, pink, green or yellow. It is a transparent stone of high luster.

Notable occurrences are in the USA, Brazil, Australia, Afghanistan, Myanmar and Madagascar.

Kunzite was first discovered in the mines of the Pala District of San Diego, California. It was named after the gemologist G. F. Kunz who first described the pink variation at the beginning of the 20th century.

This is a rather unusual, rare mineral with beautiful pale nuances that originate from the traces of manganese in its silicate structure. More precisely, it is a lithium aluminum silicate, and is one of the main ores of lithium. Especially powerful in the metaphysical sense are the long and flat specimens.

Kunzite is a variation of Spodumene. Usually, Kunzite is the pink or lilac colored Spodumene. It occurs in nature as a result of the process of irradiation or heat treatment of transparent specimens. Artificial irradiation or annealing is also possible to change or enhance the color of this material.

pink kunzite

The color of certain Kunzites used in jewelry production is artificially enhanced by heating. The natural Kunzite crystals come in bright, pastel shades.

The Value of Kunzite

Kunzite is not a very expensive stone. It is, in fact, one of the most affordable gemstones. You can even find affordable larger gems, with prices per carat growing almost linearly with carat size. This is something rather unusual for those used to dealing with Rubies or Sapphires, where they often tend to pay top dollar for a sizable, 10 or 20 carat stone.

One of the decisive factors when it comes to Kunzite's value is its color. The saturated pink colors sometimes command higher prices. Most of Kunzite specimens have good clarity, so the clarity is rarely a factor. As a rule of the thumb, gemstones below 10 carats sell for something like $15 to $20.

Metaphysical Properties and Healing

Wearing Kunzite is thought to bring blessing, prosperity and good luck in one's life. Its pastel tones symbolize purity and innocence. Kunzite can be understood as a living entity capable of inducing change and new life. This soothing and relaxing stone will release all the tensions and stress, bestowing upon you exceptional peaceful and calming vibrations and love that heals a broken heart.

Sometimes it is enough to just gaze at this crystal's surface or hold it in your hand for the daily stress to leave your body, to relax the muscles, calm the nerves and alleviate anger, rage or fear. Kunzite will activate the latent spiritual potential of human nature, bringing enlightenment and expanding the consciousness. It is a cleansing crystal that will clear negative implants and elementals* from the aura. In healing, Kunzite is helpful for achieving natural hormone balance. In part, the healing properties of Kunzite are due to the presence of lithium.

* Elemental is an astral creation made out of only one basic element. If negative, it may feed on the energy of the host.

lilac kunzite

Hidenite is the green Kunzite variation which is connected to the heart chakra. In meditation, this stone shifts our consciousness so that we can open to the streams of Divine love. It keeps us focused on the Source of all things, promoting balance and harmony between the physical body and the higher, more subtle bodies.

Green Kunzite boosts the natural hormone production in the body and helps improve the blood circulation in the brain area. It is great for treating swelling and bruises, to strengthen the heart and circulation, and can help alleviate the symptoms of emotional trauma.

White Kunzite is a crystal of the soul. It helps bring the soul back to the path of self-realization. It is even believed to be able to temporarily hold the soul until it is reunited with the body.

Lilac Kunzite is a heavenly symbol of infinity. It helps the soul find the easiest way to enlightenment. It pierces into eternity, the only truly existing dimension of reality, disregarding the illusion of time. It is also suitable to ground the energy of Divine love.

Kunzite should be rinsed under running water approximately every 15 days. This crystal should be charged in mineral water, or using charged Rock crystal. Exposure to sun's rays should be avoided, as it may become pale in color.


Selene says:

Thank you for sharing Sunny, this info came just at that right now moment... another pretty pattern now unfolds!

In absolute & total Love/Truth,


sunny says:

Dear Selene,
That's really nice to hear. With Love and Light,

Rinakhan says:

Hello. Sunny will kunzite help me in my obesity issue.

sunny says:

The best way for that is crystal programming. Program your Kunzite with the intention of reaching your optimal God-given physical form. Implementing a proper diet is a must, too. Here is a link that may help you with these issues, especially in controlling your carbohydrate intake.

Cherry says:

Hello. I recently bought a kunzite bracelet. Instead of round beads, they're oval & Flat. Color is very pale pink and transparent and clear. The store manager/ owner told me that it's of good quality ( because it's clear). I am wondering if natural kunzite could be clear? Or is it artificially treated? Will it loose it's natural healing properties if artificially treated? Please enlighten me. Thank you very much!

sunny says:

Sure kunzite is one of the stones that could be clear. Generally it is hard to tell if a stone has been artificially treated or not, and it may lose some of its power if treated.

Mika says:

Green Kunzite is called Hiddenite.

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