Selenite brings clarity of mind and activates the seventh chakra, Sahasrara, which is our direct link to the Spirit. When the seventh chakra is balanced, we are able to understand our connection with the universe, we are one with the entire Divine creation. Selenite is a link to the consciousness of the Angelic kingdoms. It realizes that function by merging with our light body.

Selenite can be used to awaken or deepen our telepathic ability. Placed in the four corners of the house, Selenite helps establish perfect peace and protects against negative external influences. Some people believe that Selenite can easily reach our past and even future incarnations, retrieving deep insights about our true nature. Mental confusion can be lifted by placing a piece of Selenite on the top of the head.

Selenite is white and most commonly translucent. It has nice looking striations (parallel channels) and exhibits a pearly, silky luster. If Selenite has some other color than white, it is because of the presence of tiny micro-crystals that are embedded either on the surface or in the bulk.

Notable occurrences are in Mexico, Brazil, Greece, Poland, Russia, and the USA.


Selenite is a type of gypsum. Gypsum is the most common of all sulfate minerals. By chemical composition, Gypsum is calcium sulfate — a substance with very low hardness.

Selenite was formed in the distant past when salt water started to evaporate from the ancient oceans. As a type of salt, Selenite resonates in the most primal way with the salt present in our human bodies.

Selenite usually comes as a wand, but there are Selenite Desert roses as well. Selenite loves the sun and enjoys a lot of light. Being a carrier of light energies, Selenite should never be kept in a drawer.

The fine grooves on Selenite’s surface stretch along its entire length. They direct the energy coming from outside light sources along the crystal. Selenite is like a natural transmitter with ingrained “optic fibers” that guide and transmit light energies.

Formula: CaSO4*2H2O

Hardness: 2

selenite wands

Selenite exists as a portal between Nature on one side and the Spirit on the other. It links the two worlds, helping them work together. Selenite is believed to receive information from the Causal plane, which makes it very useful for establishing successful communication with the ascended teachers and highly developed spiritual beings.

Selenite vibrates with high rate, but we can seldom become aware of this vibration. Some people have reported seeing Selenite twist, bend, and change color without any visible cause.

Selenite originally comes from the ancient seas and oceans. The water element within Selenite works on our emotions, because the world of emotions has always been linked to the water element. Selenite has a direct soothing and balancing effect on our emotions. Other crystal, such as Smithsonite and Green Aventurine, have a similar calming effect, but Selenite goes a step further — it activates our spirituality and triggers mystical experience of the causal plane.

Selenite is capable of directing the feelings that emerge from your heart. This energy is usually lost and dissipated, but with Selenite’s help you can lift it up on the level of the Christ Presence in your being.

Selenite works in two ways — it can enhance the frequency of the physical matter, so that it comes closer to the spiritual world, or it can reduce the frequency of the spiritual light to harmonize with the physical world.

You should treat Selenite with care because it can change your four lower bodies: physical, etheric, emotional, and mental. Selenite can effect the three higher spiritual bodies as well. You need to have a conscious desire for the inner transformation to happen, and to be willing to accept the changes within your being. If you are predisposed to work with Selenite on a deeper level, sooner or later, you will feel the call.

Our etheric body contains two important centers: the star of the soul and the star of the earth. The first is located about 10 inches above the head, whereas the second about 10 inches underneath the soles. Before starting your metaphysical activities with Selenite, it is necessary to align those two centers so that you may ground yourself and also energize the star of the soul above your head. If you activate the star of the soul before activating the star of the earth, your body will not be in balance. Only after you have grounded your body, can you accept the light that Selenite brings into your microcosm through the star of the soul. The grounding of the star of the earth can be done with Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, and Hematite.

Selenite balances the mind and brings a light ray into every environment. You can even embed information into the Selenite’s light ray. Just sit in meditation and put your Selenite on the third eye area. Project your mental picture, message, or idea that you would like to send out, with as clear an intent of accomplishment as you can imagine. For example, you can send your healing energy and protective thoughts for someone you love.

Here is another way of meditating with Selenite that requires a good preparation to be successful. Place your Selenite in front of your eyes and gaze into it without blinking. The moment you notice a change of color or shape, you may potentially open a portal into the causal realm where your spiritual teachers and guides reside. That is the place where you can see the world from within, where you stand in the presence of all things and realize your connection with the Source. Selenite helps you extend your manifestation on the causal plane.

Place your Selenite under your pillow at night so that you can better absorb its energy and knowledge.

During the day, keep your Selenite in the living room with Rock Crystal and Amethyst.

From the book "The Magical World of Crystals" (Now in Pdf format too) by Olga Rezo. Click Here to subscribe to our mailing list and get a free chapter from this book.

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Sabrina says:

You can use Selenite in many different ways. In meditation, I like to place my bare feet on a selenite wand. It makes me feel the energy of the Earth, ground myself and relax my body. This way I can balance the entire energy of my body.

For aura cleansing, I use my selenite wand as a tool to absorb all negative energies, worries, and stress from my aura. I like to start from the top of my head and make my way down to the bottom. Selenite is an excellent healing and cleansing crystal.

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the extremely useful tips, Sabrina. God bless!

Ina nagi says:

Thanks for advice

Kumar says:

Thank you very much.

Nicci says:

Hi, I placed my selenite wand under my pillow 3 nights ago, and every night I've had vivid dreams about myself and my ex back together ( something I've wanted to happen but have given up hope of happening) what do you think this it the truth of the situation with the negativity removed? Thank u x

Chris says:

Three nights ago I placed a large piece of selenite under the bed ( on my side) I slept soundly.
Two nights later, I placed another one under my husband'side of the bed. First night he sleep very wll. By the third night nither of us could sleep. Both were extremely alert the whole night.
Each piece is about 18 inches long by 4 inches wide.
Please advise.

Connor Olsen says:

I got a piece of Angel wing selenite for my sister, it was a tan color. She's had it for like a week and it's gone noticeably browm, is there any specific reason for this change? Any advice would be well appreciated

sunnyray says:

It could be any number of reasons, from physical (e.g., contamination with external sources of dye) to metaphysical. Really hard to say without knowing the specifics.

Cherry says:

Hi! I am drawn to a selenite tumble stone & I had it wire wrapped so I could wear it as a pendant. Could its protective & healing energy be very effective throughout my body even though it's only a small tumble stone? Please enlighten me. Many thanks!

sunnyray says:

Yes they can be effective, regardless of the size.

Brandon says:

I know that selenite actually helps to relieve negative energy(e.g. negative ions). Are there other crystals with similar properties, perhaps in positive energy? For real, not just some spiritual magic mumbo jumbo? Thanks!

sunnyray says:

All stories about negative ions emission are not really science based. If you are looking for a meaningful flux of negative ions, you should buy a generator of negative ions. The properties of crystals discussed here are purely metaphysical. That is not to say that they are insubstantial. We are metaphysical beings too, whether we are aware of that or not.

Catherine says:

I had recently taped a small selenite to a dogs collar to help him with his epilepsy. and a lapis on the other side of the collar.

Do we have to add a grounding stone as well ?

sunnyray says:

Hi Catherine. Sorry to hear about your dog's condition. A grounding stone is not a bad idea. In any case, it can only increase the effect of the other stones. Hope your dog gets better. All the best.

Mad says:

Dear sunnyray , what could you say about combining black obsidian with selenite? i have 2 such spheres... and I gaze into them, hold them in my hands, swap positions etc.. see the selenite in the obsdian's reflection etc etc... my mind gets very focused and trance like..similar to how you feel your mind when you are in an 1 hour+ meditaton session. can you say more about this? also, if you have the time, what do you think about apatite with b.obsidian or apatite with selenite as well. but mainly you can stick to the original question, hope you read this, thanks in advance

sunnyray says:

Not really surprised about the effect of selenite and obsidian combined. Very powerful combination. Thanks for posting your experience of working with them. I've never tried apatite with them, so I'm not sure how it may turn out. Greetings!

Danielle says:


I purchased a pipe handcrafted out of labradorite, which I've literally had for 3 days. The energy from it has been so strong and I felt so connected that I haven't even thought to use it as a pipe and have been keeping it on me.

Day 2: I had placed it in the front of my pants between my sacral and root chakra (didn't have pockets), and it fell out. The first time it fell out, there were only minor chips so I wasn't too concerned. Less than an hour later, it fell out and broke in two. At first, it felt like my spirit broke with it. I was so upset!

Day 3: I placed one of the pieces in my bra, and as I bent over to pick something up it fell out and broke AGAIN. This time into 3 pieces, and a couple small chipped off pieces. After this last drop, I've noticed 3 black formations on the surface that I do not recall seeing before. Two of which are especially large.

What could this mean for me, if anything?

sunnyray says:

When such events happen, there are people who claim that the stone has taken the blow so that you don't have to. I don't know whether that's the case with your labradorite. The meanings are very much personal, and we all have our own ways of interpreting them. Thanks for posting. Have a great day.

NB says:


I have been using selenite crystal for approximately week and over now. I really love the selenite crystal because of the peaceful effect it has on me. I recently bought a selenite beaded necklace(translucent, white, silky
texture but I have read that selenite is usually rough by texture, and melts in the salt and water) but I'm not sure if it is really selenite.
I have had a vivid experience in the middle of the night, as if my family members were actually speaking to me.
day 1: selenite was under my pillow. I felt as if my husband woke up and spoke to me telling me a good news related to him
day2: selenite under my pillow. lapis lazuli bracelet on my right hand.
In the middle of the night my mother spoke to me in a caring way that I should put a blanket on myself otherwise I will catch cold.


I am still wearing LAPIS LAZULI bracelet and selenite beaded necklace. Is this combination alright?
I am experiencing sleep like or trance like state all the time even when I am not meditating at all.

I am exceptionally sleepy and relaxed. Is there anything to worry about?

Bee says:

NB did anything ever come of this??

Jes says:

The first piece of selenite I ever came across drew me from outside into a shop where I found it. Once I had it in my hands I saw sparks of electricity run through it. I know selenite is an activation tool, I'm just wondering if you have any advise on what exactly it might have been activating, considering the sparks I saw. Any advise appreciated as I've not been able to find any info on this x

NB says:

Yes the first prophecy came true within a week or so. The second one came true recently.

Shiraz says:

I wore Selenite wrist band today and just after an hour I went out and met with an accident, my bike got damaged!! What this means? Don't know.

sunnyray says:

Sorry to hear about the accident. Are you sure these two things are related? Correlation doesn't always mean causation!

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