Danburite helps in achieving deep and comprehensive consciousness. The expanded consciousness makes it easier to accept any difficult period in life and helps to obtain a broader perspective about life. Danburite also brings a feeling of peace and calm, even when things are not as ideal as you would like them to be.

The color of Danburite is almost always white or transparent, but some specimens can be yellow, pink, or brown. The Danburite crystals are transparent or translucent, with a characteristic glassy shine.

The original location of Danburite is no longer to be seen. It is under the city of Danbury, Connecticut. Notable occurrences of Danburite are in Mexico, Japan, Myanmar, Switzerland, and Russia.

Danburite is not so widespread a mineral, but, it gains popularity by the day. The crystals of Danburite are very similar to those of Topaz. Danburite offers collectors the chance to obtain perfectly transparent crystal clusters, but those who admire the brightness of Quartz crystals won’t be that enthusiastic about the distinct look of this crystal. Danburite’s cross-section is Diamond like, in contrast to the hexagonal cut of Quartz.

Formula: CaB2Si2O8

Hardness: 7–7.5

pink danburite

The purity of Danburite is like the purity of Rock crystal. Its energies, however, are very soft and soothing, almost Angelic.

This crystal will activate the third eye and crown chakras. It also brings the heart center closer to the two higher centers, establishing a sort of an energetic triangle. This is a beneficial crystal if you need to release your emotional pain by means of understanding of its cause.

Danburite helps in transcending the fears, concerns, needs, and desires of our ego. It enables you to take a look at your life from a different perspective — from the perspective of the spirit. That is, you need to consider everything that happens as a chance for spiritual growth and development. Because, in reality, everything is a chance to acquire knowledge, wisdom, insight, and, eventually, enlightenment. The more you are aware of the spiritual side of all things, the more you are able to disperse and diminish their potential negative aspects.

Danburite makes it possible for your inner light to shine, to become what you are, to reveal your true identity. This stone activates the intellect and promotes your faith and respect for the spiritual laws.

Danburite will help you in turbulent times. Whenever you think of giving up, use your Danburite, and it will give you strength to go on. It will liven you up and encourage you to adapt and deal with the difficulties and troubles ahead.

Danburite intensifies your healing energies. It is called a stone of joy and celebration because it helps you in getting along with other people. It is a spiritual crystal of higher order and a powerful healer of the heart chakra. It is capable of removing the suppressed emotional pain. It possesses one of the highest vibrations in the mineral kingdom. This crystal is a good choice for relieving stress and bringing peace. Danburite can be recommended to people with a too strong focus on their mental body. Danburite will release the mental tension, re-establishing the link to the heart center. This crystal makes it easier for the light to shine again.

Danburite can heal deep wounds, cleanse the past karma, and support your persistent fight in troublesome and dangerous situations. On the plane of physical healing, it helps with gallbladder and liver diseases, as well as in the expulsion of toxic substances from the organism. It also boosts the appetite.

Danburite is very suitable for meditation practice. It can be used as a personal all-around stone, suitable for all occasions.

white danburite

Danburite should be discharged every 2 weeks by using lukewarm running water. It should be charged relatively often with the energy of the Sun.

Colorless and silver Danburite increase psychic powers, strengthen the connection to our Guardian Angel, and open the higher levels of consciousness and higher dimensions. Danburite placed under the pillow brings lucid dreams.

Pink Danburite is especially suitable for opening the heart.

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