Shattuckite is a silicate stone with high copper content with chemical formula Cu5(SiO3)4(OH)2. This high Cu concentration is what makes this stone stand out in regard to its meanings, healing properties and symbolism. It is usually found opaque, and despite being a member of the silicates it has relatively low hardness of 3.5 to 4.

Shattuckite is a mineral of secondary importance when it comes to Cu extraction. It can be found in the zones of hydrothermal deposits. The most important mining site is in Arizona, whereas a smaller location is found in Zambia.

It has been prized as a metaphysical stone capable to sharpen our intuition and strengthen our concentration. Some people say it is able to help in channeling and reprogramming our DNA as well as our brain functions.

sattuckite stone What made a profound influence on me when I first saw this stone was its deep unusually cute blue color. This color is not a surprise if we recall that this is a copper-rich stone. All Cu rich stones, like malachite and azurite for instance, are known to have vivid blue or green colors. If Shattuckite is properly polished, its colors can get regular patterns with its blue and red nuances surpassing the beauty and glamor of turquoise.

As a rare mixture wherein malachite, chrysocolla, azurite and copper are found in traces, Shattuckite is considered an excellent choice for use in crystal healing for removal of barriers and energy blockages from the past. It has been considered to have some protective powers against hostile foreign entities. As a stone capable of reaching high frequency vibrations, it is meant a helpful tool for attracting pure spirits and spiritual guides. Thus, it has been used for developing psychic vision, and telepathy.

The symbolism of Shattuckite has been related to reconciliation and reestablishing harmonious relations. If there is a broken relationship, if there are some obstructing energies preventing you from reaching peace and harmony with your loved ones, try using Shattuckite. You can use a piece in form of Shattuckite jewelry and carry it along, or even better a stone that has been programmed for that purpose with a methods similar to quartz crystal programming.

This stone will also help in channeling any information from the higher spheres of existence, especially information from outside planet Earth. It is generally accepted that it creates a peaceful environment, calms the mind and harmonizes our life space.

When it comes to crystal therapy and healing, it can be a useful helping tool for treating diabetes, for stimulating calcium absorption, and for minor health conditions. It brings our body in balance if there have been minor stressful influences.

No special care is needed when dealing with this stone, apart from careful handling that its low hardness would require. However, because Shattuckite contains copper make sure not to use it for elixir preparations, charging water or similar activities.

It can be cleansed with water, and charged on the sun. Additional crystal cleaning methods may also be applied without too much problems.


seth says:

So very helpful! Thanks a lot!! Use Shattuckite whenever you want to open your psychic channel. Great for anyone involved into psychic work. Take care.

Nikka says:

Shattuckite comes in different colors: bright blue, deep green, and multi-color blue-green in combination with chrysocolla, cuprite, malachite and quartz. Which color or combination has the most effect on the brain, concentration and other healing properties?

sunnyray says:

I would choose the darkest blue I could find, and/or combine it with quartz.

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