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The Colors of Human Health

Since ancient times it is very well known that various colors influence our behavior, our physical, mental and spiritual moods and circumstantially, our health. Science has no choice but to confirm this obvious fact - everything in nature is influenced by everything else - it does not matter how close or distant it is.

The seven colors of the spectrum have different influences on our body, spirit and soul. It is known that the red nuances are alerting, agitating and they are calling for caution. On the other side the red color is full of energy and vigor. The blue shades are relaxing and calming, whereas the yellow color promotes warmth and affectionate feelings. The green nuances have always been known to bring harmony and healing...

So, each color fills us with new, different feelings. Given this visual interaction, and provided that we are oriented toward learning from Nature Itself, it must be clear to us that we are bestowed with one of the most powerful tool for maintaining good health, pleasure and joy of life. Just remember how magically, almost in a surreal way, the sunset colors transform themselves from bright yellow to orange and finally violet only to spark in us thoughts of romance, peace and happiness. The oldest records stand as monumental testimonies of the impact these complementary colors have on our beings, when we enjoy them with our open hearts and souls.

colors A long tradition of healing written in chronicles, ancient texts, grave paintings, oldest heroic poems, and mythological stories - they all report on color healing practiced in the dawn of mankind. In Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, India and China, people had been aware of the healing abilities of colors, so some of the temples were projected in such a way as to spread the sun rays in a magical kaleidoscope of rainbow colors.

The Ancient Greeks considered only 4 basic colors: white, black, red, and yellow. Still, nowadays we know that there are seven basic colors, as many as there are chakras in our human auras. Those colors are red, yellow, orange, green, blue, indigo and violet. Still yet, recently two additional colors have been included in the list: the turquoise and scarlet violet color. The Greek people are responsible for the scientific name of this skill, science or art of color healing - chromotherapy. Today. however, the accepted name is color therapy.

Given that our consciousness works on all levels of existence, color therapy should be taken in the broader sense of the world. On the physical level, the colors are intimately connected to the skin and to the food we are consuming. The various foods that we are eating are meant to provide energy as well as material for building and rebuilding our cellular structure. There is also a factor of maintaining our inner balance via the various enzymes and hormones we need for proper functioning. Therefore the food also need to bring in balance, which is exactly why the most abundant type of foods are of green color. Color therapy works when we mark our body or a part of it with one specific color, or with a couple of them. For example we can use a red scarf for treating problems with the spine. If we are in a bad mood we can use orange colored outfit, and the yellow color can help us get rid of problems with our indigestion. The green color can be put on when we have heart problems and different oscillatory processes in the body. The blue color is excellent for treating headaches, for example by wrapping a blue band around the head, while the violet nuance promote meditation and relaxation.

Color therapists usually combine several colors to relieve certain medical symptoms or to treat certain conditions. One thing is certain. This is probably one of the most easy way to eliminate stress, get rid of energy deficiency and exhaustion, or equivalently promote inner harmony and peace. All of these components are basic parameters of a good health.

What is especially beneficial is the fact that we are always able to express the basic colors within us, meaning that we can always perform a simple meditation exercise and go to a place of our choice. There, we can invoke the colors we are fond of, for example imagine the color of the clear blue sky, the shine of the Sun, the green of the pastures, the freshness of the waterfalls, the green leaves of autumn, the orange, red, pink, violet flowers of our childhood. Breathe in all these colors.

If you want to be vital, inhale the red, and exhale the turquoise. If you want to be joyful, inhale the orange and exhale the blue. While inhaling the yellow and exhaling the violet you increase your intellectual capacity. The green color is here to establish the balance in your body, in which case you should exhale the scarlet violet color. If you want more confidence, breathe in the violet and breathe out the yellow.

Each person has their own colors. It is enough to perform a daily meditation with our favorite color just to see how relaxed and filled with freshness we become. The most famous world healers and color therapists claim that each of us has its personal spectrum of colors for this life cycle. Color therapy is an excellent complementary alternative medical system for healing our spiritual mental emotional and physical problems, that can be applied without any problems alongside other methods and techniques, such as acupuncture, acupressure, meditation imagination and visualization.

One especially compatible system is crystal therapy. Crystal therapy comes as a natural extension of color therapy, as every crystal, mineral and stone has a certain color. Even when the crystal is transparent, this only means that it transmits all the individual colors of the spectrum, which can also be useful for some applications. Indeed, crystal can be used solely based on their color, without considering the other features of these members of the mineral kingdom. As a matter of fact, many crystal therapists rely only on the color system in their senses.


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