Garnet is actually not a single mineral. It is a broad group of minerals which possess common chemical formula: X3Y2(SiO4)3 , where X and Y denote different chemical elements. The hardness of the garnet family is in the range of 6.5-7.5.

Garnet was used in making jewelry in many ancient cultures, including Celtic jewelry. It is believed to be one of the stones of the (Hoshen) breastplate of the high priests (Book of Exodus, 28:20). Known as Lamp Stone in the Greek civilization, it was carried around the neck to give the wearer the mystical power of sight in the dark.

During the time of the Crusades, Garnet was used as a Warrior's talisman. It was often used in combination with Amber by the Germanic peoples for the same reason.

The ancient peoples also knew about the healing powers of this stone in case of sexual dysfunctions. Probably because of that, Don Juan was thought to have worn this stone in a form of ring.

In metaphysical sense, one of the most important characteristics of the garnets is their purification ability. They have a strong healing capacity and are able to help in purifying the bodily energies, in removing toxins, and in restoring, revitalizing and cleansing the body, the mind, and the spirit.

Garnets are recognized as spiritual minerals able to heal and intensify relationships. But they can do more than that; they are able to bring certain relationships to a higher, more spiritual level. Garnets relax and secure comfort in transitional times, such as for example, bringing an experimental love relationship to a more permanent level of devotion. Depending on their composition, garnets can be colored differently, but the most common color of garnets is red. The name comes from the Latin word for grain or seed - "granatus - due to its resemblance to small round seeds within the cluster groups.

red garnets in a ring The most common color is dark red to brownish red. Many of the garnets possess glassy glow. The most important occurrences are in India, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, Hungary, and Austria. There can be distinguished 6 types of garnets: pyrope, almandine, spessartine, grossular, uvarovite, and andradite. The X spot in the above formula can be occupied by Ca -calcium, Mg-magnesium, or Fe-iron, whereas the Y spot by Al-aluminum, Fe-iron, or in lesser degree by Cr-chromium. The crystal network is otherwise tetrahedral made out of Si-silicon and O-oxygen.

The red color of the garnets suggests a connection with love and permanence, but also with passion and desires. Not only is this passion linked with sexual lust, it is also linked with all the different desires that an individual can possess. In this sense, red garnet can be used to restore lost passion. Garnets can also be related to the will to execute some decision. Crystal therapy with garnets can increase the will to accept one's life and make progress in it.

Garnets have been used since bronze age for making precious gems as well as for abrasive purposes. Crystals, minerals, rocks, semi-precious stones and metals have always been used to help people in crystal therapy, astral travel, aura cleansing, achieving cosmic consciousness, meditation, and connecting with Angels. This last property is also important when we consider the garnet family, since they enable making easier contact with our spiritual guides and higher spiritual energies.

Since the times of the Noah's ark, garnets have been used to light the way into the inner part of the ark. Because of its guiding quality, garnet is used to direct travellers and keep them save on a journey. The luminescent nature of the garnets are a reflection of the spiritual forces that help in meditation and act as ally in love related issues. It is also considered to be talisman for protection.

On the physical level, the healing properties of garnet are considered to be helpful for cardiovascular problems, it regulates internal rhythms, normalizes blood pressure.

Several hundreds years ago, garnets and rubies were thought to belong to the same class of minerals. But, they are very much different. On the other hand, in terms of their properties, some parallels can be made. For instance, garnets ensoul the qualities of creativity and sexuality. Those are partly the features of the rubies too, but garnets execute them more gently, and less intense than the former minerals. In this sense, garnets will rather promote friendship than passion.

If you are feeling down and emotionally suppressed, the vibrant energy of the garnets can help to awaken the heart center - Anahata. They help in increasing personal strength, endurance, and bodily power. They should be discharged by holding them for 3 minutes under flowing water. Garnets should be charged placed on a cluster of rock crystals.


ashu says:

Hi Sunny,

First of all, I had like to thank you for this wonderful website.

My dob is May 22 1982, time 12:47 PM, place: Chandigarh India. I have been advised to wear Hessonite garnet by a vedic astrologer to pacify Rahu, the snake God. Should therebe any precautions I should take before wearing it in a ring. How to energize this stone? Appreciate your insights wrt this stone.

sunny says:

Dear ashu
There are really no precautions related to Garnet that I know of. If you want to energize this stone, the easiest way would be bathing it in the early morning sun. All the best and God bless!

Paul W. says:

Is the effect of garnet diminished if not touching the skin? I use in medicine bag with lodestone next to my base chakra.

sunny says:

Dear Paul,
The premise is that crystals ang gemstones channel and amplify metaphysical energy. Therefore, the skin contact is not essential at all as long as the stone itself is within your auric field. With love and light, sunny.

Di ane says:

Peace Sunny. I just received my first Garnet my Earthday is Jan 7 1973. I would like to know how to get the most out of my stone. Thank you

sunny says:

Three things: cleanse it, charge it and program it. That way you can be sure that you get the most of your Garnet. By the way, it is a great stone. With love and light, sunny.

Marquella says:

Dear Sunny,

I have just started to use crystals for about a month and I've noticed that I have had lots of great things happening to me. One of my favourite stones are garnets. The intense red really captivates me, and I find that when I wear them, it brings out a very proud feminine aura in me, even though they are very passive. The first day I wore it I noticed a change in my love life where my partner was very much more affectionate with me. I find that my body is very crystalline and reacts quite quickly to crystals. I am definitely buying more red garnets in future.

sunny says:

Dear Marquella,

Thanks for sharing. These are really beautiful observations regarding garnet and its metaphysical effect. I've put your comment in our forum here so that other people may comment on it too.

Chrissi says:

I had a ring which was set with an Aquamarine which I have had for some time, however, this stone has decided to drop out and the only stone from my collection which fitted the setting has been a garnet. I am about to embark on a challenging trial, which to be honest I am not happy about - as it involves spending a lot of time away from loved ones, and my home. The garnet in question is a deep wine red. Would this therefore be the universe giving, the best colour of garnet to help at this time, and if so what properties has it in addition to those which help?

sunny says:

Hi Chrissi. Thanks for the comment. The color you describe is the typical garnet color. Garnet is indeed believed to keep the travellers save on their journeys. If you want to increase its protective properties, I suggest programming you garnet with your best and most positive thoughts and feelings about a safe and successful return. Best regards and God bless.

Cody says:

Hello sunny. I just got my class ring with a dark red garnet in it. My DOB is January 30th, 1996. I would like to know protective this stone is spiritually and how to charge it for its full potential.

asma says:

Garnet is my favorite stone.

sunny says:

Hi asma
It is such a great stone with soft and delicate energy. I can easily see why you like it so much. Thanks.

Gigi says:

Dear sunny I would like share my experience here. Well I always believe stone had magical power n I have been collecting some different stones, but I have bought Garnet necklace yesterday so I wear it right after I bough it. And there I do believe drawn unresolved problem was the reason I had broken up in relationship and yesterday after I wear the garnet my boyfriend had called me and want me back. I found very amazing that's energy toward the Garnet, I do believe deep love energy to it, so I would like to share my experience to everyone here. This is really a magical stone.

sunny says:

Dear Gigi
Thanks for sharing.

Zelby says:

Hi sunny,I must agree with you since wearing my garnet ring, 5 garnets and diamonds around them my husband is really loving me more...and I feel more independent and a sense of being protected from negative energies thanks for your insight

sunny says:

Hi Zelby. Thanks for taking the time to share your insight with us.

Majaz M Siddiqi says:

When to wear the Garnet gemstone & in which finger & on which day. Plz tell me

sunny says:

You are asking too specific a question. Check this post for rough guidelines, but the rest you would have to figure out on yourself.

Nandakumar says:

Great article to understand thank you...I just want to know that minimum 8-10ct is must to get good result? advice and guide me

sunny says:

Hi Nandakumar
Some experts suggest having a sizable stone for achieving good results. I don't think size is so important though. I always suggests to use your intuition as the best guide in the selection process.

Kalpesh says:

My name kalpeshkumar goswami,my dob 6th January 1977, I bought garnet ring please let me know which finger and which material ring i should to make ring and what is procedure i have follow to were garnet ring.

sunny says:

Hi Kalpesh
Thanks for reading and commenting. We have a page on the subject on gemstones and fingers here. If you want a more personalized advice, I would suggest consulting an astrologer. We are not into that.

Fahad says:

Hi i first started using onyx as a stone and i noticed a great deal of change in my life, i wrote a 353 page book and published it. Yet I'm financially stuck for the past 12 years my birth stone is garnet(dob January 20 1981) and i bought a garnet bracelet. They look like red glass crystals they don't look like a stone. Is there a test i could do to find out if this is authentic garnet. Secondly i want to know how can i charge the garnet stone. I tried charging it under the sun, i've been advised not to keep it near the window. How can i charge garnet and is there is any test for garnet's authenticity?

sunny says:

Hi Fahad, and thanks for the comment. Try some of these tips.

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