The Path of Spiritual Enlightenment

In this article, you will hopefully get an idea about what spiritual enlightenment is, what your can do about it, and how you can hope to attain it, at least in principle. You won't actually find any real definition about this type of spiritual experience, since enlightenment is impossible to define. However, you might be able to discover a useful guide into the part that can be expressed with words.

"People have to find their center — their soul, or vanish as self-aware Beings."

What you need is a fundamental change in your consciousness. If you do not have a feeling for your inner Self, you will be poor in reality, regardless of the actual amount of money you might have. We are just movie spectators that are being absorbed into the movie screen and forget that the pictures on the screen are not real. We neglect the fact that the origin of the moving pictures is in the cinema projector.

Quite like what we have just described, you receive in your everyday life symbols and archetypal images, but you forget to look at their source. When your desire to come closer to the Source is strong enough, you will start to go up, towards the depths of your soul.

This is the place where you can feel the essence of your Divine omnipresence, of God in you. The greater your fire and the greater your longing to be One, to feel the Unity and stay forever there, the easier you will achieve enlightenment. Because that moment of ultimate embrace is enlightenment.

Spiritual Enlightenment Experience

The spiritual enlightenment can be an utmost joy for your mind; it is more beautiful than the most cherishable moments that you have ever known of. It is usually only one moment of perfect clarity, and complete knowledge. When you find your path to spiritual enlightenment, you will see that nothing is lacking, and everything is very simple.

You will be filled with energy, you will glow and other people will notice that. In that moment, you will be self-accomplished. You will see that you can do everything but you don't have to do anything, you can just be. The spiritual enlightenment will fill you with Divine love, as gently as possible, and to that extent needed by you at that particular moment of time.

In all its shine, enlightenment is a great mercy, great happiness. It is complete calm, endless clarity and purity, being One with God, being able to say "I am One with my Father, I am who I am." Human language has no words to adequately describe Divine love, neither there are words for this specific type of spiritual awakening. In order to be able to describe a Divine event, your individual consciousness should be as immense as the endless reality.

After the Spiritual Enlightenment

Once the Divine embrace has eased off, and your thoughts have started to come up again, you are approaching back our physical consciousness as the coarsest part of all the levels of spiritual consciousness. After you have descended to this plane, your recollection of the experienced enlightenment is what remains. There is also, of course, your enormous desire for a new encounter with the Divine in you.

Although the experience of God's dazzling shine lasts relatively short period of time, God releases none of His children without a precious gift . You have touched the very source of life, and the seed of life grows much stronger. After many repeated attempts, a certain strength that keeps you closer to God is accumulated. This will give you a possibility of establishing more and more easy contact. You are more aware of yourself, of everything around you. You are aware of the heavenly bodies, of the whole Universe.

After the spiritual awakening, all things are settling down, and everything is getting more clear. The process of everyday learning is established. You have started to learn not only from books but from the depths of your own Self, from what you really are. New worlds are opened, new levels are discovered, new depths of richness of Divine love are revealed. A new center of personality as a whole is formed. Then you can realize that one single letter from inside is worth more than tons of literature. Your constant longing for wholeness in union with God always remains.

How can you go on with your meditation after the enlightenment? How can you continue learning how to meditate even more deeply after it? In fact, your meditation is now much easier, since you have become increasingly receptive. The feeling of ineffably tender, warm, ubiquitous abundance of Divine love pervades us everywhere, at every place. Finally, through Divine grace we will achieve a new enlightenment. “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit.” The Divine Self is outside the body, feelings, and thoughts, it is unborn, eternal, without beginning or end. No sword can cut it, no fire can burn it, it is omniscient, indescribable, and omnipresent – neither body, nor spirit, nor consciousness, but what is beyond all of that.

Our Everyday Life and Achieving Enlightenment

Life is a gift. This may sound like an average sentence, but it is a great truth. So, life is a Divine gift. One should try to experience what life is. There are many life lessons to be learned. Some people could say: That is fantastic, great, let us go and enjoy it, absorb ourselves in love affairs, entertain ourselves, indulge ourselves in fulfilling our diverse wants, and spend our lives in different ways.

Is this really what life is? Sure enough it is not. First, we should thank God for our lives that have been so generously presented to us. Then we should ask what to do. Each individual is unique, exceptional, and great, and as such needed in the Universe. Everyone has his/her own place in the Divine tissue. Therefore, let us walk the path of spiritual enlightenment in a more dedicate manner. What is the reason of my life? What should I do? What is the purpose of my existence? By practicing spiritual growth methods we will animate the part of our personality that can provide answers to these questions.

But remember one simple thing, your personality is unable to further develop itself unless it is rooted in its own nature. Only then everything becomes easier and flows spontaneously in the right direction. Only then you can reconcile the opposites, be what you are, walk your own path. Once you walk your own path of spirituality, no specific spiritual technique is needed. Then your honest desire, will, constant striving, good habits, tenderness, acting without criticizing, prejudicing, or confronting will enable your growth. When the mental energy is awaken and you have become sensitive to the inner physical processes, the result will not fall behind. All this is only part of your spiritual possibilities. And don't forget to live your life fully, enjoying it.


Stephen D Wilson says:

Hello There, It is so nice to finally discover somebody that I can closely relate to concerning this because I had a spiritual experience when I was a young boy. I personally know that what you are teaching is 100% TRUTH. If you want than I will tell you my story in another email because I do not think I would be able to fit it in this comment box. Thankyou, I really hope you will reply to me so I can tell you. Sincerely,Stephen D Wilson

sunnyray says:

Hello Stephen,
Thanks a lot. I believe your spiritual experience can be of interest also to the visitors of the sunnyray site. So, please, feel free to send us your story.

With Love and Light,

Rishi Pal Singh says:

I am extremely happy to read these articles. Kindly arrange to provide the articles related to the journey of our soul from one body to another body. What will go with the atma after our death? Kinly arrange to elaborate these very important fact of our life.

sunnyray says:

Hi Rishi Pal Singh,

You are right. The question of the journey of the soul after death is important, even though not as important as what we do with our life while still in incarnation. In any case, it is an interesting subject and we will try to address it in our next articles. Thanks for the suggestion.

Jayde says:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My gratitude for seeing, being and feeling the truth grows stronger each day. You article was informative and comforting. I am in the midst of what seems like a settling process. The ego seems to be fading to the background. In some weird way it seems like a "support group" for the newly Enlightened would be handy. :) Much Love...

sunnyray says:

Hi Jayde
Thank you too for sharing with us your experience. May your exalted state last as long as possible. As for the support group, that is a really nice idea :) With Love and Light!

enlightened says:

Thanks for the information. What kind of meditation do you suggest after the enlightenment has taken place.

sunnyray says:

The same meditation as before. There is a Zen proverb that best describes such a case: "Before Enlightenment chop wood carry water, after Enlightenment, chop wood carry water."

age says:

Want the truth without clinging to it, want the truth without desires for anything else. Just be there and let experiences pass, but be unchanged by them, always open, always welcoming the stream of life.

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