Life Lessons

Surely, every one of us has asked at least once in her/his life what lessons life has to give us, and what is the purpose of life. Without going into details, this article tries to answer the question as to why there are life lessons at the first place and how to approach them.

Life is journey on an unknown path. By birth we are entitled to a physical body which we might like or not, but it nevertheless belongs to us till the end of our life. Thus, we have enrolled ourselves in an all-around-the-clock school on our planet Earth. We start to learn our lessons. There are no faults, no errors; there are only lessons. The failed experiments are as much a part of the process of growing and development, as the successful ones. The lessons repeat themselves in one form or the other until we have embraced them. They can even become more difficult if we fail to learn them quickly. We will know that we have grasped their meaning by the change in our deeds. Learning of lessons is an endless process. There is hardly any period of our lives that contains no lessons.

Every person in life is a teacher

We should learn how to read and listen and look around by heart. Every person and every event represents a teacher. The other people are just our mirrors. We cannot like or dislike something in another person, unless that thing is a reflection of some part of us, something that we like or dislike in ourselves. What we are going to do with our life depends solely on us. The bottom line of each of our lessons is related to our realm of consciousness.

The lesson of consciousness

Actually, our ultimate aim is to develop our consciousnesss. If we observe the very nature of consciousness, we will see that our consciousness is always oriented towards something else, some external object or event, and then it forgets about itself.

When we are aware of something outside, we are not aware of our awareness. Our consciousness is focused on something else, and our awareness has drifted apart from the very source of consciousness.

The subject should not be lost, or forgotten when we focus ourselves on some external object. If we do not forget it, our consciousness will be double-focused, a simultaneous consciousness of the subject and the object. By expanding our consciousness we will improve our mental capacity as well as our powers of concentration, visualization and imagination. There is also a number of additional benefits of this double-focused consciousness. We will be able to watch the world with the eyes of the mind, and many previously closed doors will be now within our reach. Our consciousness can be expanded only in the dimension of consciousness where there are no objects, where there is just consciousness. This is the right way to pure consciousness.

There are many life lessons, but if you learn the consciousness lesson, you will know how to approach each life situation with strength and power, and your life will grow along with the expansion of your pure awareness.

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