The Power of Imagination and Visualization in Spirituality

Mental images are the deepest foundation of our memory and thought processes. Everything we have ever seen in the world around us or in our mind's eye is recorded in the subconscious mind as a mental image.

The entire outside world is reflected in your subconscious mind via the lenses of your senses. If you think that you have forgotten your past events, that's just an illusion. All events from the past sink down to the subconscious mind, as your conscious mind currently has no use for them.

We all have the ability to remember the shapes and colors of the objects around us, but while doing that, the images of the outside world are distorted passing through our filters. prejudices, and opinions. We also have the ability to form psychic images of objects and situations that do not exist.

What Does Imagination Mean

The ability to imagine things that don't exist in reality is called imagination. Our imagination depends on our creative power.

Imagination is a skill that brings us into the realm of the abstract. This is a kingdom without shapes, the fifth dimension of existence. It is our hidden potential that can change the reality of our outside world.

Imagination is a fantastic way to change the outside world. If you can learn to imagine properly, the results will follow consistently and with ease. In the depths of our subconscious mind there is the most perfect cinema projection ever built. When you meditate, when you visualize something, or when you practice imagination, your mental images are projected onto the surface of the auric field that is all around you. These projections are alive. They are composed of living malleable mental images, either reproduced from what we have already seen in the world, or entirely imagined from scratch.

Imagination enables the higher to come down to the lower, and the other way around. To study using imagination means helping your rational part to grasp the very essence of what you are studying. Imagination aids the thinking process and help you choose the best positive action aligned with the Divine.

Imagination is developed by visualization (see below).

If you manage to separate your conscious self from the hardened intellect, logical knowledge, preconceptions, and habits, you will enter the deeper layers of your psyche. In other words, you distance yourself from the primitive egoic mind. People sometimes experience their ego as a passionate monkey to whom they have handed over leadership in their lives.

By refusing to support our egoic mind, we start to soften the hardened intellect and dissolve the prejudices planted into our mind from a very young age to this day.

Only then can our intellect make a step in the right direction and overcome its genetic heritage. The web of our intellect becomes pure, glowing, and ultimately free.

Don't settle for mere intellectual knowledge or philosophy. Search for real wisdom and real spiritual work. A lot of people engage in reading and discussions about spiritual development, which gives them only a superficial sense of security and illusory knowledge.


Visualization is the ability to see (or imagine) something inside of your mind, as if projected on the screen of your auric field.

The trick to a successful visualization is to evoke the corresponding emotions together with the visualized images. For example, what you would feel if the things your are visualizing (a desire for something or a goal) are fulfilled!

The following exercise can help your develop your visualization power. It makes a solid foundation for advanced techniques of visualization.

Visualization Practice

We are going to visualize golden numbers and then feel the energetic vibration in various body parts.

Breathe evenly. Count from 5 to 1. Each number that you speak, visualize as a golden object on your screen. Give it some time to visualize the number and then, repeat the process with the same number two more times. As you visualize, you go deeper into a deeper and healthier levels of awareness of your psyche. 5 5 5, 4 4 4 , 3 3 3, you are more and more relaxed, 2 2 2, 1 1 1.

After the visualization part you continue with energy work without a break.

  • Your whole body is now relaxed. Your breathing is deep and even.
  • Transfer your attention to your feet and start feeling the inner vibrations. Do not move. Remain quiet and peaceful.
  • Transfer your mental focus to your legs and feel the inner vibrations that are present there.
  • Transfer your attention to the abdomen and its organs. For a couple of seconds, feel the inner vibrations of your abdomen.
  • Put your focus on your chest, and feel the inner vibrations there.
  • Your attention is on your neck. Feel the inner vibrations.
  • Finally, transfer your attention to your head, and feel the inner vibrations of your head.

Your energy should now flow freely throughout your entire body. Your physical and etheric body are relaxed.

Your astral body is relaxed. Feel love as you now can allow your heart to open.

Your thoughts are quieter as your mental body is also relaxed.

Feel and mentally confirm the unity with your inner self, with other people, and with God.

The above is an excerpt from the book "Light Up the Light in Your Heart" by Olga Rezo.

Quotes About Imagination

Imagination is more important than knowledge. ~Albert Einstein
To bring anything into your life, imagine that it's already there. ~Richard Bach
The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment. ~Tony Robbins

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