Etheric Body, The Hidden Double

Supersensible vision can perceive our etheric body as a hazy illuminating substance that permeates our physical body. It has more or less the same shape and is a more subtle replica of it.

In fact, the etheric body together with the physical body comprises the totality of our physical manifestation. We cannot master our physical manifestation without mastering the etheric body which is the source, so to speak, of our physical body.

The etheric body consists of substance from the etheric plane, which means it is a body of prana. Prana is the life force that permeates our physical body and gives it life. It is the basis of the manifestation of the entire Universe. All forms of energy are special types of pranic manifestations. The majority of prana available to us comes from the Sun and is also contained in the planetary kundalini energy that emanates from the center of the Earth.

When prana permeates our etheric body, it becomes part of our inner prana. It enters the spleen energy center where it is being subdivided into different energy streams being transported through special channels, nadis, into all parts of the body.

Prana is the source of vital forces necessary for the maintaining of the physical body. It represents the fundamental energy, which in its different forms keeps the health and regulates the functioning of the physical body.

Every organ in our body has its etheric replica that receives a part of this prana and slightly modifies it according to its needs. As a result, every organ of the physical body has its own reservoir in the etheric body containing exactly the type of prana it needs.

etheric body

This interdependence doesn't stop here. This inner prana is under strong influence of the astral forces from the astral body. These forces are constantly infusing the prana of the etheric body, and by virtue of doing that they modify it.

The astral forces that work in the individual organs of the physical body are different. Therefore the prana contained within is different. For example, the astral forces in the kidneys are related to planet Venus. The astral forces of Venus make the prana of this organ a little bit different than, for example, the prana of the liver, which is under a strong influence of the forces of Jupiter.

Huge amounts of prana are processed in the digestive system. This prana is of universal type and can be consciously sent all over the body, to be used as a support for the various tissues and organs.

Besides assimilating prana from food, our body can obtain certain amounts of prana from air, water, and sunlight. For example, specially designed rhythmic breathing exercises — pranayamas — were invented by the ancient Indian civilisation to be able to supply the human body with higher quantities of prana.

The Pink air pranayama, described in the second part of this book, is a great breathing technique for pranic assimilation and sending it to the parts of the body that need it the most.

A special type of prana is the parental prana responsible for supplying the (finite) pranic reserve as a special type of etheric energy at the moment of conception. This primordial substance is supposed to last our entire life.

Unlike ordinary prana, this primordial prana (Jing as it is often called) is more difficult to be sensed within the body, as it doesn't circulate. It is present there in a form of a fundamental glue that keeps together all the organs and all tissues together as one compact physical organization. Spreading throughout the entire etheric body, it unifies it and regulates its operation.

When the reservoir of this fundamental prana is spent, we are faced with fatigue and body weakness, disease, and ultimately death. This energy is exhausted by overuse of drugs, too much sexual activity, chronic stress, excessive talkativeness, and similar activities.

The levels of this fundamental energy can be improved by consuming the following types of food: bone broth made with bones from grass-fed animals, lamb and beef kidneys, micro-algae such as chlorella and spirulina, wheat grass, cordyceps mushrooms, etc.

Our etheric body is able to accumulate energy from everywhere, even from the most remote parts of the Universe. The energy that our etheric body receives from the Sun, the solar pranic emanations, is what we usually call prana.

These emanations have their own cyclic rhythms, their own colors and qualities. They are often called the Seven Light Rays. They leave their imprint on and work through our Etheric body, bringing miraculous energy and promoting fantastic efficiency.

The Bue Ray is most intense on Sunday, the Yellow on Monday, the Pink on Tuesday, White on Wednesday, Green on Thursday, Golden and Ruby on Friday, and Violet on Saturday.

The Etheric body is ruled by the Conscious Soul. The main obstacles related to this body are self-deceit, pride, lust, greed, fear, duplicity, anger, envy, arrogance, hatred, contempt, and countless variations of these passions.

The main senses of this body are truthfulness, wisdom, justice, perseverance, moderation, and kindness.

The temper of each person is imprinted upon their etheric body. As the energy centers, chakras, are also present here, it is important to improve our character traits so that we can start the awakening of the chakras from their dormant state.

The famous French philosopher René Descartes has described more than 300 types of passions in his great book "The Passions of the Soul". Our ego mind tends to use these passions to undermine our striving for spiritual development.

  1. The first step in changing our character is to become aware that it is far from being perfect.
  2. The second step is to have a desire to change oneself, to make a firm resolution to do so.
  3. The third step is to make a list of all nuances of your character, of all things you need to change. Try to look at your entire situation. The lack of Divine consciousness is what makes us unaware of our limitations and their power over us. So, look deeper into yourself.
  4. The fourth step is to be patient and persistent in dealing with the flaws of your character, one at a time.

The Double

The Etheric body is a body of vitality and energy. It is also called Etheric double, not without a reason. It contains imprints of all our past memories (happy or unhappy). These traumas and unphappy memories have created scars in the tissue of the etheric body. Unless consciously cleansed, these scars may open from time to time and spill out the poison of our past misunderstandings, hostility, and quarrels.

As already pointed out, the Etheric body constitutes of force centers or chakras linked to the glands of the endocrine system of the physical body. In addition, there are channels of life force, nadis. Both the chakras and nadis are replicas of the nervous system — neural pathways and ganglia.

Unlike the Physical body which starts its existence young and undevelopped, and has yet to reach its maturity and full strength, the Etheric body behaves differently. At the beginning of its life, the Etheric body contains a plethora of imaginative forces borrowed from the Etheric plane of the grater Universe. These heavenly forces bring fresh life energy and feed our Physical body and entire constitution.

In that sense, the Etheric body at the beginning of its journey reminds of a beautiful reflection of the Universe. The Universe literally shines into it. So when we are born, our Etheric body is given to us as a perfect form. It carries perfect images of the heavenly light within us. It reflects the very imagination of the Universe.

This energy and light of the Etheric body is given to us to make use of it, to develop our feelings and will and to acquire greater knowledge during our growing up.

At the end of our life, this reservoir of power is used up. We, as etheric beings, become wasted away because we have spent the reserve of imaginative forces the Unvierse have given us.

The only way to restore these forces as times goes by is to establish direct contact with the higher spiritual planes.

When our higher nature takes control over the lower bodies, our character flaws and bad habits will no longer be an obstacle. So, get to know yourself, forgive yourself, correct yourself, accept yourself, love yourself, and forget yourself. That's the only way to release your entire life energy and restore the strong flow of earthly and bodily kundalini in your Etheric body.

The above is an excerpt from the book "Light Up the Light in Your Heart" by Olga Rezo.

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