Know Your Metaphysical Crystals Like an Expert

“The Magical World of Crystals”

by Olga Rezo

A Definitive Guide to the Physical, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Properties of Crystals and Gemstones!

Crystal healing, meditation with crystals, or metaphysical work doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience.

the Magical World of Crystals

This is a book of ancient knowledge; fantastic encyclopedia of metaphysical crystals:

  • In-depth description of 129 of the most important crystalline varieties.
  • References to more than 300 important crystals and gemstones from "Agate to Zoisite".
  • Each of the crystals is accompanied with information on their appearance, attributes, metaphysical action, and healing.

You’ll feel like a crystal guru as you channel the crystal's metaphysical powers toward your goals.

You will also discover:

  • 7 effective ways of cleansing your crystals.
  • Prayers, meditations and crystal therapy instructions.
  • A description of 41 different crystal shapes or Divine, Sacred geometries.
  • How to select the best crystals for you.
  • How to use the seven chakras and their associated crystals.
  • How to perform a simple and easy programming of your crystals.

Say goodbye to confusing questions and dilemmas. You’ll actually work with your crystals effortlessly.

How to Buy:

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“The Magical World of Crystals” is an e-book in PDF file format. It is 732-pages in length. Here is a short preview (several selected pages):

Crystals, semi-precious and precious stones are magnificent gifts of Nature. This book deals with more than 300 crystal varieties, their origin, structure, and form. There is information on selecting the right crystals for your needs, whether you want to perform crystal therapy, attract abundance, balance your chakras, improve your general vitality and well-being, or improve your chances of success in life.

The author has included comprehensive meditations, self-healing instructions, and methods of choosing, cleansing, charging, programming, and performing metaphysical work with your crystals and stones. This encyclopedia of crystals also deals with the link between the Seven Rays and crystals, Biblical stones, Vogel crystals, their use in Kabbalah, Vedic tree of life, and other areas.

This book is an inspiring and above all practical tool, equally suitable for beginners and advanced crystal practitioners. Start your journey toward better health, positive feelings, more success, and personal strength now!

What People are Saying

“I bought this book as a gift to my wife and daughter, and I never looked back. This book is really a great gift for all occasions.” - Milo, email
“I love crystals and I'm really fascinated by them, their look, and their great power. I have several crystal encyclopedias in my library, but going through your website I decided to buy yours too. Compliments for the nice photos, but most of all for the great content.” - Tania email
“Informative book.” - Amazon Customer
“Dear Olga, thanks for writing such a fantastic book.” - Zorica, email
“Very impressed!” - Jackie Benoit,
“I am a beginner that have learned a lot from your books, which have given me a lot of spiritual insight, and for that I thank you!” - Milagros, email
“Gorgeously illustrated encyclopedia writen with great knowledge that can be easily assimilated.And not only that, in any case, a surprise for all new readers. ” - Mirjana, facebook
“I found your book very informative. Great job! Thank you. ” - aida, web comment

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Questions and Answers

Q: Does your book The Magical World of Crystal come in a regular book. I would love to use it as a reference book. There are way to many pages to download and print out. I really love what I've seen so far.

A: We do not plan to have a paperback edition in the near future. So far, there is only the kindle edition. As of recently we also sell a pdf version. You can find both options on this page. Thank you for your interest and kind words.

Q: Olga, I would love to buy this book but not in an E download. I need some kind of a hard copy, like in paperback. Do you have that? Do you ever see that version happening because it’s a wonderful source of info on crystals.
Thank You

A: Thank you for your interest in my book, but currently there's no paperback version, also very unlikely to appear in the near future.
With love and light,

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