Utilize the Metaphysical Powers of
Your Mystical Birthstones

mystical birth stones

Birthstones possess fantastic metaphysical powers. You can use these powers in everyday life to make your dreams come true more easily.

Your mystical birthstones irradiate positive, healing radiation that can help you balance your energy field more efficiently.

Contrary to what many people think, just wearing your birthstones is not enough. Your birthstones need your conscious cooperation in order to work for you the right way.

In this book you will found out how to select your birthstone properly. You might have seen websites offering colored cubic zirconia stones rather than genuine, natural minerals as birthstones. Birthstones produced from cubic zirconia and other simulants are man-made stones and have virtually no metaphysical value.

In this book you will find out how to actively participate in the process of attuning and balancing your energy and consciously work with your birthstone toward achieving your personal goals.

In this book you will also learn about the most important spiritual tasks and aspirations of your Zodiac sign.

You will learn how to program and charge your birthstone — the ABC of using crystals and stones.

  • Select the right crystals that will speed up your personal and spiritual development.
  • Make your birthstones work for you in all life situations.
  • Cleanse and program your birthstones.
  • Focus your attention on the most important spiritual tasks and aspirations of your Zodiac sign.

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"Mystical Birthstones" is an e-book in PDF file format. It is 90 pages in length. Here is a short preview (7 selected pages):

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There are many different interpretations of birthstones (traditional birthstones, modern birthstones, Vedic birthstones, Tibetan mystical birthstones and others). This book does not deal with them because hardly any of the available interpretations consider the true underlying link between the powerful Zodiac energies, our subtle bodies and the esoteric power of the crystals and stones. In "Mystical Birthstones", Olga Rezo brings together 12 powerful spiritual crystals for the 12 Zodiac signs, to be used as personal crystals and birthstones.

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