I AM WHAT I AM - Table of Contents



The School of Life

The Sevenfold Nature of the Human Being and its Expression

Physical body — Instrument of Sense Impressions and Perception

Etheric Body— The Double

 1. Root Energy Center

 2. Sacral Energy Center

 3. Solar Plexus Energy Center

 4. Heart Energy Center

 5. Throat Energy Center

 6. Brow Energy Center

 7. Crown Energy Center

 Important Aspects of the Seven Chakras

 Improving the Character


Astral Body

  The Nature of Desires

  Mastering the Emotions

  Moods and the Endocrine System

  Purifying and Ennobling the Emotions

  The Stream of the Psyche

Mental body

  The Way of Thoughts

  Relaxing the Mind

  Communication and Connecting With Other People

  Will and Self-discipline

  The Development of Spiritual Will

  The Mind as an Instrument of Perfection

  Concentration and Channeling Life Energy

  The Skill of Meditation

  Creative Visualization, Imagination and the Five Dimensional Reality

  The Difference Between Intellect and Intuition

  Separation of Consciousness — Contemplation — Enlightenment

Divine Laws

  Signposts on the Way



Immortal Trinity

  The Human Spirit

  The Spirit of Life — Christ in Us

  Divine Spirit and the Principle of Sweet God’s Will

  Will and Action

  The Way, Truth and the Life

  The Solar Spirit

  Bridge to Freedom

The Divine Rays of Light


  Sunday — First Ray

  Monday — Second Ray

  Tuesday — Third Ray

  Wednesday — Fourth Ray

  Thursday — Fifth Ray

  Friday — Sixth Ray

  Saturday — Seventh Ray

The Seven Archangels

  Archangel Michael — Archangel of the First Ray

  Archangel Jophiel — Archangel of the Second Ray

  Archangel Chamuel — Archangel of the Third Ray

  Archangel Gabriel — Archangel of the Fourth Ray

  Archangel Raphael — Archangel of the Fifth Ray

  Archangel Uriel — Archangel of the Sixth Ray

  Archangel Zadkiel — Archangel of the Seventh Ray

Practical Work

  Progressive Muscle Relaxation

  Rhythmic Breathing (Pranayama)

  Neutral Observer (Pratyahara)

  Meditation — Invocation — Prayer


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