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I want to brighten my aura to attract love I bought a clear quartz rock. How do I begin the cleansing of my aura?

Answer: Here is a short article that should answer your question. It is about the best ways for aura purification using clansing crystals.

Question: Hi my father in law died and my daughter kept seeing a white light and a blue light do you think it could of be my father in law visting

Answer: Hi! The answer really depends on the age of your daughter. Could you tell me how old she is.

Comment: Hi there!

I just want to thank you for spreading such a important and great information,
I learned a lot from what you've written.

Thank you and love from Jenny Elofsdotter Ericsson in Sweden!

Question: Your site is magnificent. I wanted to ask for clarification of a statement on the page for the Ruby Ray. You mention jin energy. What type of energy is this and what is it's purpose? Thank you for providing such a detailed description of the Rays.

Answer: Thanks for the nice words and I am glad you find my site useful. You are right, there is a typo in the text - instead of jin energy, there should be yin energy. Yin is energy of silence, femininity, and slow and relaxed movements. Yin is the predominant energy when one wants to relax and replenish one's energies. This typo is now corrected in the article about the ruby ray as well.
Thanks, Olga.

Question: Hello im new to this spirituality thing and i want to know more about the 7 chakars but in a simpler form. like what each one repersents and does.

Answer: You may want to explore this article about the Seven Chakras. Especially, please take a look at the tabulated blue diamonds beneath the description of each of the Chakras if you want to get a short overview of the most important characteristics of each of them.

Question: Hi there. When I drive home from work, late at night, I have to drive over a bridge. One two separate occasions, one is hard to describe. But the second image that I seen looked like a pink wishbone (something that you would get out of a turkey). Both images appeared to me in pink and I'm just wondering what it could mean. Thank you!

Answer: The wishbone is believed to be a positive symbol in general and to make dreams come true. In our culture, some people believe that the wishbone will bring good luck, and make their wishes come true. In contemporary magic, this object is considered a channel of positive energy.

Question: To what extent can one’s consciousness be expanded by visualizing various colors and their combinations.

Answer: Practical spiritual work leads to expansion of consciousness. Visualizing colors per se, and even more within a complex spiritual-growth system, can deliver appropriate results.

Before I started dealing with visualization, I had investigated Light. Light enables perception. Without light there is no life. Our relationship with God is a relationship with Light, because God reveals Himself through light. Christ is Light of the world. In all traditions light plays the main role and is elevated on the level of divinity.

Glass prism provides a method of splitting white sunlight into constituting colors, from red to violet. The traditional rainbow is sunlight spread out into a spectrum of colors. Human eye can distinguish around 160 different color variations. Colors represent only our subjective experience.

The color symbolism is very broad. For example, yellow and white symbolize air, blue sky and sea, green vegetation, black death, darkness, mystery, place of sprouting, orange symbolizes the very zenith of activities and radiation, and violet unconscious and mysterious.

Colors are represented in every segment of spiritual development. For example, in Kabbalah, every Sephirot has its own color. Working with energy centers (chakras) is also partly connected with colors.

The relation man - color can be understood as a process of ascending from the exuberant sea of colors toward one’s Higher (True) Self. If we are able to see that objects are colored because God manifests Himself in them, than we can feel that thrill arising from various spiritual experiences. This is something capable of spreading through our souls with internal strength, and also capable of inspiring artistic creation and artistic pleasure. In real art, it is the relation to the Spirit that is important, or at least toward the spiritual which is being hoped for.

I wish you a lot of success in your work.

Question: What does the pink light mean?

Answer: The pink light brings Gentleness, tenderness and softheartedness. This color is also extremely helpfull in healing emotional wounds.

Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi