Dreaming About Blue Tiger Eye

Hi, i dreamt yesterday night that i was in a mall and that i needed to buy some incense so the guy opened this special drawer and gave me a. Tiger's eye in a golden necklace. The stone was more of normal eye blue coloured but the size of a palm. I felt its energy it was amazing. For some reason the guy left in hurry and told me to hide the stone so i had to put it in my pocket next to my (real) tiger eye stone. Should i stop putting my tiger eye in my pocket everyday?

Answer: Hi there,

Now, it is usually very difficult, if at all possible, to answer such direct questions. A lot depends on the mood of your dream, that is, on your emotional state during the dream. It is always best to try to interpret such dreams on your own, as your Inner, Higher Self always knows the answer. If you ask me, from the limited description given above I would say that this dream suggests that you should buy a Blue Tiger’s Eye and wear it alongside your “normal”, yellow-gold Tiger Eye stone. The other name for this blue variation is Falcon’s Eye or Hawk’s Eye stone.

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