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What I am seeing is extremely difficult to describe.Visually it is vastly abstract. It seems to have an unlimited ability to take in any “form” imaginable yet it has rarely presented itself in a definite shape.
I must inform you all that what I am seeing I do not think spiritual or benevolent. I very much believe in GOD

What I am seeing:

“Energy”? Is the best word I apply if I had to give it a name.
It is strongly attracted to heat... the more heat the more robust and defined the shapes or forms become.
Does not like the cold at all.
These visitations are not random, every time it appears it seems I am the purpose.
There is much more. I am trying to find anyone that has had or is having similar experience. I need some help.


I have to aks, how do you feel when this energy formation leaves, that day, or the day after?

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