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A question about Jade and Virgo Birthstones

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Hello Sunny,

I don’t know if you will see this or if you reply to emails or not but I have some questions about jade. This is quite important to me so I really hope you see this:

Now I just ordered a jade necklace and it is actually a peculiar story how I ended up ordering the necklace but I don’t want to waste your time (although if you find it useful to my questions, I will share it no problem). But basically I have been recently trying to get into learning about stones and I have never owned anything jade before. As for now I have a green cornelian bracelet (I wear it all the time-on my right wrist but I don’t actually know if that is the right way). I was reading stuff online about jade but unfortunately every slte seems to have a different opinion and I ended up even more confused than I was before so here are my questions (I looked through your site and everything was really helpful I just want to be sure):

(Please note that I have very little knowledge about stones -I am trying to research as much as I can though- so some of these questions might seem a little stupid or unnecessary for you but I am really confused)
-So some sites said that I should only clean my jade with warm water and some soap. Is that correct or what is the most effective way?
-Also, how do I cleanse my jades energy?
-How often should I clean jade?
-Can I shower with my jade or is that harmful to the stone I am really confused?
-Is it okay for me to wear my jade necklace all the time or is that bad for some reason?
-I am a virgo and I was told that jade was my stone. Is that correct? For some clarification, I was born on August 31, 2002 and around 9-10 a.m. (If you could also tell me what my birthstone is I would really appreciate that).
-I read that jade should be kept moist and I am not sure what that means?
-Also I ordered my necklace online so I have no idea if it is real or not. I am quite ashamed to say that when I was talking to the buyer I didn’t ask if it was real or not (although if it is not real, if I had asked they would probably say it’s real just to earn some money). Now when it arrives and it is fake, is it okay for me to still wear it as a piece of jewelery?

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Virgo's birthstone that should be kept always close is Citrine. You can also try Peridote as an alternative birthstone.

As for the Jade necklace you bought, if you are not sure whether or not it is genuine, you can always wear it as jewelry.

All information about the properties, using, cleansing, and charging of Jade you can find on the following page:


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